Friday, October 30, 2009


as my previous post have stated my daughter and I will be going back to philippines to seek further treatment and find our what made her sick. As i write my blog entry now, we are in nagoya japan... we have to wait here for 8 hrs. welll 3 hrs. down 5 more to go....

I want to extend my apologies to mommy liz, niko and mommy cris for not joining our meme for this week and i think i wont be able to join until I come back to saipan on november 14, 2009....... Ill try to catch up as soon as possible.

My daughter is happy.... she has been very hyper active on the plane and she thinks we were still on ground while we were airborne she keeps on saying "I Want to play in slide" hehehhe...

She got scared though everytime we encounter turbulence..... it is a very bumpy ride....

Anyway.... she still seemed happy......

we would be arriving in the philippines at 11:15 this evening I hope my bea just sleep thru the flight.....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Update on my Bea

My bea feels better now... at least she doesnt cry anymore whenever she pees- NO MORE AWIE. Last night we had no choice but to rush her to the Emergency Room since she woke up in her sleep crying and shouting AWIE... apparently she is peeing... Really hard for any mother to see thier child in pain. After spending 4 hours in the Ememrgency Room ( that is why I am hesistant to go to the only hospital here in Saipan, not that there are a lot of patient in the Emergency room- the Hospital is short in Doctors), I prefer going to a private clinic but since bea could not stand the pain anymore we did not have a choice but to go to the hospital.
When we reached the hospital bea is already developing a fever and she is very fussy. They had her urine tested and they gave her a bitter paracetamol which made her vomit ( My frustration level getting higher). I requested for an alternate medicine but the nurse said that is all they have. ( GRRRRRRR). If only my daughter can still manage to wait until monday so we just have to go to a private clinic, but since she is not I had to hold my temper.
After 4 hours ( note that 85% of it was just waiting for a doctor to see us), we were given antibiotics for bea to take 2x a day for the next 7 days. Thankfully after her initial dose, she slept thru the night ( oh, we came home at 2 am already).
Since I am not that confident also with the health care in this island ( like most of the residents here), my husband and I decided that bea needs to have a General check up and we can only avail of that thru off island treatments.
So, bea and I will be coming home to the Philippines on Oct. 30, 2009 we will be arriving in Manila at 11:15 pm and from there go straight to Baguio City. Although it is a bittersweet come back I am still glad that bea will be able to see her grandparents and all my relatives.
I am so nervous going home since we have to go to Nagoya Japan for a 7 hrs and 40 minutes stop over before we can reach manila. I just hope bea can endure the long flight and she behaves the entire time.
My husband will be staying behind since he is busy with his work and I have finished my tax reports due at the end of the month I have more time to spare than he is.
It is so hard for a mom at times like this.... but I will do anything just for my princess to get better...
I am asking all of you for your prayers that my bea will have a good result on her check up in the Philippines and that No more typhoon will come.. Thanks in advance..

pixel bug weekend-relaxing at the beach


Happy Monday everyone!

Its another week for our pixel bug. My week started okay but then later on the day I noticed my bea having pain while urinating. She keeps on saying AWIE ( her term for ouch) with scream really scary and heart breaking seeing her so helpless. It really brings me to tears just looking at her.

Anyway that morning we went to the beach to play in the sand. here are some of our pics...

See how happy we started our week?
Sunken Old Japanese Tank.
Our masterpiece =)
I missed that smile the whole weekend....
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Friday, October 23, 2009


mommy moments

Happy Friday Everyone!

Its another day for our Mommy Momments and for this weeks topic it's the dreaded tantrums. My bea has bouts of tantrums almost everyday probably because she is in her terrible two's phase ( hehehehe). Whenever she wants something she cries... even before I can understand what she wants she is already wailing her heart out.

It is hard for parents expecially mommies to deal with tantrums... I for one gets crazy whenever my sweet angel throws her tantrum fits. At times Ill just be quiet and ignore her then she will stop but most of the time if you ignore her she will cry more.... if you console her she will cry even more ..... It is a constant battle dealing with tantrums.

What usually works for bea is when I Yell at her and warn her that if she doesnt behave she would have to go to time out... she hates being placed on a corner (LOL). But sometimes that doesnt work also... That will be the time I would really be quiet and just look at her in the eye and dont say a word.. she would know by then that I am M_A_D and it is time for her to stop whinning...

