Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CC: Sweet Gestures

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It's Thursday once again and this weeks theme on Couple Corner is SWEEY GESTURES.
Wrong timing naman itong theme na ito LQ pa naman kami ni hubby ( hahahhah as in broadcast ba over internet) Anyway, I'll try hard to let go of my inarte muna and think of the sweet gestures that this guy ( hahaha this guy na lang talaga) has done to me :)
Sweet gestures that our partners give to us may not be big and extravagant, small things like carrying the groceries, lifting heavy things are just some sweet little gestures that are partners do to us.
My hubby would usually cook dinner and clean the entire house on those days that I feel so tired. He would take care of our daughter if I am sick. He has done a lot of small things for me that I sometimes fail to thank him. I would not worry about bringing the dog out to do its business 'coz my husband always take him out at night, throwing the trash, mopping the floor and cleaning my car is just some of my husband sweet gestures.
A kiss on the cheek out of nowhere would usually make me tickle, a hug from behind while I am cooking is also one sweet thing that my husband does. Holding my hand while where walking or sitting side by side is also one of my fave sweet gesture from my hubby.
On my part, ( if I am not mad at him hehehheh- me galit pa talaga heheeh), just preparign his clothes in the morning is one of the sweet gesture that my hubby said he likes the most. Giving him coffee in the morning, embrace him tightly and kiss him on the lips with a hint of seduction ( whaahhaha) usually would make his day and wake up his senses ( I am such a flirt hehehehe).
Those are just some simple sweet gestures that my hubby and I do for each other. Head on to our site for more entry, just click on the badge.
Happy Wednesday every one.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Girl's Talk: Id rather hide this....

Dyosko and dami kong namiss na entry for girl's talk. Any who I am Making 3 in 1 post to catch up.


This is a picture of me with my bea when I brought her to the phillipines for the first time. Look at my arms they are almost as big as a log. My arms has been and will always be my problem area after giving birth to my bea, my arms are bigger than my husbands and it look like as if I was lifting weights ( heheheh mukha ako wrestler). Ewwww hehehehhe.


I think my smile is the sexiest part of my body ( part ba yun, anywho it still is in my body). My husband would always say I look prettier when I smile and honsetly there are other people who would comment on how wonderful my smile is ( syempre mafeeling eh di lalo ako magsmile hahahhaah).


This is the closest pic that I have with lots of flesh in it, I dont have ones that are showing my "Future" since my bodyguard is so coservative that whenever I wear a V-neck top he would always insist that I put on a cami or something underneath to cover the girls. This pic was pre-baby heheheh me K pa ko konti magsuot ng ganyan. I think this time I was already pregnant but I didnt know it.
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Happy Thursday Everyone.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CC: Sacrifices for our Loved ones

Rodliz’s Nest

What i'd Miss? Wheeeeeeeeeeeew A lot! I am still way over my head with work but i promised mommy liz that i'll make with her so here it goes.

BED TIME HABITS: I missed this meme so here is my post for last week's topic;

Our bedtime usually includes washing up for my two babies ( my hubby and bea) and shower for me-can't seem to sleep if I didnt have a night shower. After that we would go to our bedroom and watch TFC's TV Patrol and try to put bea to sleep, after awhile my little princess will give in and sleep to give mommy some time to apply facial cream on my face and lotion on my arms and legs hehehe. We have two beds in our bedroom one for bea and for us, while I am putting bea to sleep she would demand that I lay down beside her only when she is soundly asleep can I transfer to our bed.

After Im done with my bed time routine, I will lay down beside my hubby and catch up on his day. We usually would talk and share stories for a while before we say our good nights. If we are up to something *Wink* we will cut short our chit chatting and we would cuddle and then take advantage of each other hahaahha.

After all that we would kis each other and say our good nights, then we would both face each others side. Sometimes my hubby would hug me but then I would get irritated and ask him to stay away from me LOL, I cant sleep if someone is so close to me hehehe I feel like I am being suffocated. There is actually a big space in the middle of our bed when we sleep since we both torture our self and sleep at the fardest corner of the bed. That is our bed time routine.

Sacrifices for our loved ones- well I don't think I have given big sacrifices for my loved one. I think it is not really a sacrifice when deep in your heart you were willing to give. We are lucky that we have not experienced anything that we can't handle ( God is very GOOD). We are lucky that we both have a decent work which give us the opportunity to enjoy our life, save a little and be able to help our relatives in every possible we can. We are lucky that we both have pledge our commitment to each other that no matter what happens we will make it through hand in hand.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday every one.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CC: Cuddle Time...

Rodliz’s Nest

This weeks theme on Couple’s Corner is Cuddling…
My husband and I would usually cuddle at night before going to sleep, we talk about just anything under the sun ( or moon ‘coz its night time hehehehhe). During our cuddle time we get to know how each other’s day was, it is on this times that we get to know each other more… our hopes, dreams and everything in between.
There would be times that our cuddle would lead to one thing and another, before you know it he has already taken advantage of me ( LOL!) but still after I was taken advantaged of… we would continue our cuddling until we fall asleep..
We always cuddle when my baby girl is already sleeping… she get’s jealous if she sees daddy embracing mommy. At times her dad would tease her and hug me and tell bea “I Have mommy!” then my daughter would come on running and shout “Daddy NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mommy is mine” hehehhe doesn’t it feel great to be wanted by so many?

