Friday, February 26, 2010

MM: Song from a Mom's heart

mommy moments


(Martina Mcbride)

In my daughter's eyes I am a hero
I am strong and wise and I know no fear
But the truth is plain to see
She was sent to rescue me
I see who I wanna be
In my daughter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes everyone is equal
Darkness turns to light and the
world is at peace
This miracle God gave to me gives me
strength when I am weak
I find reason to believe
In my daughter's eyes

And when she wraps her hand
around my finger
Oh it puts a smile in my heart
Everything becomes a little clearer
I realize what life is all about

It's hangin' on when your heart
has had enough
It's giving more when you feel like giving up
I've seen the light
It's in my daughter's eyes

In my daughter's eyes I can see the future
A reflection of who I am and what will be
Though she'll grow and someday leave
Maybe raise a family
When I'm gone I hope you see how happy
she made me
For I'll be there
In my daughter's eyes

This song always put a tear in my eye whenever I hear it. All of the things written here is really how I feel about my daughter. I just hope i live up to be a good mommy to her and in return she will be a better mommy than me to her future children.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meet the new Mama!

We have a new addition to our family, Bea is now a Mama!!

Like i said before we have been insearch for the perfect baby doll for my daughter, it has to be a real life like doll we bought her a couple of dolls but she didnt like it, she would only play with it for a while then it would be left somewhere to collect dust.

So we searched online to see which baby doll would bea like, We found out this type of doll who does exactly what a baby does. It's a baby alive Whoopsie Doo doll, it sucks milk from its bottle and if you give it the given apple juice mixture it would pee and poop. It also came with its own diaper that we have to buy replacement 'coz it really gets wet ( and I thought I have graduated from buying diapers LOL)

What's really cute is when the baby cries and say's Mama, Bea would come running and say, Oh, What? hehehhe and when the baby is fuzzy and crying bea would drop anything she is doing at the moment to carry her baby and stop it from crying.

Can't believe how loving and affectionate my baby is, I would like to believe that she is like that to her baby 'coz she sees that I take care of her that way... I hope so..

The new Mama... see how happy she is...
Showing off her baby....

Meet our new baby... KAI KAI ( i asked bea what's the baby's name and she instantly said Kai Kai)

Loving her baby...

On the other hand, we really had a new addition to our family, My first cousin, ruby who is the same age as me gave birth to her first baby on feb. 20, 2010 @baguio city Philippines. My aunt was the happiest because it is her first time to have a granddadughter. She already has 3 grandson.

Welcome to the world, Rynne ( pronounced Rain) Angelique... Were so happy you could joing our happy family... Looking forward to seein you soon...

GT: Describe Your Self as a Lover..

Hmmm, How would I describe myself as a lover?

I believe that I am a very kind, giving and understanding lover (hehehe) of course there would be times that I am also a jealous lover ( who isnt?).

When I love someone I always let them know in every little way I can that I love him. I used to write letters to my hubby all the time, it is not really something special, just a note to let him know how I feel and just for him to take care of himself ( eww, cheezy hahhahah). One time when we were not yet married I went to his place and I saw my letters just collecting dust in a corner, I got mad at him for not taking care of my letters. He told me that he doesnt need the letters to remind me that I love him 'coz I get to show it more.

Anniversaries and any other occassion we have I always put extra effort in those memorable days. I usally would surprise him with a gift. I remember each fight we had, each moments we had... my hubby ask me once, isnt your brain exploding with all those memories that you have? hehehe.

That is how I am as a lover.. I can be tad romantic, sweet and the kindest person but beware there is some catch in there somewhere. LOL.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CC: Breakfast in Bed

Rodliz’s Nest

I wasnt sure if I can join this week's meme 'coz i coudlnt remember if I had breakfast in bed. The closest thing to having breakfast in bed that I could remember is when I gave birth to bea (does that count? nyahahahhaha). Like I said before, my hubby loves sleeping especially when it is his day off ( Sundays), he would sleep until 10 am in the morning, by then he would be rushing to eat his breakfast and take a shower and prepare to go to church. So naturally I wouldnt expect him to bring me breakfast in bed ( :( wahhhhhhhhh).

On the other hand I am a morning person, no matter how late I sleep, I still would wake up before 6 am, I would have a terrible headache all throughout the day if I just stay in the bed. So after I have waken up, I usually get up and do some chores.

I may not give my husband "breakfast in bed" but I always make sure that as soon as he woke up he has his coffee and breakfast ready. It may not be in bed but at least I put some effort on preparing his breakfast and I make sure that it is something that he likes.