What I love about my daughter is after her tantrum fits she would come to me and kiss me and say Mommy... sorry...

I still have a long way to go before my daughter outgrews this toddler stage and I am thinking by that time I would already have a full head of gray hair... lucky if I dont get bald by that time LOL.

This is my bea last saturday, she was asking for ice cream before she even ate her lunch.. of course I said NO.... I was scolding her that is why she looks like this ... I posted this pic on my friendster account and my dad who saw this pic immediately texted me and asked why I am making my daughter cry ( Hay, Grandparents!)

and there you go........

That's really how she cries... tears falling down like river.... shouting like we are on top of the mountain.... Really make me crazy....

How about you how does your kids show their tantrum fits? Share with us on Mommy Momments...

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Girl's Talk- Favorite Dress

Oh my, It's thursday already? Im a little happy that the week is almost over but at the same time a little bit hesitant to enjoy my weekend knowing that on monday will be the same hectic work week for me. The good news is, Tax reports are due next friday, so after that week, I can continue my bloghopping.

To all those who left comments... THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ MY BLOG.... I so love you... Promise i'll get back to you as soon as I am free.

Anyway, It's another week for our Girl's Talk and this week we get to talk about our fave dresses. When I am working in the office I usually would wear black trousers and a blouse, or sometimes whenever I feel like it I would wear a simple dress.

Here are some of my dresses.... It is simple but it is super comfy =)

Above picture is what I would usually wear at home, my ever favorite DUSTER ( sun dress- philippine version. LOL) It is roomy and comfortable expecially fitting in this hot weather in our tiny island... I intended to take a picture of the ones I have at home but it would be a disgrace to show them here... They have already served their purpose and went way beyond.. =)
Enjoy us at Girl's talk every thursday and get the chance to bond with us Girl's.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Couple's Corner-The first time we met/dined out

Happy wednesday everyone! It is time again for our couples corner and this week we get to share our experience about the first time we met /dined out with our partners.

The first time I met my husband was around February of 2002, that time I am just about a few months here in Saipan. My mother at that time was in the Philippines to fix a problem we had with my sister ( she got pregnant and my dad who lives with her doesnt have any idea about her condition). It was lonely being alone in our room at the company provided barracks for my mom ( I used to share a room with her), but i took that time to learn how to live independently.

Since I am just new with the company, I was from time to time being assigned to the different business activities of the company. At that time I was assigned at the video shop since the clerk in charge did not report for work.

I still can remember vividly how my prince charming entered the video shop, he was wearing a red shirt which was their uniform =) and the first phrase he blurted was- kamukha mo ung ex-girl friend ( you look like my ex-girlfriend) How rude! LOL. In my mind I told my self this guy is so fresh and he is really annoying. He asked me if he could rent a tape and I asked him to sign a membership form, he said Do I have to? I'm like DUH.... of course naman no( as if friends kami) .

After I got the information from and checked out the tape, he asked me if I have a ride home. I told him I have paid someone to take care of my transportation and then he just said okay.

The next day.... he went back to the video shop during his lunch break he told me he was so disappointed to find out that I was not working their at that time... he came back that afternoon ( i'm usually assigned at the video shop from 5pm-9pm) he asked me again if he could drop me at our home... well what do you know my ever reliable ride just called and he said his car broke down and if I could aske someone from work to drop me at our house instead.

I accepted his offer ( that is the first time that I have done that, hey I am desperate LOL), before we went home he asked if we could eat first as he was startving, I said okay as if I have a choice I am at his mercy LOL. We ate at Jolibee and I think I ordered shanghai rolls and he ordered palabok. Like Mommy Liz I only eat a portion of my meal ( hehehhehe dont want him to have the impression that I ate a lot). After the diner he drop me home and we said our good bye ( like niko- no kiss or hug also)

It was the start of our friendship, back then I was in the process of ending a 3 year relationship to a person I prefer to forget =(, he was there when I needed someone to give me advice, a shoulder to cry on. He has given me the confidence to move one and to realize that I deserve someone better ( meaning HIM)... From the looks of it I think he took advantage of my situation hahahha.

And for the record I don't look like his ex girlfriend.... please I dont want to be associated with them hahahhaha.

How about you how did you meet your partner? Share with us every wednesday.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Von Voyage! Ill miss you but I am happy for you!

