Friday, April 30, 2010

MM: Blue

mommy moments

After a verrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy lonnnnnnnnnng hiatus finally I am able to join Mommy Momments, im crossing my fingers that I can keep up :)

Anyway this week's theme on MM is BLUE and here is my share ;

This is my Bea's fave outfit the Shirt has Dora on it and the pants has boots, she love wearing this.

Here she is in a 2-piece bathing suit when we went for swimming last December.

This was taken on March of this year when her dad was asked to be a God parent to our friends baby.

The daddy and daughter both wearing blue :)

Still on our swimming escapade last December.
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Happy friday everyone.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

GT: Last time I PIG OUT!!!

Hmmm, can't seem to remember when was the last time I PIG OUT.... maybe because its everyday nyahahhahha :) kidding aside I think the last time I ate a lot was last year in November when bea and I was in the Philippines. We must have eaten at every corner of Baguio City and we ate this and that, whatever entices our palates hehehehhe.

One time we had a food trip session, but we only ate street foods we went to the market and bought kikiam, squidballs, fishballs and even one day old (odoc) and even green mangoes we must have bought a kilo of each and we cooked them all and had our food fest coupled with a couple of cold beer YUMMY. I think we started aroung 1 pm and finished around 6 pm or so :) It was fun though since we had chance to catch up on lost times and enjoy the company of each other. Hmmm just reminiscing that day makes me miss going back home to the Philippines :)

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CC: My Best Friend

Rodliz’s Nest

My Hubby is my everything, at times he is my enemy, at times he is my lover, at times he is my mentor, my guide and many other things in between but most of all he is my BESTFRIEND.
He is the first guy that I have ever been friends with, I remeber when we just got to know each other he was helping me how to end my relationship with my boyfriend then, he must have listened to a million of my stories regarding my ex but he still was willing to give his ears to me.
Up until now I still tell him everything, at times with complete details, though my stories are very lenghty he still listens. He know my every move, my every breath and even my slightest sigh he knows it means something. If I dont talk he knows somethign is bothering me or he has done something to make me mad.
Last April 21, 2010 we celebrated our 8th year as boyfriend/girlfriend up unto this day I still remember how it felt like the first time I saw him, the first time we became a couple... still has and will always will feel like.. MAGIC!!!
Like Ate Liz, I feel blessed that I can tell my hubby anything, I have few friends that has told me how hard it is for them to have a great relationship with their husband expecially if they are keeping some secrets from their partner. Most of the time their marriage suffers because of the heavy load they are keeping inside of them. Must be really hard being happy when you know for a fact that everyday, every minute you are hiding something from your partner. I would never dream being in that situation, I am happy because I can be myself with my hubby, I can tell him anything and enjoy every moment I have with him and not be afraid that my skeletons in my closet will one day come out .
As bestfriends, me and my husband share the same dream and it is not to be Rich someday, although it would good to have a lot of money but for us our dream is to be able to enjoy our life each day, provide for our daughter and save a little for our future. We have simple dreams and aspirations which makes it easy for us to reach for our goals and live our life the way we wanted to. Were both very simple and low key, we enjoy all that we have right now because we know we really worked hard for it which makes us appreciate each othe more 'coz we both recognized the fact that without the each other all this is not possible.
My hubby always say that he got lucky that I came in his life ( pag hindi makapal ung mukha nya at iclaim na swerte ko daw sa knya hehehehe) the truth is I am one lucky girl to have a man like him, he really has changed my whole world upside down.
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday !!!

Havent had time to blog lately, unfortunately this week is no better than last week. Our quarterly tax is due on Friday so I have to finish all the reports by Wednesday I hope :(. I miss blogging, my friend ask me to blog about how mysterious love it, how complicated it is and how at time you do stupid things for love. Well dont have time yet to think it over but I will make a blog about it soon.

My hubby got me a bigger car just in time for our 8th anniversary as boyfriend/girlfriend hehehhehe. It's not that brand new but it look's and smell's like one and whats more it is my dream car so I am a very happy wife :).

My bea is turning 3 next month and I am busy as a bee getting all the stuff planned out. So far I made reservations to the restaurant already, I will be starting the loot bag this week, I already bought treats that my bea loves to eat to be put inside the loot bag. I also went to a shop that sells party supplies, I made reservation on the balloons and party hat to be used, since the owner is also pinay I got a great deal on those stuff :). I just need to look for a good chocolate cake for bea ( her request), We tried the devil chocolate cake from one of the bakery here in the island, the icing was great but the cake it self dry. So the search continues, We decided not to have clowns or mascot this year since bea is still scared of moving mascots even clowns maybe next yeat :)

My sister celebrated her bday a couple of days ago and I am so busy to blog, sorry sis, you know how much i love you, I wish you more blessing and I pray and hope you will trully find what your heart desires and make you really happy. Love you sis and miss you so much.

