Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what a scene =)

As I mentioned onmy previous blog, I have started my power walk. I planed to jog every day at the beach path for a long time now, but I only had the chance to start it last week since everytime I plan to do so something always comes up. I am happy that I got the chance to start my power walk, plus I get to expose bea more to the outside world. She is also so happy to be out of our house and just see other people, whenever she sees fellow joggers she would waive her hand and say- HI GOOD DAY! with matching smile and then say SEE YOU LATER =).

Only thing I have to make sure she has her snacks with her, First we have to go to McDonalds drive tru to buy a happy meal or chicken nuggets for her then off to the pathway we go. I also need to bring juice, milk and water just in case she wants of one of those plus her chicken and cookie too.

Imagine seeing us in the pathway, while I am busy with my power walk and pushing a stroller with a very heavy girl ( which is not that bad since her weight helps more in my power walk). So, I am busy trying to loose weight, sweat and everything while my princess is munching on her snack a lot of people who sees both of us can't help but smile when they see us.

Here is a picture of my bea while munching on a wafer stick=)
The beach pathway where I jog/power walk, its and added plus that I get to jog/power walk everyday, just feeling the cool breeze of the ocean while you are catching your breath is a wonderful feeling....
Have a Happy wednesday everyone =)

Monday, September 28, 2009

PBB weekend- fitness week ? :-P

Pixel Bug weekend button 1

Last week, I have started to go for a power walk after i got off from work and I have picked up bea from school/daycare. It has been my wish to atleast shed some of my excess weight =) and be back to my pre pregnancy form. Anyway, I had a great weekend with my family, I had a great exercise with my bea, who loves her new stroller- I had to buy a portable one big enough to fit her and small enough to store in my tiny car's trunk. On Sunday, it was raining hard so I didnt get the chance to have my power walk , in lieu of my power walk I take out my step exerciser and did some cardio work outs. Now, my legs are so sore, I cant even walk properly... but i am still determined to have my power walk later on today , if the weather permits.

Sunday night, we went out to have quality time together, we went window shopping , we ended buying 2 dvd movie for my hubby and 1 dvd for bea ( barbie's mariposa). We then had dinner at a chinese restaurant, We had peking duck, dimsum and sauteed chinese broccoli (tastes like mustasa has a bitter after taste). Bea had wanton soup, we all had a great time, we went home with a full stomach, an empty purse for me and 2 very happy kids LOL...

Dinner with my prince =)

My princess =)
Getting fit =)

Pretty flower at the park
bea's so happy with my stroller smile =)

P.S. I know, some of our blogging friends are in the middle of typhoon Ondoy this past weekend, to all that had been affected my prayers are with you..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Mommy Moment's-That's my favorite!

the mommy journey

For this weeks theme it is "That's my favorite"

Bea has a lot of favorite and I have chosen a few pics with some of her favorites.

For christmas last year, we bought her a slide set. She has loved that slide the minute she saw it at the store. Unfortunately, due to her rapid height growth she is now too big for that slide and she hasnt even used it for a year =(.

Here is a pic of my bea on her slide.
Another favorite of bea is reading books, whenever she sees a book she would flip the pages and pretends to read it=).
Did i mention she loves DORA =) this is a picture of her while she was talking a nap. She just loves dora so much that when I bought her sheet sets which has Dora all over she gave me a big wet kiss and said thank you mommy =)

Here she is at one of the playpark, as i said she barely fits her own slide, so from time to time we bring her to the park to play and have a chance to mingle with other kids.

She also loves playign baby dolls, sometimes she even asks them if they peed or pooed ( just like mommy would ask her) she would even say "let me see" and say "eww" you poopoo then cover her nose and say "stinky" LOL.

Her Dora bed ( which we already sold, since she is getting bigger by the minute =) ).

Another pic with her baby. The doll is holding her own feeding bottle, what's funny is whenever bea is playing with this doll she would ask her baby if she want dede... but instead of giving it to her baby she would put the dedeto her mouth and say.... ummmmm delicioso hehehheheh

Of course who could forget barney.... she also loved him as much as she loves dora.
She used to love going to the beach... but now she always say she wants to go but she wails her heart out when she takes a dip.