This is a post that I am dedicating for my sister Josie,

Only a couple of days left until you leave us behind. You will know move to a greener pasture and you will leave behind this Island that you have called home for more than five years and even the people you have called family. You have shared so much of your life not only with your company but also to the people who surrounds you.

I, for one had been given the priveledge of meeting you, get to know you and eventually be your friend/bestfriend and sister. We may not have the same opinion on things but what distinguish us from others is our differences had made us better friends. We respect each others opinion and views and we do not hesitate to give each other a piece of our mind and give the best advice that we could give.

You have taught me a lot thru your personal experiences which I am truly grateful. Sis, Thank you for giving me the chance to know you more, thank you for trusting me with everything I feel honored to be your friend.

It would be selfish of me to wish that you just stay here and never leave us behind, but deep inside my heart I truly wish you to have a fresh start, a chance to improve your knowledge. an opportunity to see the world and be the best that you can be.

I love you sis and please be safe on your next destination.... I am sad that I wont see you constantly but hey, we still have the internet to keep us connected.... Till then sis and see you arround.

PB Weekend-Celebration of New life!

Pixel Bug weekend button 1

For this weeks Pixel Bug weekend I have been blessed to witness the celebration of new life.
First, My kumare (God mother of my bea), has given birth to her first ever baby girl Stephanie Joyce last Oct. 16, 2009. Like me she has also waited for a long time ( 6years!) to be blessed with a miracle of her own. It is always a great feeling to see a new born baby... so pure... so full of joy...

To my kumare Noemi.... Congratulations and I wish Steph will grow into a beautiful and smart woman like us. LOL .
Last, saturday I attended the wedding of my husbands former co-worker, Ate Dory ( I think she is about 53 yrs. old). I have known her eversince my hubby and I started dating, back then she is in a relationship with my hubbys bestfriend. Unfortunately, her boyfriend then, died of kidney failure and complication. Last year, her contract with the company was not renewed and she was forced to leave Saipan and search for work elsewhere. After working for more than 10 years with the same company giving all that you can give and just be put in that position must be really heart wrenching.

God really moves in mysterious ways, despite the downs Ate Dory had experienced she was given the chance to meet her bestfriend and to have someone who can take care and love her for the rest of her life. She was given the chance to have the wedding of her dreams for the first time. While most of us are married at a young age, she just had her chance of her own fairy tale at this age. I like one of the songs at her wedding party, I am not sure of the title but the song fit them, it goes like this " Im lucky I'm inlove with my bestfried ..... la lalalala" Please help me on the title hehehehehe.

To Ate Dory and her new Husband Victor... you trully deserve each other and you both deserve to be happy... Best wishes..

How about you how was your weekend? Share with us every monday and join pixel bug.
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Happy MOnday Every one!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Mommy Momments-Trip to the Mall

mommy moments

Yay! FRIDAY....
Its another week for our Mommy Moments and this weeks theme is Trip to the Mall.
In our tiny island we really dont have a Mall, We only have department stores that sells everything. It is good though 'coz you get to go grocery shopping then look for clothes, toys and shoes at the same time.

The closest thing to a mall that we have here in the island is the Duty Free Shop (DFS) it is only about 2 flrs. high and it sells all name brand items from clothes, liquour cigarette and accessories. Inside the DFS there is also a small plya area for the kids and a small coffee shop and thats it.

Come and share with us every friday on Mommy Momments.
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Happy weekend everyone...

Thanks Template Mama

Yey! I finally was able to change my lay out.... being a neophite in the blogniverse (as niko calls it) and I have been looking for ways on how to atleast give my blog a little less than ordinary appeal.

Thanks to Template Mama i now have a new blog template.

this is her link:

I am so happy (BIG GRIN)!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Girl's talk-fave Shoes

It's Thursday already and I forgot to take a picture of my shoes =). Luckily, I can go to the stores website and get an image from there.

I usually wear flat shoes whenever I am with my daughter or if I am not in the office. I have a history of tripping down and I do not want to have an accident while I am carrying my daughter. I bought this shoes last week to pair with a dress that I bought for an occassion.

The 2nd shoe, I use it whenever I am out with friends, it is cute but Ive used it only a couple of times the leather straps are hard and its not comfortable, but I still like it as they say Beauty is Pain =).