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Happy Wednesday everyone.

Friday, February 19, 2010

MM: Valentines Day

A day before valentines day, I told bea we would buy a gift for dadi since it is valentines day. I don't think she really understand what valentines day is all about but she was quite happy we are going out to shop ( she loves shopping especially for her LOL).

After we purchased our gift for dadi she insisted that I also buy her a gift- a GODIVA Chocolate Bar, quite expensive compared to the store brand chocolates a bar cost $4. Anyway I bought her the chocolate as a gift. On our way home she was asking me to buy her a baby ( for the nth time), so i decided to visit a local store which caters to kids, they have a wide variety of toys, clothes and stuff just for kids. I was willing to buy her a baby doll as her present for valentines day after all she love's being a mommy to her doll. We found one that would be perfect- it's a baby alive doll with bottle and all the only problem bea didnt like is the fact that you cannot put real water/milk on the bottle she wants an almost life like baby doll ( o oh! i think someones asking for a sibling!). So we left the store with nothing, she was quite disappointed but I told her I promise to buy her a baby doll that she will like.

At her young age, she dont understand yet what valentines is all about but she was quite happy that we gave dadi a gift, mommy got a rose and she got chocolates..

Im pretty sure next year would be different..

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Happy weekend everyone!

mommy moments

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Potty Trained... YEY!!!!

Gone are the days when I have to buy tons of diapers for my baby, No more pull-ups at night, no more pull-ups when we go out.
Bea is partially potty trained ( i still put pull-up diapers on her during night time) since july of last year. I have been meaning to fully potty train bea but I am scared that she will pee while is sleeping, but then I keep on noticing for months now that whenever she wakes up in the morning her pull-ups will be empty and she would only pee after I have taken out her diaper and she insists on peeing on her potty.
So during the weekend I decided to give it a try, I make her pee before going to bed and it was a success she only pees whenever she wakes up and our bedtime routine of peeing before sleeping is going on smoothly.
Oh my I can't believe my bea has graduated on using diapers... it only means she's growing up too soon. Please baby don't grow up just yet, Im afraid I wont be able to catch up on you.
Love you baby and mommy is so proud of you!!

GT: Valentines date

Here is a picture of our valentines date, we didn't have one picture as a family because we were busy eating and watching the entertainment. LOL

This was taken during our dinner date.. My dates my hubby and my dear bea.

This was during our lunch date @ the korean restaurant.

Dinner time with my babe...

Lunch date with my hubby hehehhe...

On our way home....
It was a great valentines celebration for the 3 of us because we get to spend the whole day with each other.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CC: Will you still love me tomorrow?

Rodliz’s Nest

Like Pehpot, I am lost with this week's topic on couples corner. Mommy Liz where are you? (:

Anyway this week's theme for couple's corner its Will You still Love me Tomorrow?

I have asked hubby on how long will he love me, his answer would always be forever. Knowing me I would follow-up my question with why? (LOL) his answer will be-Because I could not ask for more, I am contented with what I have and with what I dont have. Then I would follow up with another question- Wouldn't you get tired of seeing me everyday for the rest of your life? Wouldn't you like to have another woman to wake up to every morning? ( as if I am giving him ideas to look for another woman right?LOL) His answer would be- No, your face is the only one I would like to wake up each and every day, then he would kiss me to stop me from asking anymore questions. ( :

As for me, If I would be asked that question , my answer will be hmmm... maybe hahahhah nah, just kidding.. Of course I will, why else would I not, this man has been with me for 8 yrs. He has seen me through everything, he had been there at the lowest point of my life and he helped me through it all. He had been my constant companion, my confidant, my greatest fan and the love of my life. I have experienced a lot of things that I never imagined I could and all of that is because of him. We may not agree with everythign but at the end of the day, when all is said and done.. I still want to be with him and I made a promise with God that I will love him till do us part.

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Valentines day celebration!!

We celebrated our valentines day this year with a BANG!!!! hehhehe actually it is the first time that we really celebrated it on the exact day, we usually celebrate a day early or the day after. Last year we celebrated valentines day with our friends we had a beach party. But this year it is just the three of us, we didnt plan on doing anything actually, we just agreed that we would be eating lunch at the hotel after the sunday mass.
On Saturday ( a day before valentines) my hubby had to work overtime and he came home late that night. Bea was so excited to see daddy since we bought daddy a small gift to surprise him. When I opened the door I saw him holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands, I had a big grin on my face since I was not expecting anything. My hubby handed me the flowers and he said, " Sorry baby, the flower shops are already closed, I wanted to buy you flowers but by the time I finished work all of the shops where already closed. I just tried my luck on the gas stations ( they also sell flowers during valentines) and luckily they still have some flowers". I told him the effort was more appreciated than the flowers.

