Thursday, June 17, 2010

A painful milestone!!

A couple of days before my bea's birthday she was having slight fever since her other molar was coming out both left and right. We were hopeful that there would only be minor discomfort on her, the right tooth came out after a couple of days but the left tooth is taking a little longer than usual.

Since bea is so used on chewing on her left side it would give her great discomfort everytime she chews on something hard she would cry and most of the time be in a bad mood.

About two weeks ago, she was crying out of nothign at all and she was in a bad mood most of the time. One night we have not sleep all trough the night because she keeps on waking up and end up crying I asked her where is it hurting she pointed to her gums at the left side where the other molar was suppose to come out. I checked and saw that her gums was inflamed and really red, so i just put a little bit of orajel to ease the pain. She developed fever that night so I ended up not sleeping just to make sure she is okay.

Mornign came and she was her happy self again, I asked her if it is still painful she said a little bit. After she took her afternoon nap i noticed her cheek got swollen and really red that is when i decided to go to the dentist to have it checked apparently her molar is havign a hard time coming out and since that is also the side where bea chews it got infected. She was given antibiotics for 7 days, but on the 7 th day i still notice that her gums are a little bit swollen and when i cleaned that area and touched it a greenish liquid came out so i got scared and went back to the dentist.

The dentist did some examination and x-ray on bea and determined that her other molar is now giving her the problem and needs to be extracted since it would lead to more problems. SO we were faced with a hard decision for our daughter. Wer weighed the pros and cons and we deicided it was for our daughter's best that we had the procedure done.

Last tuesday after her last dose of antibiotics we went back to the dentist to have the painful procedure I sat with bea on the chair and tried to calm her down. At first she was so happy and smiling and is even showing the dentist how to open her mouth. Well that all changed when she saw the instruments and the like. She got scared that she doesnt want to open her mouth anymore we convinced her to open her mouth and the dentist had the chance to give her the anesthesia but after that there was wailign and a lot of crying it teared my heart out when I heard bea begged us to stop she said crying "PLEASE NO MORE PLEASE NO MORE PLEASE"
I can't help but be teary eyed but i just told my self it is for the better and it needs to be done so after a few minutes we hold bea and forced her to open her mouth and after a few minutes the tooth was out, bea was really crying that all I can do was to hug her and tell her how proud I am of her for being so brave.

After I consoled her she stoped crying and asked me to go to the carnival :) I bought her ice cream to stop the bleeding since she doesnt want to bite on the gauze. I also bought her balloon and stickers to make her day. She rode the train and the airplane ( which only lasted a few minutes coz she got scared when it went faster).

Here is my baby after her painful milestone :) I am so proud of you baby, though this is not a good one I am still proud to be able to see how brave you are and how much you can understand know. I even asked you that night if it is okay for you to go back to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned and you said yes... thank you sweetie for being a part of me...
The sacrificed tooth :)
A neat tooth keeper :)

Girl's Talk: Inside my Wallet

Oh my Oh My! I have missed a lot of topics in Girl's talk already I've been fairly busy at work and a lot has come up that I dont even have time to use my laptop at home-poor thing must be missing me already :)

Anyway this week's topic on Girl's Talk is the contents of our wallets. Currently I am using a mini purse since from time to time I would be changing my bag and my long/big wallet doesnt fit on my tiny bag or if ever it fits it my wallet would occupy almost all of the space of my bag. SO I decided to buy a smaller much more versatile wallet.

This is my wallet;

At the back of my wallet there is a coin holder where I put spare change but it doesnt hold a lot since it is just small so most of the time I would end up putting the coins in my bag. Shake my bag and you would hear it jingle hehehhehe.
My mini wallet is tri-fold wallet and this is how it look inside it has slots for cards and bills as well.
Here are some of my cards that i managed to put inside my wallet: debit card, entry permit, social security card, amex card and a coupon for free coffee hehehhehe

I also have an atm card, a visa card and a membership rewards card, point purchased on the said store can be converted to cash or can be redeemed towards some items.

and here is how my wallet looked :)
How about you girl's care to show how the contents of your wallet head on to our site for more entries, just click on the badge.
Happy Thursday Everyone.

Monday, June 14, 2010


To the man who changed my life completely....
To the man who makes my heart beat quickly...
To the man who takes my breath away...
To the man who made me truly happy...
To the man who completes me...
To the best dad my child could ever have...


I have always told you thank you for saving me... thank you for turning my whole world upside down and thank you for making me feel so much blessed each and everyday.

In you I find peace and happiness, with you I feel so special and so much loved.. I just wish that I could at least make you happy as much as you do with me.

I will always and forever will be proud to be your wife and I will always love you till my last breath.

I love you daddy and thank you!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Oh My! Im in a hiatus mode again :( Ive been fairly busy at the office and myt migranes are not helping either maybe because of the hot weather we are having that I constantly have migranes. I barely had time to check facebook or my blog. I feel so dizzy and lightheaded whenever I have migranes.

My daughter got sick again but now she's ok Thank God.

I will be havign updates on my blog soon, but for now I gotta go and I miss all of you:)

Happy Mondays!