Friday, November 27, 2009

Girl's Talk-Fave Gift

For thsi weeks topic on Girl's Talk it is our Fave Gifts.

Hmmmm. I am not really fond of Gifts, I prefer receiving a hand written letter on my birthdays or any special occassions. I find it much more meaningful and I treasure it the most.

I still receive gifts from my husband though, he said he is not into writing stuff and he is not very good at it. He wouls usually give me jewelries ( rings, earrings, necklace and more) but I am not into wearing jewelries with the exception of a watch and earrings.

The most recent gift I received that I treasue the most is my Laptop, It is a Sony vaio and i got the liberty of choosing the color and specs. I tried uploading a pic but my camera run out of battery. It is midnight blue in color and has a cloth like texture- I would have chosen a much more girly color but I knew I would get tired of that color in a short time so I choose a more classic color.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Couple's Corner- First Misunderstanding

Rodliz’s Nest

For this week topic on Couple's Corner it is about our Firs Misunderstanding....

Before my husband and I got married we are already living with each other for more than a year already. Since both of our families are in the Philippines with the exception of my Mother who is also working here at that time, we got the liberty of doing our own thing and just living the way we wanted to live. My husband is already used to my mother while I only get to talk to my soon to be MIL just once in a while over the phone, I must say I had a great impression on MIL =).

Then we had to come home to fulfill out promise to my father of getting married in Church, It is also my first tiem to be meeting my husband's entire family for a long time and We are already on the final stages of preparing for the wedding. Talk about having the shock of my life. Dont get me wrong.. I stil believe that they are great person and they like me for their son ( At least I hope so).

Imagine being treated as if you are the enemy to their whole clan.... To them I am the evil-witch who took away their beloved son from them. I told my hubby how I felt but he just ignored me and said I am being paranoid... he goes on saying thay they love me... Hah... really? then why then that his mom is competing with me on taking care of him? During our stay in their place his mom and I were like competing for my hubby's attention. Imagine my MIL giving my husband a cup of cofee which SHE MADE when she already knew that I made one earlier.. His mom preparing his clothes to wear after hes done with his bath. ( The nerve going thru our suitcase.... It is also where I keep my things and I have a thing of keeping my things personal). It is just a constant battle that is stressing me out. I have told my husband how i feel about it but he just ignored me again and ask me to just let his mom be. So finally I just decided to shut up and dont talk to anybody and when I don't talk my husband will get mad and he would constantly asked me what did he do to make me get mad.

I feel so alone while I am at their place, All the things we buy for them or give each one of his relatives, my MIL will specifically insist that it is from HER SON. She cannot even recognized the fact that I too am workign and I also earn a decent amount of money. But to her It is all from his SON'S POCKET every night I am there I am crying myself to sleep and my hubby just ignored my feelign and he said he doesnt want to hurt his mom's feelings just because I feel uneasy ( THE NERVE OF THIS MAN.... anyway i realized he has a point.. it has been 5 years since he saw his mom and he just wants to have a great time with her even just for a short time).

So really our first misunderstanding is just an issue of being accepted and respected. If only a person would base her decision of marrying a person just on family/relatives I would have backed out on our wedding already but then in a marriage it is only Him and I and nobody else matters. Plus we would be going back here in Saipan and live far from them LOL.

Up until now I am still waiting for the day that my in-laws would realize the fact that I am contributing to the welfare of their Son and I am the best decision that he has ever taken in his entire life... HAHAHHA.

In the more than 7 years that we had been togethe we had gone thru a lot of misunderstandings.. sometimes we just go on for day's without talking ( well at least I can go on that long-mu hubby cannot stand a day without talking to me). We would have times that we sleep at the far end of the bed just to avoid sleeping together (LOL) but as soon as we wake up my hubby would say he is sorry and he would say Can we be friends again? Hahaha so We will be and more than that ...

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PBW- father daughter bonding


It is been a long time since I joined Pixel Bug but I am now back LOL.