Her is daddy's gift for me (:... thank you so much baby and I love you too..
And here is my hubby with bea and my surprise (: I couldnt think of anything that he might need that time so I decided just to by liquors for his bar... We blow up small balloons and made a small note for him. Don't he look happy?
On with our date ( valentines day), after the mass we planned to eat at a hotel which is approximately 15-20 minutes drive from the church ( if ur leaving in a tiny island like Saipan that is already a long drive). The mass was longer that weve expected and it finished around 12:30 pm, I told hubby that by the time we go to the hotel Lunch time with almost be over ( which is 2 pm). So we decided to try out another hotel, one which is close to the church, when we arrived there was a long line at the restaurant, the staff said we had to fall in line and wait to be seated 'coz all the tables are occupied. We decided not to fall in lince since it would take awhile before we can be seated. We tried anothre hotel but same thing it is full packed.
So i told hubby that we will just make reservations for dinner that night and just have lunch somewhere else. We decided to have lunch instead at a Korean Restaurant ( no lines there).
Bea has already finished eating her lunch ( it was miso soup and rice), so she is up and about climbing everything and anything she could climb on.

Pork bulgogi ( spicy and tasty..... yummy!!)

Dad's fave- Korean Soju ( i guess it is the same as the Philippine gin)

Appetizers, I forgot to take a pic of my order it is Bibimbap ( rice with vegetables, egg and pepper paste), we also ordered Korean Pizza ( it is like a pancake with leeks, seafood and vegetables) -it wasnt that good hehehehhe
On our way home to take a nap... I think it was already around 2:30 pm.
hehehhehe my date...
Dinner time... we had reservations now! LOL... We made reservations at Saipan World Resosrt Hotel... It is a popular hotel expecially among Korean toursist.
They had a special valentines dinner buffet for the guests. They also had entertainment lined up for the customers.
There were lots of food at the buffet table, there were fresh seafood ( oyster, shrimp and tuna-sashimi), they also had roast beef, roast pig ( lechon), shrimp and evegetable tempura, dimsum and different kinds of dishes ( fish, beef, chicken, pork and pasta) they also had soup ( korean soup and crab and corn), the dessert line was bea's favorite-cakes, pies and fresh fruit, they also had ice cream for the kids ( oh my, Bea is on cloud nine hehehhe). There is also lots of drinks from juices, soda, beer, red and white wine. Overall it was a great dinner.
Bartender's exhibit.. that korean bartender is good and he also was smiling during the whole performance..
Chocolate overload :)

Daddy and bea....

The cook showed off his talent in playing the violin.. he mus have played 4 songs..He's good(:

Group performance by the bartenders....
It was a very happy valentines day for the 3 of us.. not because of the great food or entertainment we had, it is because I get to share this very special day to the people who trully make my heart beat faster and who constantly reminds me everyday and every moment that my life is worth living and I am so blessed to have a great family of my own.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bea as a Model (:

This was taken on the first part of our valentines date.... She already finished eating her lunch so she was up and about trying to climb up tables and chairs at the restaurant. To keep her distracted I asked her to pose, so I can get a good picture of her and send it to my folks in the took us a couple of tries before I captured her picture perfect winning smile.....

Looking at the pic I can't believe how much my baby has grown...

Have a great day every one...