This is my share for this week’s theme on couples corner
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Feeling better..

My bea is feeling better now.

I had to bring her to the doctor last friday since all through out Thursday night her fever isnt going down I gave her medicine to at least help her temperature go down but still her fever would go up and down. She keeps on waking up yelling for mommy, so I didnt have anychoice but to sleep on her bed.

Friday morning, she wake up and told me her mouth is painful, I though it was mouth sores I gave her some water to drink but she cried, so i asked her to show me her tongue so I can take a look, my instinct was right she has a very swollen and very red tonsils.

I brought her to the clinic where the doctor gave bea antibiotics to be taken for 7 days at 3 times a day. Good thing bea is now feeling better, its very hard for me to see her in so much pain. I told her she cant eat ice cream because she would get sick again, she just said okay.

I am happy that she's back to her usual self again full of energy and laughter
Happy monday everyone!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sick.......Get Well Soon BABY :(

I had to call in sick today to tend to my precious one. She has fever since yesterday and all through the night she keeps on waking up and yelling for mommy.

I hope you get better soon sweetheart Mommy is getting worried.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

GT: Vital Statistics... (YAIKS!!!)

OMG, Niko are you killing me? hahahhahah of all topic why vital stats? hahahha anyway here is mine:

Height: 5'2 1/2 ( hahhaha me 1/2 pa talaga)

Weight: 1____( soon i'll reveal but not yet now hahahhahah)

vital Stat's: 36-24-36 ( at least in my husband's eyes)

Hahahhahah I am not that courageous to give my real vital stat's but anyway, in my husband and daughter's eye's I am the sexiest EVER!!!!

I Bow down my head to all those ladies who are courageous enough to reveal their true Vital Statistics...

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Move over.. Picasso!!!

Bea recently gained interest on drawing, used to be whenever I would ask her to draw she would say no. She would from time to time play with her crayons and marker but it would only be scribbles and straight lines and she would claim that it is a rainbow or something.

Nowadays whenever she comes home from her ninangs house ( she stays there when I am working) she would look for her crayons and markers and some paper and would draw circles ( but not yet a perfect shape), such as head or egg or ball.

The other night after she was done with het "Art work" she asked me to put it on the door, So I got some tape and paste it just below our sofa- she asked me to put it there.

So here is my little artist- she said this one is a SCARE CROW ( there's some resemblance right?)

Always making Mommy Proud =)

This one she said is a shark-quite close... amazing isnt it how kids these days have a wide range of imagination... One time bea thought me what a sloth is and how it sleeps ( with a little snore)..

Somewhere here is a picture of Dora, Diego and Boots

How times really flies...can't help but reminisce on the previous years when I had bea... and look at her now, I can even let her do simple chores.
Bea baby... you know how I love you and you know that you always make Mommy proud... I love you baby.... Please dont grow up too soon, you'll always be Mommy's little darling...

CC: Honesty is the best POLICY!!

Rodliz’s Nest

For this weeks topic on Couple's Corner, it's all about Honesty...

My hubby and I doesnt keep anythign from each other, but since my hubby is not the talkative type you have to squeeze all information from him ( Lol), but then there would be times that he would just open up abouth things that is bothering him.

On the other hand, I am a very talkative person hehehhe, i would tell everythign and anything complete with every little details. Although there would be times that I would tell white lies ( heheeh) to him but then again I would not feel good that is why I have to confess and tell him the real truth.

Honesty is such a BIG factor in our relationship.... there would be times that we would get to talk about life and all the things around us ( tsismis hehehehhe)... and in this tiny island that we live in you get to encounter a lot of Married individuals who cheat on their partners while they are earning a living here most of them actually would have extended families here. Even at church the Priest would sometimes comment or make a sermon about being honest to your husband and wife. You would really see those who look guilty, not that I am condemning them or anything. My husband would always tell me- If ever you find another man and you want to be with him, just be honest to me and let me know, it would hurt less if I know first. ( ang kapal parang ako pa ang manlalaki), maybe because we both have seen a lot of people in our tiny island doing such dishonest things to their partners ( man or woman), my hubby thinks at times that I too are capable of doing such thing.

My answer to him would always be the same ( syempre me batok muna at sasabihin ko kapal mo), I would always tell him, I think it is not in my system to hurt you that much... I have always love you and I respect you to much to do such a thing to you, I can never hurt you thay way, and If ( that is a big IF) that would ever happen... I would spare your the pain and tell you before it even happens.

I am happy with my relationship with my husband because I dont hide anything from him. Imagine how hard it is for you to be both happy if either one is keeping something from each other. I know because of our love, respect and honesty with each other we would still be holding hands and lying beside each other even when we are already gray and old.

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