Although I am a day late in posting-blame it on the unending paperworks that needs to be done everyday eversince I came back from my so-called vacation.

Anyway, as my previous post indicated, last Friday a selfless man brought so much fear and sadness all through the island.

My husband and I decided that we just spend the weekend at our home where we can be safe.

I captured a rare moment between my hubby and daughter while they are playing around...It is the first time that bea willingly posed with her dad for a picture. Usually my daughter will play with her dad for a while then just suddenly she will get irritated with her dad and ask him to stop bothering her LOL... she will even ask her dad to sit in a spot a way from her..

It is still good to see they had lots of fun tickling each other-for my hubby's part bea keeps on jumping on his tummy and keeps on hitting him and bitting him... poor hubby but i think he still enjoyed it.

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Monday, November 23, 2009


To the first person who ever welcomed me into the blogniverse HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....
May the Lord bless you with much happiness today and forever....

How can one person be capable of inflicting so much harm

On friday, the whole island of Saipan was shaken by a Tragic news...

One gun man open fired killing five including himself, injuring almost 9 person in a shooting rampage. As news develops it turns out that the shooting was planned... I can't imagine how one person can do so much damage and leave so much sadness with just a selfless act.

What's troubling is he killed and injured children during his rampage... one girl who survived after being shot in the chest was supposed to celebrate her birhtday that day, her mom was out shopping for things to be used on her birthday, unfortunately that day, the gunman who was working at a shooting range close to their home open fire on her family killing his father, uncle, cousin and even her 2 year old sister... Imagine what a birthday memory that incident will leave the girl. The girl's mom is also pregnant with her first son... but how can you celebrate life if in an instant you lost your husband and your baby girl just because of a selfless man...

I for one can never imagine how much pain loosing your child and husband like that while your taking care of an injured daughter..... My heart goes out for the victims of the tragedy.

For me particulary on that day, I was not feeling well so i took the day off, I told my self just to sleep the whole afternoon before I pick up bea from the babysitter.. Around 3 pm I received a call from my husband asking me to pick up bea from the baby sitter house, at that time there where a lot of speculations that their are armed men going throughout the island just shooting randomly, my heart stopped at that time.. Bea's babysitter's house is near a school and with the recent shooting rampage happenign in schools especially in the Mainland I can't help myself but to worry. I drove as fast as I could but also with much fear that I may come accross this shooter's . Thank God My daughter is safe...

I pray for all the victims of this tragedy especially those who have lost their loved ones.. May God be your strength and light in this times of darkness and sadness...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Girl's Talk-fave past time

Yey... it's Thursday once again and wheww I am sure glad I am back on my routine =)
For this week's theme on GT it's our favorite past time....
I love reading.... just about anything that interest me (last book I read was "My sister's keeper")
I used to cross-stitch but with my hectic schedule right now I dont have enough time to finish one... but soon i'll get back to it.
I love internet shopping.... I really don't have time to window shop and prices here in the island are way higher than internet prices so I usually do my shopping over the internet..
Blogging is my new fave past time.
Cooking and Baking is another past time that I Love... when I am in the kitchen nobody else should be there except if I need help ( It irritates me when while I'm cooking somebody is at my back and watching over what I am doing )
And most of all my fave past time right now is just spending my free time with my daughter and husband..
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our First Year Together....

At last, I can join my weekly meme's Hooray.... for this weeks theme at Couple's Corner it is our First Year as Husband and wives...

Well for starter it wasnt easy... LOL, Imagine being with a stranger 24/7 heheh just kidding.

Kidding aside our first year together was full of ups and downs... it is the stage where you really get to know each other very well. All your inhibitions with each other would be gone just by getting married.