Ill be cathcing up with my blog soon and to all my blogging friends who dropped by and left comment. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!1

Thursday, April 22, 2010

GT: Buffet food I choose first

It's Thursday once again and this week's topic on Girl's talk is the food I choose first in the Buffet table.
If we are dining out in a hotel at a restaurant then this would be my first choice in the buffet table:

SEAFOODS!!!! yummm

I am bit adventerous when it comes to food, maybe I acquired that from my hubby, I even learned how to eat fresh oysters... just put on the sauce and a squirt of lime and ohhhh that would taste good...

I also like the shrimp cocktails but I hate peeling so I usually pick out those that are already peeled but in case there is no peeled shrimps my hubby would do the peelign and I would do the eating hehehhehe. My hubby loves seafoods also but not like him I dont eat crabs, I find it hard to eat heeheheh.

In case we are dining out at a regular restaurant then the choices on the buffet table would not include seafood appetizers ( only the restaurant on the hotels does) then my first choice would be the soup and noodles.

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Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CC: Our Days at work

Rodliz’s Nest

THis is a 2 in 1 post hehehhe sorry I was so busy last week.


My hubby loves watching movies, he likes sci-fi, horror, adventure and action on the other hand I like romance, drama and comedy. From time to time I like watching filipino movies just because I feel like it hehehehe.
When we got to the movie house, we have to tag along my precious munchkin since her baby sitter is only from monday-friday and with a 2 yr. old in tow we can help it but one of us needs to be with my daughter to tend to her needs- go pee, go out, walk around, run around usually we watch movies that my hubby likes so I am the one left with no choice but to go along with bea.
If watch movies in our house, I would be very busy doing household chores that my hubby would be begging me to sit and keep still and watch the movie with him hehehhehe.


Our work schedule is the same, we leave our house at 7:30 am in the morning , Monday-Friday, on saturdays only my hubby goes to work. Our daughter rides in my car and before I go to work i would drop her to the baby sitter's house. My hubby's works place is farther than my office work place so I have volunteered to drop my daughter to the sitter's house. As soon as we have evrything in our car and bea is in her car seat, my hubby would kiss us good bye and say see you later.

During work hours we seldom call each other, my hubby hates texting so I can't t send him text messages. He is also going in and out of his office that chat is not an option only. Recently we get to have days that we eat lunch together but that seldom happens.

I get off work at 5 pm and he usually gets off around 6 pm or later, so naturally I would also be the one picking up my daughter from the sitters house. At home after work, I will usually be preparing our dinner while watching my daughter while I do the dishes ( still working eh...) and my hubby would usually get a beer or drink somethign to relieve his stress from work... we would usually talk about our day at work before we sleep. Like I said before if he is upto somethign we would cut our chit chat short and take advantage of each other hehehheheh.

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Happy wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GT: Most Expensive Meal

This is a delayed post of last week's topic on Girl's Talk, taxes where due last week so I had to work doubly hard to meet the deadline.

Anyway, the most expensive meal that we had was a meal we bought at the Narita Airport in Japan last October, 2009 we stop over in Japan for more than 9 hrs on route to the Philippines. My daughter likes noodles very much, actually you can feed her noodles 3 times a day everyday but she would still eat it :). I think that meal was most expensive to me since it cost almost $20 USD and it only consist of a small bowl of udon, 1 small piece of shrimp tempura and a small bowl of rice. The meal didnt even had drinks included in the price, and its serving size is not even big to feed an adult and a toddler. Actually my daughter finished the whole meal- the serving is that small.

Here is our meal, the bowl of rice was not included in the picture :) but it is also small.. Living in Saipan for almost 9 yrs. I was so used to the prices here in the island, that is why I was so shocked to find out the prices of food, water and even a piece of bread was 3x more than we have to pay here in the island. Imagine a bottle of water cost around 150-200 YEN which is around 2-3x more the price here in the island.