The last pic is pretty much how my office shoes looks like. It is very hot here in the islands and strappy heels are recommended.

And when I am just running my errands like grocery shopping or bargain hunting I would usually wear flip flops.

How about you? share us your fave shoes at Girl's talk.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Couples Corner #1 Meet Mr. & Mrs. Patawaran =)

Rodliz’s Nest

This is the first week of Mommy Liz' Meme and I have invited myself to join this weekly meme, =) as much as I am busy in the office I love participating in weekly meme's I have Pixel Bug for monday, Couple Corner for wednesday, Girl's talk on Thursdays and Mommy Momment's on Fridays. I have Tuesday open so anyone who has a meme for that day please invite me LOL.
Anyway, I would like to introduce myself, My name is Jeniffer ( jenny, jen or kikay (from my mom)), I was born and raised in Baguio City Philippines. I am the youngest of two ( I have an older sister- J0-anne) My dad is from La union and Isabela but he too was born and raised in Baguio City and My Mom is from Imus Cavite.
I went to an exclusive all Girl's School in Highschool to avoid having a boyfriend in an early age. I went to college at Saint Louis University and graduated with a degree in Accounting. I had my first boyfriend a year after I graduated college!
I am a very shy person at first and it takes a little while before I warm up to the person but once I do I will surely be a friend for keeps =). My mother calls me tiger because she says when I am mad I am scary hahahhah. I am a simple girl who is contented with the simple things in life.
I am now a mom to my precious angel Breana Ysabel and has been out of the Philippines since August 2001. I am now located in a tiny island called Saipan which is now home for my little family. I am now working as an accountant for a closed family held corporation with different subsidiaries and I have been with them since August of 2002.
My husband on the other hand is Jun ( BIENVENIDO JR.), he is the 2nd child ( 2 brothers) on his mothers side, but on his dad's family he is the 10th child, he is not that close to his dad's first family up until now so, I am not sure how many brother or sister he has on his dad's side.
He is from San fernando, Pampanga, due to his complicated family life he wasnt able to attend college and instead work at a machine shop as a mechanic at a young age of 17, He came to Saipan on January 1997 and he first worked for a tire shop at a Shell gas station for a couple of years then he was assigned to tanker driver and then eventually was promoted Operations Supervisor at his present company now.
My husband is very quiet and he is very dedicated with his work that sometimes I feel Im competing for attention against his job ( that's how dedicated he is). He is such a goof ball when it comes to our daughter bea, he would do anything and everything just to make my baby laugh. He has taught me so many things but the most important thing he has taught me is the value of SAVING, he turns over every cent of his paycheck to me and in return I only have to make sure I deposit a fixed amount on our account every month.
Well that's it for our introduction... Why dont you join us also on couples corner every week... it would be fun.
Happy Wednesday every one =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

PB Weekend--- food fest!


It's Monday once again, another stressful work week up ahead =(.
Our weekend was great, YAY it didnt rain, I must have washed 6 loads of laundry from saturday to sunday. It was a very busy day for me, My hubby rewarded me with a dinner date for all my hard work =).
We went to our favorite thai restaurant, We ordered their famous fried rice, beef in red curry, fried kangkong and seafood soup for bea ( if only I can remember their thai name).
Here I am with my princess, who was so behaved during the time I was so busy doing with my household stuff.. Thanks to Barney and Dora for keeping my daughter preoccupied. I only have to stop once in a while to give her a cookie, ice cream cone and juice and also to teach her how to dance "Nobody but you" LOL. ( I think their teacher taught them at school and she was practicing in our house ).
Bea's seafood soup, she's into noodles and pancit =)

My fave fried kangkong, i just found out that they use "tausi/ fermented black beans" for taste.

Hubby's fave- beef red curry- they put basil and a lot of other thai spices which I plan to learn someday =)

Signature fried rice- with shrimps, egg and tomato, bea like this a lot.
Bea, having a taste of mommy's iced tea with milk, by the way her water bottle isnt filled with tea it just changes its color from green to orange whenever you put cold water in it.
How about you how was your weekend? Join us every monday on Pixel Bug Weekend, It's fun.
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Mommy Moments-Special trip

mommy moments

Yey, its friday already... still busy in the office but I would not want to miss any of the meme's I joined...