Friday, February 12, 2010

MM: Message of Love

mommy moments

My Dear Bea,
Hi, honey…
Since you came to our lives, everyday has been the happiest moments in my life, each day is better than the previous ones. As I always say, the day you came to my life is the day that I realized my purpose in life- it is to be your MOMMY.
From your first smile, first cry and all of the firsts that you’ve had be it good or bad, I was there beside you, when you get sick I am the first one to get alarmed and agitated, if only I could take the sickness away, if only I can have your pain so I don’t have to hear you cry in pain even just for an ounce. I remember those days when I would not sleep the whole night just to check up on you, just to make sure your comfortable and that you are alright. See honey even those days, I will surely keep in my heart- it was those days that I am at my best ( not that I like you being sick), those where the days that I feel wanted more than ever.
From your first teeth, first words spoken and your first walk alone I was prouder than ever. I remember you always calling me DADA when you were learning how to talk and every time I correct you and tell you that I am not DADA but Mommy, you would look at me and call me DADA and then you would flash a big smile on your face ( as if to tease mommy). The first time you called me mommy, I almost cry.. I thought the day will never come that I will be a Mommy and here you are calling me Mommy.. I so love hearing you call me Mommy.
Your wit constantly amaze me… from the way you talk, the way you analyze things, the way you give me attitude whenever you don’t get what you want ( dadi said you got that from me (: )I am just so thankful that you turn out to be so smart and outspoken.
Lately, you have shown so much appreciation to all the things I give you-be it big or small everytime I hand you a present or a treat you would touch my face and say Thank you mommy, I love you then followed with a kiss and hug. Oh, how I feel so happy everytime you do that.. Thank you honey!
I am so inlove with you baby every day more than yesterday… Sometimes I look at you at your sleep and I cant help but wonder what I did to deserve you, you are my miracle, the answer to my prayers and my life. I just hope and pray that you continue to grow up as happy as you can be… as smart as your are now( even more) and as good as God wanted you to be.
Happy valentines day Honey and remember mommy will always love you no matter what. Thank you for changing my life and giving me reason to be thankful everyday.

Mommy (:
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

GT: My valentines date for 2010

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew, Thursday already... time flies so fast when your having fun ( NOT!). I am still over my head with tax reports and I notice that additional work just keeps on popping everywhere I am (LOL).

Back to this weeks topic.

My valentines date for this year would still be my husband and bea ( as if i have a choice-wouldnt he cut my head off if I go on another date with another man?).

We plan to just go to mass and have lunch out, bea has been insisting that she wants to watch movies and eat PAK-CORN ( popcorn heheeh) everytime we pass by the road leading to the movie house. If there is a good movie to watch we might be able to squeeze in movie to our schedule (as if busy).

Since Feb. 15 is a holiday we can stay up late until we want to 'coz i dont have to work on a Monday (WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!). Hmmmm... may date might just get lucky huh? *Wink*.

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Happy Thursday everyone

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CC: Plans for Valentines Day...

Rodliz’s Nest
Oh my, is it Wednesday alreay... I am terribly sorry for all those who visited my blog and posted some comments. I am so over my head with work at the office that i dont have time to blog or hop. Thanks so much :).
Anyway on to our topic for this weeks: Plans for Valentines Day.
I asked my hubby where is he taking me for valentines day, he said we will just eat at Palms Resort Hotel ( It is located south of Saipan, and the restaurant is build above a pond with plenty of Japanese Koi fishes, the restaurant also has a nice view of the ocean), it is a bit far from our house but since it is valentines we will be having lunch there after the mass.
I also asked him if I would be receiving a rose from him, he replied: Valentines is on a sunday, so I am not obligated to send you roses LOL...
My husband as I said can be tad romantic at times and there are also times that he would be just to boring (zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Peace daddy). But no matter what I will get and would not get on valentines day, what is more important is how he shows his love for me everyday (:.
Happy wednesday every one!!! Advance Happy valentines day also !!!
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

GT: My True Love


Oh, Thank God this week’s topic in not one of those relationship breaking topics heheheh.

My one true love…. Hmmm how do I describe him? Here is a brief description?

My one True Love is:
5’11 in height
Has chinky eyes
Shoe size is 11
Has nice nose ( which he boast of every now and then)
Recently pack up muscles especially on his upper arms and chest ( heheheh macho (: )
Is sometimes a goof ball
Isn’t romantic
Loves to listen to music with the speakers on full volume
Loves to watch movies ( action/horror/sci-fi is top on the list)
Silent most of the time
Always embraces a pillow when he sleeps
Snores a lot ( :( grrrrrrrrr)
Loves me to death (:
He could be the sweetest person at times but most of the times he makes me crazy every day ( in every way) but I also love him to death (:
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Rodliz’s Nest

I love you because;

You work hard to give Bea and Me everything and anything we will ever need.

You stood by me on the times I felt my world was crumbling down.

You patiently waited with me to have our own miracle.

You prove to me everyday that your worth loving .

You volunteer to cook/wash the dishes and even clean the house when I am tired and stressed out from work.

You constantly make me laugh with your jokes and your sillyness.

You love bea more than anything/anyone in this world ( more than me, I think heheeh)

You always assure me.. that in time something better will come up.

You always tell me that I deserve more than your giving.

You patiently and quietly wait for me to cool down whenever I am mad.

When I am sick you get so worried especially if I am crying in pain.

You always look forward to the future and find ways on how we can improve our lives.

You thought me how to save, how to be patient and to have more faith.

You are humble and you always give thanks for whatever you have.

You always look back in your past and you find happiness just by realizing how far you’ve come.

This is just a few things why I love my hubby… but like mommy liz’ has said, I love him because of what he is.

Loving is not about finding your perfect match or even having your happy ever after story. I always tell my friend/cousin that if you love someone you don’t go on looking on what he cant do, what he don’t have or what he aint ,its about appreciating what he can do, what he has and what he is.
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Happy Wednesday every one.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Missing out....

Every night whenever I am putting bea to sleep, it would be our usual routine to lay in her bed and catch up on what happened to her all through the day. I would usually ask her what she did at ninang’s house ( her God mother is the one taking care of her while me and dadi is at work), what she ate, did she behave, what she watched and stuff.

Last night after teaching her how to pray I told her to close her eyes and sleep, I told her we needed to wake up early because we will be going to the clinic ( she needed to have a booster shot on her H1N1 shot, while I needed a flu shot and also the H1N1 shot). She told me “ Mommy and bea go to the doctor?, get medicine?” I said yes, she goes on saying “ After doctor Mommy, I go ninang house, watch Dora, eat chicken then shower then eat lunch then sleep then watch Dora again”. I asked her if she wants me to cook soup for her to bring to her ninang’s house, she replied “No, only ninang cook soup for bea”. I asked her if she wants to shower before we go to the Clinic, again she replied “No, bea only shower in ninang’s house”. Then she kissed me and said, Good night Mommy, I love you.

As I was staring at her while she is sleeping, I can’t help feel sad on how much my daughter has adapted to my working situation she knows that she has to stay at her ninang’s house while I am at work. I think she even enjoy staying there because she has planned all her activities while she is at her ninang’s house.

Her ninang in return cant be more proud of her, whenever I come to pick bea up at her house she would always have stories on how well my daughter has accompanied her- how Bea made her laugh with her witty remarks, how entertained she is while bea is dancing and singing. She would even tell me that she was able to have bea eat vegetables. Although I am so happy that someone looks after my Bea while I am trying to help my husband earn for our future I cant help but feel jealous at times.

I should be the one to spend time with my Bea… I should be the one who is teaching her to eat new dish.. I should be the one who stays with her and witness her antics, witt and talent. I feel I am missing out a lot on Bea but most of all I miss being needed. It is as if she doesn’t need me anymore, once when I dropped Bea at her ninang’s house, Bea told me to go back to my car and go to work, I cant help myself but to feel a little pinch in my heart. I realize how much my daughter has grown and that she doesn’t need me that much anymore.

I feel sad, I feel jealous, I feel missing out a lot… If only I could stay home everyday to be the one to take care of bea, if only we have enough and that I don’t have to work anymore I would do a better job as a mom to my daughter.

I only hope with the limited time I am spending with her, I am still doing an excellent job for whatever short time I have with her.

Just a random thought on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon.
Have a great day everyone.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy February...... =)

EEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... How time flies, it felt like it was only yesterday when I was still planning on what to cook for our christmas and new years eve dinner. Then planning for my birthday and all of a sudden January was over and here comes the shortest month of the year. Oh my I have so much things to do with so little time in my hands.
At work it is still the usual hectic work I have during tax seasons which unfortunately runs until April of this year but then after that it woud only be the usual postings and things.
I am in the middle of planning for bea's 3rd birthday party ( which will be on May 11-too early? nah- last year i started planning by october heheheh). My husband and I agreed ( well not yet 100% sure) to held the party at the beach. So, I am having a hard time incorporating my Tinkerbell theme with the beach venue. As of now, I have already purchased green and purple drinkign cups to be used to put the candy/loot to be given to the children. I also have purchased large tinkerbell stickers to be put on the cups to go with the theme. I have purchased a dress for bea to wear it is a white sleveless dress with green butterfly prints all over but unfortunately it was lost in the mail and I still have not received that package. there is still so much to do and I have barely a coupel of months to go...there is the menu planning, decorations, cakes and invitations and so much more. I just hope I can give bea another memorable bithday party.
I am also looking forward to a valentines date that my husband promised to give me.... hmmmm i hope he stay true to his promises.
I am also in the middle of something BIG.... it doesnt really involve anybody but my self... come May I will unveil my big surprise hahahah.
Well thats it for my random thoughts on a monday morning.
Hope you guys started your week with a smile.
Happy monday Everyone...