This is my share for the most expensive meal that I have, it doesnt cost that much but when you compare the serving size and satisfaction you get from the food it is really that expensive :)

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

My baby is growing up :(

Exactyly a month from now my little one would be turning 3 yrs. old. I can't believe how much he has grown, it seems just like yesterday that I was praying to God for a miracle and he gave me what I have been longing for.
Above is a draft of the invitation for her birthday I have not yet made the reservation but I'll do that in the next couple of week.
She already has a birthday dress to wear and another outfit for her to change on. The second outfit is the same as what I would be wearing on her party, since out theme is tinkerbell I thought of buyin a shirt that has a tinkerbell on it luckily I found a shirt that is for me and her. For dad he would be wearing a green shirt to go with the theme. we would be both wearing jeans and rubber shoes to match our outfit :).
Party planning for my lil one takes a lot of energy but It is all worth it once I see her smile and the twinkle in her eyes.
My sister said I am such an OC but for my lil one..... she deserves the BEST.
Just some random thought on a Sunday evening, tomorrow will be another week of hard work.
Have a great night everyone.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


This weeks topic is all about junk foods. The first time I came to a foreign land in 2001 I vowed ( hahahahha-seryoso?) to taste all the chocolates and junkfood that they have here. After all we only get to taste those food when my mom sends us packages or if she comes home to the philippines for a vacation and so thats what I did.

I dont know what happened but the pringles or chocolates tasted different here than when you are eating it in the phillippines, I dont know if it is just me but I am not that excited to eat those chips, chocolates or candies that we are so ecstatic to have back home. Maybe because of the thought that you now can have it at anytime that you want, it just takes away the feelign of excitement heheheheh ( seryoso sa junkfood ha?).

So know since I have been here in Saipan for almost 8 years I keep on coming back to the junkfood from the phillippines, everytime I go to the store I always look in to the asian merchandise especially the one from the Phillippines.

Currently these two are my favorite ;)

Jack 'n Jill V-cut spicy barbeque flavor, much more filling than lay's, pringles or any US brand chips LOL as far as I am concerned.

And of course, the all time pinoy favorite : CHICHACORN/ CORNICK... unfortunately they don't sell the small packs here ( the one they sell in the philippines @P1 each) it taste better than the one in the big pouch. When I went home in the philippines I must have bought 5 packs of these in individual pouches hehehhehe

Hmmmm..... I miss philippines ; ) I miss eating mangoes on the street, singkamas, fishballs, kikiam, balut( which we also have here from phils but it is just not the same when you buy it from manong who shouts baluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, doesnt taste the same.). Wahhhhhhhhhhh ;(
I miss the Phils. hehehheheh.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Rodliz’s Nest

Our favorite places is this weeks topic on Couple’s Corner.

When it comes to food or dining out my husband and me prefer Chinese food, Korean food and Thai Food, most often when we are dining out on a regular day we would be going to a Chinese, Korean and Thai Restaurant- we used to enjoy Korean food a lot but we are now widening our choices and we prefer Thai food over Korean food both of them are spicy but we both agree that Thai cuisine have more variety than Korean. Our fave restaurant now is SPICY THAI RESTAURANT, it is just a small place but on peak hours it would be filled to maximum, there food are always cooked fresh and the servings are very big. My daughter likes their iced tea with milk-it is so good that she can finish a tall glass without sharing.
On special occasions we usually prefer going to hotels which offers buffet-Saipan World Resort is our fave place when we are celebrating an occasion, they offer a wide variety of dishes and best of is you can eat till you drop. LOL
Our house is our favorite place to hang out- as I said my husband prefers staying home on his day off, so we just spend time at our house, well it really doesn’t matter where we hang out as long as we are together.
My husband hates shopping, so I do the shopping for us- since we are located in a tiny island there are limited choices when it comes to clothing so I usually do my shopping online, prices are cheaper and there a lot of choices. I usually buy from ebay, walmart, amazon and for electronics from crutchfield.
And since we are both in a foreign land our favorite destination is the Philippines nothing beats the feeling of being home.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

GT: Comfort food

For this weeks theme on Girl's Talk its about our comfort food. Nowadays whenever I am stressed out or feeling low I usually crave for SPICY CHICKEN FEET, it is a variation of dimsun that is usually offered in Chinese Restaurants.

I tried making these a couple of times but it is tedious process since you still need to clean the chicken feet roll it into sugar and deep fry for about 8-10 minutes, then you have to boil it with osyter sauce, water, sake and star anise and chinese parsley until it gets tender, then you have to leave it on the marinade for 24 hours and steam for 15 minutes before serving. If i have time I do it myself but if I dont feel like cooking I usually order from my fave chinese resto it is only $6 per order and it would satisfy both me and my hubby.

It is fun and comforting to eat this dish since it would take time to take out the meat and it creates a bonding time with me and my hubby since it would take us a fair amount of time to finish our meal, we would have chance to talk about lots of things and before you know it I feel happy already ( LOL).

This is a sample pic of my comfort food------ ohhhhh just by looking at it my mouth is already drooling too bad we cant eat meat yet until Sunday... Until then you shall be in my dreams LOL.

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Happy Thursday everyone and Advance Happy Easter too..