For this weeks theme it's special trips. My bea's most memorable trip was her first trip to the Philippines it was on Dec. 2007, we only stayed for one week because that was the only allowed leave I was given. It is the most memorable trip for my bea since it would be the first time she would be riding on an airplane and it is also her first ever meeting with my father, my sister and my niece plus all of our relatives from my side. At that time she was the newest member of our family and every one was very happy to see her.
We didnt get to see my husbands relatives due to the time constraints, but we plan to do so by next year maybe by january or february.
Here are some of the pictures of my bea on that trip.

First plane ride... She was so well behaved that she didnt cry during our trip...

My father, he was so happy to finally see bea for the first time, when we already went home to Saipan, he told me that when he came home in an empty house he cant help himself but to cry and miss seeing my daughters smile every time he walks in our room.

My father's princesses', this is my niece, my first baby... she is now 7 yrs. old and a very smart girl too.

Picture perfect =).... I just love this picture, their very happy =)..

Share with us your childs special trips on Mommy Momments.... Join us weekly every friday.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Girl's Talk-Fave Perfume

Its thursday already? =) Time really flies before we know it would be Year 2010 already whew \(^o^)/. I am busy as a bee in the office, I hate tax seasons =(, but I cannot miss niko's meme plus I love talking all girly.
Anyway this week's theme is our favorite perfumes. I really prefer mild scent perfumes and I dont want oil based since the scent last for a long time. I get dizzy when I smell someone who put more than the required amount of perfume.
This is a gift from my hubby for our wedding anniversary last year, I am so picky with regards to perfume that he had a hard time buying me a present. LOL. I loved the smell plus it came with a purple pouch bag and a body lotion ( which my mother asked me to give her).
This is my ultimate favorite, it is also the only perfume I can tolerate smelling when I was pregnant. It's scent is very light and refreshing plus I also like drinking green tea hahahhahahha not that I am drinking this perfume LOL.
How about you share us what's your fave perfume and join us every thursday on girl's talk.
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who says we can't have fun when there's typhoon?

This video was taken last saturday night when we were expecting Typhoon Melor to hit our tiny island. Luckily we still have power and cable ( we can't watch anything on TV if we dont have cable =( ).

My hubby was watchign news on his TV while bea was watching one of her Barney tape on her portable dvd player. She loved Barney's song so much, whenever she hears songs from Barney she would sing along and even dance, just like in the video... luckily daddy was also in the mood to dance to the tune of Barney =) aren't they cute?

P.S. to all those who commented on my previous blog, thank you so much.... I appreciated it. I am just so busy now in the office ( quarterly tax filings are due this month and i had so much on my hand right now, but i still manage to check my blog and post one entry =) ). I promise to visit al of your blogs as soon as i free up my hands.... Thanks again.....

Monday, October 5, 2009

PB Weekend-Typhoon Melor =)


It's another week of pixel bug and I must say our weekend was wet, wet and wet. Friday last week the Governor has declared Tyhpoon Conditon II ( unlike in the philipines the strongest typhoon signal here is I which is vice versa in the philippines). Lunch time I went grocery shopping to buy essential stuff such as noodles, canned goods, candles and bea's snacks ( those belong to the list of essential things LOL). The line at the grocery store was very long it took me about 20-30 minutes to get done. I got to go home early that day to prepare our house for SUPER TYPHOON MELOR. I picked up bea from daycare and headed home.

The expected SUPER TYPHOON was supposed to hit our location late friday night and early saturday. We were expecting for the worst since it has been so long that we had any typhoon hit our location. Needless to say we thought of waking up with damaging winds and heavy down pour, but we woke up with just a slight gusts of wind and a little more than our usual rain but the sky was dark. Thank God the typhoon missed our tiny islands again but I wish it would also miss the Philippines.

Anyway, we still make the most from our weekend, bea and I stayed home and waited for my hubby to finish his work at 1 pm. I cooked BULALO just in time for the cold weather... yumm =)

Wouldnt my daughter's smiel brighter even your darkest day?

Lunch with my princess.... she loved it and ate a lot..

Perfect for the cold wet weather.

The weather outside.... rainy and windy..

The dark sky above.

Good thing we were able to go to church the next day and still have our bonding time.

How about you how was your weekend. Share with us at Pixel Bug weekend.

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Happy monday everyone.