For us particulary our, First year together as husband and wife was made more difficult by the fact that a few days before our wedding in the Philippines, I was diagnosed with PCOD ( polycystic ovarian disease) what a great wedding gift =(. There I was wanting to start our new life with the man of my dreams hoping that someday we would have our own little family..Then with just a couple of test and ultrasound.... the doctor said... I am sorry to tell you this but you would be having a great difficulty getting pregnant and the chances of having a child is remote even with the help of medicine....

We started our first year together on a rough start....I keep hiding my true feelings that I feel incomplete and I just pretended that I am alright. Little did I know that he knew deep inside I am a wreck... He knew from the start that I wanted to be a MOM.... probably because I have promised myself to be a great mother to my child... that I wont be like my own mother.... that I would be better...

Being infertile, lessens your self confidence... at times you would feel as if your worthless.. that you are not complete... you always look at your self as subsidiary and not worth it.... Having faced with this issue I must say It has affected our marriage life greatly.

At one point my husband told me ( while I am in my self pity mode)- I wished I never married you.... Maybe then you wont feel more pressured to give me a child... maybe then you would see that I am here and what's more important is the life we make together ... you and I, I never said that I would marry you just to have kids... I married you because I want to spend my life with you and not what you can give me... He goes on begging... Please baby, just for once... think of how great we are together before we knew of your condition... how much we have fun.. how much love we gave each other... how blissbul life was.. He even said, if it is really hard for you to go on with this marriage and if it would really make your life miserable just thinking of what we dont have rather than what we have right now, I think it is best if we separate and give each other freedom ( Gusto pa ko idivorce on our first year together heheheh).

Well that was my wake up call, that night I think about what he has said and I just prayed to God that if I can't be a mom just help me to be a better wife. After almost a year of self pity, I woke up and see how much God blessed me with a wonderful guy who was willing to accept me with all my imperfections and who is still willing to spend his whole life with me ( with or without a kid).
Our first year may not be perfect but I believe it was the start of a deeper relationship with my husband. One that is past the honeymoon stage, realizing that this man would be my forever, the one who would always be at my side no matter what and who loves me more than his life.

We may have started at the wrong side but I think we would catch up and finish on top =)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Im Back =)

Yey! finally I am home... it is good to be home at last.
We arrived here in Saipan yesterday at 2 am, Thankfully my bea slept all thru our flight, we had to take 3 plane rides from manila on the way to saipan and with all those 3 bea slept all thru the flight which is good for me heheheh.
Anyway she is better now at least she was seen by a great doctor who specializes on kidneys and stuff ( i think they call those doctors nephralogist... i forgot hehehhe blame it on jet lag).
Bea enjoyed Philippines so much.... she was the queen there that anything she touches becomes her own.... She was very bossy and a lot of times I give her time out but whenever I do she would wail her heart out and out comes her rescuers.... they would ask me not to scold her and just let her be. Even when she gets to the point of hitting my 7 yr. old niece because she wants to get her toys of things my relatives even my sister would tell my niece just to get out of bea's way so as not to make her angry. She was definitely spoiled in the Philippines and I think she knows that.
We had a great time in the philippines expecially bea... she got to see the Manila zoo and Mall of Asia... and everyday we get to go to the mall...
Ill have more post and pics as soon as i shake off my jet lag LOL...
Im just so glad to be back...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

im in the philippines!!! oh and im almost going back

To all my blogging friends Im sorry that I have not been able to update my blog. I bought SMART BRO to use with my laptop but it is longer to connect than a dial up c0onnection. And if im lucky to get a connection it would be super slow that i cannot even read my email. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Anyway, my bea is better now she is happy as can be.... We will be going back to our home this saturday we will be arriving on Saipan at 1:20 am Sunday... Can wait to go back to my old routine... I feel bored here not being able to go to work and stuff... LOL

But I will miss most after I start working again is the chance to be with my bea 24/7 it feels great to be there for her all the time.....

Till then my blogging friends... I will be back soon =)

Thanks to niko, mommy liz and clarissa for your message..... I am sure glad bea is fine now... I will have lots of blogs about our trip...... Till then.... MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH