Friday, January 29, 2010

MM: Welcoming a new sibling

mommy moments

It's friday once again and this weeks theme on Mommy Momments is Welcoming a new sibling.

We are planning on adding a new member to our little family this year, actually we have been working on that since last year but I think it is not yet the right time for us and when we are all prepared and the everythign is in its proper place God will give us another miracle.

My bea in return had been practicing a lot with her mommy skills... we had to buy feedign bottles for her baby dolls because as she said they need milk. She would also use her own pull up diapers on her babies. We bought the dolls strollers, walkers and even carriers.

We asked bea if she wants a baby brother or baby sister, at times she would answer sister, sometimes it would be brother but most of the time she would answer SUPER BABIES ( from Dora's tape).

I can see how she would enjoy having a new baby around, I remember when my kumare had her baby daughter and we went to their place to visit them bea was so concern that the baby isnt drinking enough milk. She would constantly insist that a milk bottle be given to the baby and she wants to do it her self. I am just scared she wont be as gentle to the baby as needed since her only experience in handling the baby is from a plastic one.

I am sure it would be another learning time for all of us once we are blessed with another miracle and I can't wait for the journey to begin.

Happy friday everyone.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010


For this weeks theme on Girl’s talk is about our “FIRST BOYFRIEND”. I was thinking on bailing out on this weeks theme but I decided to share my story ( hahahahha).

As I said before we where not allowed to have any boyfriends not unless we finished college first. After I graduated college my bestfriend at that time invited me to come over to their house . When I was about to go home she told me that we would just drop by at their neighbor since here friends are there. There was this one guy who keeps on babbling his mouth about a certain girl that has a crush on him. I was looking at this guy and I told myself “Kapal naman nito feeling guapo”.I told my friend I really needed to go and so I said my goodbye and went home.

The next day my friend asked me to have a date with his neighbor since I was his type. I told my friend that he is not my type ( very far from what I have imagined to be my first boyfriend – he was dark alright, but short and stout LOL prang teapot –BAD) but my friend insisted that he is a nice guy and he has been like a brother to her. Hesitantly I went out a date with him but with my friend of course… we didn’t even have the same interest but you can see that he is a good person. My friend asked me to get to know him and maybe just maybe we can be more than friends. Our getting to know you stage took about a year.. At one point I told him that he was just not my type and it is better if we just go our separate ways… My friend got mad at me for doing that to her childhood friend… she said I just played him along and I gave him false hope… I felt bad ‘coz it wasn’t my intention. Due to peer pressure I said yes to this guy. He was nice alright but as a young lady who is just starting her working career I dreamed of someone who shares the same desire with me- that is to improve our lives. He is better off than me, his father gave him business to start his life but he doesn’t have interest on learning how to run the business. He always trust his work with his employees thereby resulting to bankruptcy.

I had tried to break up with him a couple of times but whenever I do he would go on his drunken spree and threaten to kill himself. Because he is a mama’s boy his mom would always call me in the middle of the night asking me what I did to his son. I always felt bad and give him another chance but the cycle just go on and on and on. Luckily my mom’s boss asked me if Id like to work here in Saipan naturally I said yes.. my boyfriend at that time asked me to elope with him to avoid having us separate from each other… luckily I used my brains he even asked me get secretly married but at that time I was too young nobody will marry us without parental consent.. I promised him I would come back and by that time when we are both financially ready we will get married.

Being away from him I realized that I deserve more than what I have. I tried giving him a chance to redeem himself but to no avail Oh by the way he was 8 yrs. Older than me… whenever I call him to check up on him he would always be sleeping and that is already around lunchtime whenever I asked him how is his business he would say his sister is taking care of it…. He would talk about marrying me but whenever I asked him where he well get the money to spend on our wedding he would answer “It is easy to borrow money… ill take care of it”. Does he honestly think I would like to start my married life with a huge debt?

At that time being the new girl at work and even on the island a lot of guys would drop hints that they like me most of them would ask me out on a date or just a simple meal. But I wasn’t ready yet to give up on my then boyfriend I prayed that he would learn how to make something out of his life. It is only when I met my husband who was just sheer chance that he went to my workplace. In the months that we have become friends he had been my mentor he would always tell me I deserve better and that I should not feel obligated to stay with my boyfriend just because I fear he would do something to himself and that I would get blamed for it.

In 2002… after almost 3 years with my boyfriend I decided to live for my self and just let go of the things/person that weigh me down. I called my boyfriend and told him it is over I have given him so many chance but through it all he failed me. Again he threaten to kill himself.. I told him although I pray you wouldn’t do that but I too would want to live a peaceful life, whatever you decide to do with yours is up to you and I don’t have anything to do with it. I told him I want us to be friends so that someday when we bump into each other we wont have any awkward moments, but he refused to act like as an adult and be civil with our break up.

He did hurt himself thankfully he just sustained bruises from his car accident… I thought it was over then.. I thought he just accepted the fact that he and I didn’t work out… I was wrong he went on calling my closest cousins to tell her how I ruined his life by breaking up with him… he even made up stories of thing we never did. I called him one time and told him to please at least respect what we had… and to please stop making up stories but he wouldn’t want to. So I just let it go and let him live his pathetic way. I don’t care anymore what he says or does… I’m over him it is just sad that he left me with anger for him… I always thought that we could just both move on and have a happy life…But he chooses not to, after 8 years he still blames me for his mishaps… he still believes and convinces himself that he got unlucky the day I broke up with him..

That is his choice… all I know is that I am happy with my life and I have move on a long long time ago. And I chose to be happy…..
Oh Thank GOD, this is the last topic about our FIRSTS....
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CC: Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU

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This weeks topic on Couple’s Corner is “Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU”.
Don’t want to be cheesy or anything but my husband and I have this routine of saying I Love you when we go to sleep –we give each other three (3) kiss on the lips and say I love you. Waking up we would kiss again and say good morning… I love you…. When we go to work and before we ride on our own car we give each other 3 kisses on the lips and say I love you and take care…

It is like an everyday routine that sometimes you feel like it is just an ordinary thing two couples do. For my birthday my hubby ask me what I wanted for my birthday… knowing him I know he hates writing a letter so I asked him to just give me a letter telling me why he loves me… on my birthday he surprised me with a planner and the marker was set on a particular page when I opened it …. It was indeed a full page letter telling me why he loves me….Oh I so love the letter, I always prefer letters from flowers since I could cherish it for a long time and I can come back over and over again whenever I want to.

My husband complained that it took him 10 days to write the letter so I kissed him on the lips and said I love you more for the effort…

For my part... I would usually give him a big hug and kiss him on the lips and tell him I love him so.... before we go to sleep i usually will cuddle with him ( if i feel like being sweet LOL) and just ask him how was his day at work, how he is, if he is tired or if he needed anything... and if i am a bit generous he might just ge lucky ( WINK *).
Saying I love you doesn’t only require to muttering the words it also constitute doing things to your partner to show how much you love him/her after all actions speaks louder than words.
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Happy Wednesday everyone….

Friday, January 22, 2010


Oh my how people love me hahahahhha.
I invited nanay winnie for lunch today ( She is a close friend of my sister Josie), together with my package from josie was also a gift for Nanay Winnie, since it has been a long time since i talked to her I called her up and asked her to join me for lunch today.
We were both so happy to see each other once again, we cannot even start eatign 'coz we were both full of stories. Then she told me she picked up something for me when she was at New Jersy and she apologized that she didnt wrapped it. Hala, nanay talaga... I love it kaya...
It is a wallet full of compartments and the best thing is the color.... i love the combination it is brown outside with hearts all around. Inside it is an all blue cloth material which is very nice...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love it.
Thanks again Nanay... hope you feel better soon


mommy moments

It's friday once again, time for MOmmy Moments... I Missed last weeks theme "NEW BORN DAYS" I was drafting my entry but then I got tied up at work I never had the chance to finish my entry and post it. Anyway Ill make up for this week.

Bea's favorites are still the same since she was little some may have been added and some she just dont want it like she used to do when she was small. She used to like Spaghetti especially if it is from Jolibee but now she doesnt want it anymore. She prefers chicken nuggets from Mc Donalds.

She still wont eat vegetables as I want her to but where getting there, Her God mother ( ate rose) who takes care of her while I am at work usually would trick her on eating vegetables sometimes she would dice the vegetables into tiny bits and incorporate it with the soup and rice. Other times it would just be asking her to just have a bite of the vegetbales.

She still likes chicken, soup and bread though but her sweet tooth loves chocolate cake, lollipop, jelly ace , I also noticed her favorite flavor is chocolate for cakes, ice cream and but for candy she likes lemon. But she only get to have sweets after she has eaten her meal.

She still loves watching Dora and Barney but recently she enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Club House and Curious George.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ( the magic phrase to make the clubhouse appear is MISHKA MUSHKA MICKEY MOUSE! LOL... as you can see i have seen this a couple of times)
All time Favorite.... Dora the explorer Thanks to This Bea can count in spanish and English YEY... And can you imagine my daughter memorized all the tapes we got , she would specifically request to watch a particular tape ( example: Mommy, I like to watch Dora Superbabies) and we have almost 30 tapes but she knows them all even Barney's tape.

Barney... Bea loves singign with them ... I had to memorize the songs so I can sing along ( as per her request)

Curious George... she loves this monkey

Jelly ace she can finish one bag of Jelly ace in one sitting...
Lollipop... she love's lemon flavor..
Chocolate Cake... Dont let her sing Happy Birthday unless there is cake around 'coz once she sings she would definitely ask for a cake...
How about you what is your childs favorite. Share with us on Mommy Momments.
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Happy Friday Everyone.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Got a package today…. It was from my dear sister JOSIE….

I was so excited opening it up and to my delight I got myself 7 different scents of lotion and they all smelled yummy….. oh my I am so inloved with the scents. I love it( BIG GRIN).
I got these following scents;
Don’t they sound yummy…. Oh the scent of each one is amazing, it is not too powerful but every now and then you just get a hint of its sweet smelling scent. I’m in heaven I think these would be my favorites.. YUMMY!
As soon as I got the package I texted my sister and thanked her she replied that I would have something to put on to relax me after a tiring day and maybe just work its magic to seduce my husband LOL. I told her I might as well try its magic with another guy, maybe they guy would just gobble up my hands ( hahahhahah) that’s how yummy this lotion smell.
To my sister josie.. I really appreciate all the gifts that you have given me, I SO MISS YOU SISTER wish you were here to celebrate with me like we always do. I know soon… but though we are miles away you never fail to show me how much I mean to you as a friend with our chat sessions, text messages and even the small /big things that you sent my way.
To you sister I pray to God that he may give you what your heart truly desires and to inspire you more to share to the world your wit and your big heart. I love you sis and miss you so much…. Take care and you will be forever treasured in my heart.
Again thanks sis and ill wait for you :).


This weeks topic on Girl’s Talk is FIRST KISS…. Yaiks!!!!!!

FIRST KISS…. You would think that when you do have your first kiss just like in the fairy tales you would hear angel’s singing or lights go on sparkling or even feel at that moment the whole world stopped. Some fairy tale huh?

My first kiss was not like that….well what do you expect from a dare… I was dating my first boyfriend then( who by the way I am completely deleting out of my system)he was just courting me at that time. He was the childhood friend of my best friend in college although I didn’t like him just to please my friends request I went out on a date with him ( of course I have to tag along my friend and his boyfriend).

The kiss happened when my friends and this guy ( this guy ehhahahhahha) dropped me at home he walked me to our house and my friend keep on asking me to alteast give him a good night’s kiss. So when we reached my house I said thank you and he acted as if to give me a kiss so I stepped back to avoid his pouting lips ( EEWW). He then asked me if he could atleast get a kiss on the cheek just as not to lose the dare with my friends boyfriend. At that time he was nice and you could see on his face that he wouldn’t want to be the subject of ridicule amongst his friends so I leaned over and give him a kiss on the cheeks… I was hoping for song… twinkling light a feeling of butterflies in my tummy but nothing… so I just said good night and went inside our house.

I guess you would not feel anything about the kiss unless you truly feel something for the one who is giving you a kiss. I remember when my husband ( my suitor then) gave me a kiss on the cheek I felt so happy and all giggly ( Hahaahhah need to redeem myself for my own safety just in case my husband read my blog)...

Anyway this is my entry for Girl’s talk this week….

Im thinking of bailing out for next weeks theme ‘coz I really have been deleting my first boyfriend from my memory and my system hahahhahahha…

See you next week…

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One gift i don't mind having over and over again.... love you babe
Dinner treat ( jan. 18, 2010) from dadi at Fiesta resort and Spa.

My source of natural high :)
The girl's ( Ate edith, ate rose, me and BJ (the entertainer-miss you dyosa)

The Feast
Let's Eat

Some of the boys....
I had my 31st birthday celebration at home last Saturday, My actual birthday was on the 17th ( Sunday) but I decided to have the simple get together a day ahead so that if we get to have so much fun that night we all don’t have to work the next day LOL.

Growing up I didn’t have any good birthday memories, it’s always a sad birthday story for me but my hubby vowed that as long as I am with him he wont let me have anymore sad birthday. I must say this year was the best birthday party that I had…I was smiling from ear to ear.
Of course I would have wished for my family back home to be with us to celebrate but it is just not feasible yet. I just invited a couple of my friends over and my husbands co-worker. I cooked the usual pancit , shanghai lumpia, caldereta,bbq (baby back ribs and chicken), steamed tilapia, ginataang hipon, chicken kelaquen ( a local favorite) and I also baked chocolate cake and brownies and I also made maja blanca for dessert.

My neighbor who is also my husbands co-worker cooked chicken adobo and buko pandan. My ate’s ( bea’s Godmothers) also brought something for us to share-ate edith brought dinuguan and ate rose brought sushi. The guys of course brought the usual booze and fresh tuna for sashimi.

Everyone enjoyed the food and since there are a lot of left over I asked everybody to take out everything they want hehehhehe and so they did and all I was left with was the containers …

We were just about 20 person that night but it was just what I wanted a simple and fun celebration. Everyone enjoyed the food and we had fun catching up, my new found friend BJ ( she is gay…oh, she’s a lady hehehheh) was our entertainment everyone loved him (err her). Over all we had a lot of fun.

My bea on the other hand was busy taking care of her fave God sister –stephanie who turned 3 months that day, she was so into taking care of the baby that everyone commented that it is time for her to have a sibling… hahahha easy for them to say.
It was really a memorable day for me ‘coz I had so much fun and I get to celebrate it with the people who had become my new found family. To ate tess, ate mher ate edith and ate rose Thank you so much for taking the time to cook your best dishes most of all thank you for the friendship .
To all my guest you know who you are…. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
To my family and friends who texted and called me………..THANK YOU SO MUCH…. I miss you and hope one day I will have the chance to celebrate with you.
To sister josie…. Thanks for the chat messages… the text messages and for the package you sent( haven’t receive it yet but still thanks a million)… wish you could have been here.
To dadi and bea… you know I love you both so much and thanks for turning my whole world upside down.

CC: How well do you know each other...

Rodliz’s Nest

It’s Wednesday once again and of course it is time for our couple’s corner and this week’s theme is HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW EACH OTHER.
My husband and I had been married for over 6 years now but we have been together for almost eight years now. I can say that we both know each other very well now.

How well does he know me?

He says when I just keep silent and don’t speak at all then there is something wrong and he would constantly bug me on what is the matter. Many times I would say “nothing” but he will reply there is something… I know you too well and I know something is bothering you.
He knows when I like something I won’t share it to anybody even to him (I am a very giving person).
When it comes to food he knows I love chicken, pasta and chocolate.
He knows that I don’t like strong smelling perfumes.

How well do I know him?

I know when he is not feeling well and something is bugging him- he is quiet really really quiet…
I know he loves having a drink after work… He likes to relax after a day of hard work.
He loves to sleep, on his day off he prefers staying at home and just watch tv and sleep.
He loves adobo and he doesn’t like eating pizza or pasta.
He loves eating buro (a delicacy in Pampanga)
He is not very romantic but he tries to give me and bea what ever we may every need and more. ( if ask him to buy ice cream or something at the store he would buy each and every flavor they have because he knows if he buys only one flavor that I might not like that flavor at that moment hehehehheh).

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Happy Wednesday Everyone.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Girl's talk- First Date

I'm Late.... sorry niko =)

Well actually I thought about the theme for this week's Girl's talk and I tried hard to remember when my First date was. But it seems I have deleted that one in my memory I don't know maybe it's because I didnt enjoy the date or I didnt like my date either way it is permanently deleted and I can't seem to remember it.

Knowing me... my first date would have been a group date either I tag along my friend or my cousin. I only went on a first date alone when it was with my hubby. ( O di ba playing safe hahahhahah... honestly I can't remember).

That's it for my share on Girl's talk more entries of girl's talking about their first dates just click on the badge.

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NIKO'S PRINCESS YENA..... Continue making your mommy proud and grow up to be a fine lady like her someday.....

Happy weekend everyone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CC: Bringing out the Dragon in me!!! =)

Rodliz’s Nest

It’s Couple’s Corner once again and this week’s theme is HE MADE ME ANGRY…
Well my husband say that I am always mad at him… He says I am like a lion always growling at him ( though my mother calls me tiger also ‘coz super sungit daw ako hehehehhe) ( HOW MEAN!!)
I usually don’t want to talk when I am mad ‘coz I am scared that I would say things that would be hurtful or things that I don’t mean. So when I am mad I just keep quiet but my husband would keep on bothering me to talk to him and try to talk out our problem ( more of him talking and explaining).
I can remember two incidents when I was really furious with him…
One was in 2005 we were already married and we didn’t have Bea yet. My friend asked me to attend an event with her and so I did , when I left the house my husband and friends were drinking in front of our house. I asked my husband to call me in my cell if they are going out so I know where he was and I wouldn’t get worried, he told me NO… we are not going anywhere after this I will be sleeping. Awww, how proud I was to have a good husband (not!!). I think I was out about 3 hours or so when my friend drop me off at our house I saw our car in the parking lot and our light in front of our house was already turned off so my friend said How lucky are you? You husband indeed is now asleep. So I went inside our house only to find and empty bedroom, my husband cousin who was staying with us at that time told me that as soon as I was out they also went out riding one of his friends car (GRRRRRRRR!!!). I felt so betrayed and I really wanted to snap my husband’s off. So I just took off my shoes and just put on a slipper ( oh did I mention that I was wearing a cocktail dress?), got the car keys and wallet and off I went to search for him. I didn’t even bother to take a long his cousin I just want to slap him and let him know how I angry I was. In our tiny Island there are a lot of night clubs ( w/ strip dancers) all around, so I planned to go to each and every club there is to look for them. My first try…. Lucky their car is there and apparently they are trying to get home before I did.. Imagine their shock when I parked next to their car while they are just getting out of the club.. His friends felt frightened and didn’t say a word my husband who looked so pale just climb in the car and his first word is SORRY. I just drive home without saying a word ( actually I am trying to decide what to say first). When I parked our car infront of our house he asked me if I was mad ( DUH…. Kainis). I told him I felt betrayed and played for a fool and I was so mad at him that I want to break his head off. He said he was sorry and it was just peer pressure… I cried because of anger that day… I told him that I give up I don’t want to be doing this every time and that I was tired ( if you know my husband’s friends you’ll understand me- let’s just say they like the girl’s at the club so much).
Living on a tiny island where you see everyone almost anywhere.. I didn’t want my husband to be going to night clubs imagine going to the church and suddenly he would bow his head down just because the girl’s working at those clubs would sit right infront of us. How uncomfortable that would be right? Not for him but for me…
I don’t have anything against any person who is working hard for a living even those working at nightclubs… but some of this girl’s would do anything even just for $1… and some would take advantage of the guys who goes there like asking them to buy them things while the family of this guys in the Philippines are suffering ( I have encountered a lot of people like that).
The 2nd time I got furious with my husband was when bea was sick…. Of course any mommy who has a sick child would be very alarmed or agitated. Bea was crying then and I was consoling her then he comes in to the room and he told me something like our neighbor ( who is his co-worker) takes better care of her kids than you. When her kids are sick she isn’t even worried an ounce not like you. And so on and so forth, I was so pissed off that I scream to the top of my lungs I told him that I don’t care what he and his neighbor thinks and all you do is yak and yak and yak but I don’t see you or your neighbor helping me out. I am the only one who does things for bea and all you do is point out what I am doing is wrong. He got shocked that I shouted and said those things but at that time when I had only a couple of hours sleep in 3 straight days that is how I felt.
I may be a tiger everyday but don’t wait for the Dragon inside of me to come out or else your in big trouble and my sister can vouch for that hehehheheheh ( she was my constant victim when we were younger).

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Mommy Moments-New Year's List

mommy moments

At last I can join Mommy Moments again... it's been ages since i join these meme.. This year ill try to keep up with my blog.

This week's topic on Mommy Moments is New Year's List:

1. BIRTHDAYS- I will be turning 31 on Jan. 17 but i have not planned anything yet LOL. Bea will be turning 3 on May 11 and as of now I have already decided that the theme for her party will be fairies( tinkerbell) I already purchased green and purple cups to use as give aways. My Hubby will turn 36 on June 12 of course that will require a lot of cooking and drinking for his friends hehehhe.

2. SCHOOL- Since bea will be 3 yrs. old this year it is time for her to attend K-3/Head Start. Last year I enroll her to pre-K and daycare she learned a lot but her health suffered since one care provider is incharged with 5 or more kids after school finishes they were not able to tend to the kids properly the whole 4 months that bea was there we have been to 5 doctor appointments due to severe cold, cough and lastly UTI. Bea's weight also suffered in the 4 months she has been there she dropped closed to 10 lbs which is scary for a mommy like me. Apparently if she doesnt want to drink milk or even eat they would just let her. Imagine going 8 hrs without food or milk even sleep for a toddler that is not proper. I only found out about this things when she got sick with UTI so I immediately decided to pull her out of that daycare/school.

This time though I will enroll her on the school program she would go in at 8 am and finish at 11 am or so then I would just pick her up and bring her back to the baby sitter's house so she can still eat properly and take a nap in the afternoon.

3. LEARN NEW THINGS- Bea already knows how to sing ABC, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and so much more... she also can name the objects that we point and even can name the colors. She can count from 1-20 and can count uno-kinse ( thanks to Dora). This year I want to try to teach her how to wright her name and also the alphabets.

4. LEARN TO PLAY WITH OTHERS- Since bea is and only child and she is only the one being taken cared of by her baby sitter, once there are new kids to play with she tends to be a little aloof and shy that she would choose just to play all by herself I want her to develop her social skills so this year I vow to bring her out more often and encourage her to play with kids her age.

