Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back from a long hiatus :)

so I am back from a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy long hiatus, whew I havent really touched my blog in such a long time, I was so busy... Im still am but ill try to atleast catch up with some meme's ive join in the pas ( wahahha in the past talaga)
We have a big milestone in our family, due to some problems with my baby sitter my hubby and i decide to enroll bea to school immediately, it was the middle of school already since school year starts every august here in Saipan ( private school that is, public school starts around september) since, the problem with my baby sitter was a matter of my precious daughters safety, we didnt think twice but to take my daughter out of my baby sitter's care and transfer her to school.
We are still under the transition phase since everything is still new with bea, she would still cry when i drop her off in school ( it really breaks my heart) but i feel glad when i pick her up during lunchtime ( k-3 is only half day ) she looks so happy and she is already playing with her classmates, she is even complaining that her teacher didnt even give her any homework LOL!

This is my bea's picture when she was trying on her school uniform ( see how much she has grown since my last blog hehehhe, again sorry for not updating my blog)
This is her P.E. uniform she has to wear this every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
This uniform is for Monday and Wednesday.
I can't believe that I already have a school girl at the age of 3 it is a mixed feeling, I felt anxious, nervous even scared but at the same time I am happy for my daughter for the opportunity to learn.
Goodluck bea on your new adventure and hopefully you will enjoy every minute of it... Luv yah sweetie

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