Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girl's Talk: Inside my Wallet

Oh my Oh My! I have missed a lot of topics in Girl's talk already I've been fairly busy at work and a lot has come up that I dont even have time to use my laptop at home-poor thing must be missing me already :)

Anyway this week's topic on Girl's Talk is the contents of our wallets. Currently I am using a mini purse since from time to time I would be changing my bag and my long/big wallet doesnt fit on my tiny bag or if ever it fits it my wallet would occupy almost all of the space of my bag. SO I decided to buy a smaller much more versatile wallet.

This is my wallet;

At the back of my wallet there is a coin holder where I put spare change but it doesnt hold a lot since it is just small so most of the time I would end up putting the coins in my bag. Shake my bag and you would hear it jingle hehehhehe.
My mini wallet is tri-fold wallet and this is how it look inside it has slots for cards and bills as well.
Here are some of my cards that i managed to put inside my wallet: debit card, entry permit, social security card, amex card and a coupon for free coffee hehehhehe

I also have an atm card, a visa card and a membership rewards card, point purchased on the said store can be converted to cash or can be redeemed towards some items.

and here is how my wallet looked :)
How about you girl's care to show how the contents of your wallet head on to our site for more entries, just click on the badge.
Happy Thursday Everyone.


  1. nice wallet, hehe.. check mine.

  2. wow... nagulat ako sa laman.... ang daming lalagyanan Sis... hehehe....

    Happy Girls Talk

  3. Oohlala!!Your wallet is so bulky and classy!I can't afford to buy coach as wallet^_^

    Happy GT!!

  4. ang cute ng wallet mo sis! at ang daming laman... hehehe!

  5. wow dami cards at pera wallet mo sis, full of everything hehehe! cute , like the color :)

  6. interesting... nice wallet!

  7. that's so cute ha... liit lng pero marami laman.. coach yan right??? ihhhhh that's pricey in here hahha

    bdw, next Thursday will be my last stint as the host of Girls Talk, I shall see you with your post on what’s inside your bag.. can’t wait to see your fab bag actually.. =)

    please stay tuned for the revelation on who will be the new host and the new home of GT starting july.. but I still will be joining GT so I shall not miss your post!

    Thanks for joining and for all your support at GT. Happy weekend girl!