5. FULLY POTTY TRAIN- Bea already is potty trained but at night before going to bed I still need to put on a pull-ups just in case of any accidents. There would time she would go on the whole night without even a drop of pee on her pull ups but sometimes ( rarely) she would wake up in the morning with a diaper full of pee which would sometimes leek on her pj and bed. So this year I plan to train her not to pee in bed at night.

6. VISIT THE DENTIST- The last time I brought bea to the dentist she was hysterical and she refuses to open her mouth for the dentist to have a look at her teeth, so the dentist just prescribed fluoride drops and will have to come back again after she turns 3. We are hopefull that by then she would be more cooperative ( Im crossing my fingers).

7. OVERCOME FEAR- Bea is in a stage right now that she fears almost anything- she fears santa clause, the mascot for the island (Saipanda), her ball which she is just playing then later she would get freaked out and run to us screaming- I scared, I scared. The list of things she gets scared of are getting longer and longer. Even when she would ask us to go to the beach and swim, she would be afraid the minute we park our car infront of the beach and she would ask us to go home- I would always try to talk to her and let her that there is nothing to be afraid of since she is with mommy and daddy.

8. EATING MORE KINDS OF FOOD- Right now she doesnt eat vegetables with the exception of potato and papaya other than that she doesnt want to eat it. If I let her try to eat a brocolli she would take a bite of it but then as soon as it is her mouth she would gag and out the brocolli go. It is not only vegetables- even pork or beef she doesnt want, chicken she would only eat if it is fried or from mcdonalds other than that she doesnt want to eat. Eggs she would only eat the white part the yolk she would ask us to take out and it is only hard boiled egg, if it si fried she wont eat it. Now she only eats rice with soup, noodles or just the sauce of adobo or menudo/afritada. She is contented in eating those and she wouldnt try something new.

9. LEARNING TO RIDE A BIKE- Bea has 2 bikes in our house and she likes riding them but we have to push it, we are teaching her how to pedal but the stubborn her wouldnt want to do it.

10.ENJOY LIFE- This year I plan to do just that =).

How about you what is your New Year's list? Join us evry friday on Mommy Moments.

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Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend ahead!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Girl's Talk-First Crush

It's thursdy once again... time for our girl's talk and this weeks theme is First Crush.

Dyosko! I hope I can still remember who ( had 2 major surgeries requiring anesthesia... hahahhah I'm just explaining the cause of my memory loss).

Well for starters I had a crush when i was 12 or 13 ( i know mejo late bloomer)he is the son of my mother's boss. He is quite cute and he is the same age as me... for me then it was just like in the fairy tale where the rich prince will fall in love to a peasant or to a poor girl. We were not rich but they were so perfect right?.... Dream on girl.. this boy isnt interested in me not even a little bit (the nerve!) but I have to admit i too was an ugly duckling back then I couldnt careless what i was wearing or how I look like I just want to be comfortable. So maybe that explains why he isnt interested in me or maybe because he is just a spoiled brat who is also a mama's boy ( hahahah siraan ba?)..

Anyway that is my share for this weeks theme on Girl's Talk, come and share with us every thursday.

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Happy thursday everyone.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CC: Most Irritating Habits

Rodliz’s Nest

Wednesday once again... And this time I am back for good... I am kinda busy at work most of the time and whenever I go hom I would have a very active toddler to tend to.. needless to say I have neglected my blog and my meme's , my apologies.

Anyway I am back..

For this weeks theme it's Most Irritating Habits.. Hmm where do I start.. I'll just make a list LOL...

Husbands most irritating habits;

1. Leaving his dirty clothes wherever he take it off ( if he took his shirt off at the living room then you'll find it there and so on)

2. Snoring..... Oh My Gosh I want to hit him with a pillow everytime he snores out loud that i couldnt sleep.

3. When he is cooking dinner he would always forget to cook rice So after he is done cooking and we are about to eat we will find out later that we dont have cooked rice :(

4. Always misplacing things.... maybe because he just put it anywhere he feels like it and then he would ask me if Ive seen it.

5. Sleepy.. There are times that we both dont have to work and I would asume that we are taking bea out to have fun but he would just choose to sleep in. So me and bea would just be stuck in our house... there would be times that I would decide to go out and just leave my hubby behind but I want him to spend time with us so I just choose to stay home also (grrrr...)

6. Leaving his cigarette butts on the bathroom.. I dont mind him smoking but could he atleast throw the cigarette butt in the trash bin? (kakainis)

7. Being quiet.. There would be times that I have tons of stories or I want to catch up with him but he would just lay down in the couch or the bed and just watch TV and be quiet. Everyday I just have a computer infront me and I have a lot of pent up energy to talk to somebody but most of the time he would just be quiet.

There are a lot more but that is it for now... hehehehe

My most irritating habits ( from my husband);

1. Hot Tempered- especially when I am in the middle of my chores like doing laundry, cleaning and cooking.

2. Neat Freak-my sister always tell me that I have OCD coz i always want everythign in order.

3. Impatient-I hate waiting.. I would be in my worst mood if I had to wait 10 minutes or longer for somebody.

4. Over protective- He says it is a bad thing coz i always over do it when it comes to caring for my bea ( of course any mom can do that right?)

5. He says this is the most annoying or irritating habit that I have...I dont feel that I deserved anything... I am so happy doing things/ giving to others that I tend to be ashamed if somebody would do the same for me.. even from my husband I always feel I am not worthy ( self pity :( ). Just like week he asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday ( BTW its on the 17th and im turning 31 :) so i told him nothing I just want to go to church and stay at home.. He said he dont want to do that and he asked me if I wanted to have friends come over of course I said NO ( as much as I love my friends, there is something about that day that I want to be just alone)So he said will just go to church then have lunch watch movie and have dinner also.. again I turned down the offer.. I told him it is just a regular day dont worry about it.. so he got irritated and we had a fight because of that.

He told me- I wanted to give you a great birthday coz it is my way of saying thank you for everything that you have done for our family, for me and for bea. It is just a little way for me to thank you but why are you turning it down, for what you have done for us it is not enough but why do you keep on thinking you don't deserve it? I wanted you to have a different life far from what you experienced years back but you keep on looking back to your sad stories. You deserve to be happy on your birthday and while you are with me I will make sure that you wont have a sad birthday story. I feel sorry to make him feel that way ... I just told him that I will think of something and Ill just let him know...

Well that is our most irritating habits as a couple... How about you? share with us every wednesday. More entries just click on the badge.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year to everyone!

I have been kinda busy lately but keeping up with my meme's and blog is one of my resolution for this year.

For 2010, I wish and pray that our little family will have a new member ( crossing my finger for a boy ), Whew I guess we better start working on that *wink*.

My bea on the other hand never ceases to amaze us, she now knows a few tagalog words like opo, kalat, tapon, upo and she also understands questions in tagalog when she is being asked like ano ang gusto mo? upo ka dito and much more but she would always answer in english.

She also knows how to say what she wants much clearer now... in a straight sentence like... mommy, I hungry I want to eat... LOL. or I want to go to the park.. huh mommy... okay okay? ask dadi ok? Now my days are filled with every little bit of question and stories from my toddler. I can also now ask her to do simple chores like throw trash in the garbage bin... put her dirty clothes in the basket... pick up her toys before going to bed. Hay, how time really flies she would be turning 3 on May 11 and I cant help but miss my fragile and helpless baby ( a more quiet and behave one LOL).

Ill be turning a year old this month and I feel old nyahahhaah... But still I am thankful for everything.

Ill see you around guys and again Happy New Year.