How about you.. what's your kids favorite. Join us every friday, it's fun.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

GIRL'S TALK- girls vs. boys

For this weeks theme on Girl's Talk it is Girls over Boys.

I have already prepared my entry for this weeks Girl's Talk since last night, but my prince charming decided to borrow ("_") my laptop and accidentaly deleted my entry. ( grrrrrrrrrrr) so here I am trying to think over what i had written yestereday =).

Well for one, we girl's always have a back-up plan, we always have prepared back up plans just incase the other one fails =). We always torture ourselves with the question WHAT IF?, so we always try to be prepared for all the posibilities that may come. ( good or bad)

As kikamz has commented on my last weeks entry we girl's have mastered the art of ENDURANCE, try giving birth to a baby and still manage to wake up each day on the wee hours of the morning to console and take care of a newborn infant.... and after that prepare for a busy day at the office.... only to come home and do the same routine over again.

As almost everyone who is joining girl's talk this week has said- we girls also mastered the art of MULTI-TASKING we are able to cook, do laundry, clean the house, talk on the phone and even have the time to play house or even dance to the we did it finally of Dora the explorer all at the same time.... boy's try doing that huh? LOL

We girls have the ability to organize everything and anything that our hands can hold. I saw once a post of the art of folding plastic bags ( i think it was from niko =) ). The minute we find out we are going for a trip or just plain going out, we stay up late and prepare all the things that we need... we even prepare a couple of days or even weeks early.

We can go a day without talking to our husbands/boyfriends especially when we are mad ( SILENT TREATMENT) ... which my husband hate so much that whenever I give him that he would alwasy beg me to just slap/hit him, he says its better than being ignored all day long =).

Of course the most important of all is the ability to grow another human being in your tummy. And also to be able to be the sole source of nourishment your baby will ever need on the first few days/months of his life.

Lastly, we girls can PRETEND to be okay/happy even we are not. My husband keeps on complaining how I can let him believe that I am okay or I am not mad at him when in fact I am. Whenever girl's are hurting/angry ask her if she is and she would reply with a silent NO or even say I am Okay.

Join us every week on Girl's Talk where we can talk all girly.

Have a nice day everyone.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Dora fanatic

Here is a picture of my bea, taken this morning she was so happy with her new dress since it is dora and it has a hoodie ( she is in to hat's lately-c/o barney's silly hat's). her outfit is dora all over, the dress, shoes, hair tie and even the panty is dora... and oh, the bag is also dora. As long as I can remember she has always loved dora. When I was pregnant, all of the items I purchased for her has winnie the pooh all over ( carseats, clothes, bottles and stuff) but she is really not into pooh- she prefers elmo over him. My cousin introuduced dora to her since she was 2 months old when I leave them at our house to work, every mornign they would have a schedule to watch dora.

My husband and I memorized each and every character of Dora the explorer and even Diego LOL. If there would be a gameshow that will ask everything about dora and all the episodes she had, i think we will have a fair chance of winning =)

Help!! Playmates wanted =)

Since moving into a better apartment ( our old one has constant water and termite problem). It has been hard for us to look for a playmate for our bea. Almost all of our neighbors are Koreans thereby limiting our prospective playmates pool because of language barrier. The Filipino neighbors that we have are so private that I seldom see them and acutally I dont know any one of them except for my husbands co worker who lives in another building. We occassionaly have some visitors and my bea would have playmates every now and then but on the times that she doesnt have anybody to play with and mommy is busy doing chores, she doesnt have any choice but to play with daddy.
It is so funny to see a 5'10 grown up man hold a baby doll and even pretend to rock the baby to sleep with matching dance =). He must really love my bea to be doing that=) ( my husband is so manly that he gets mad at me for asking him to put our washed undies to air dry outside our house- he feels ashamed that somebody might see him :( ).

Pretending to put baby to sleep- with macthing props a nap mat and blanket =)
Here is my daddy LOL, his baby is already asleep =) see even his baby has a blanket LOL.
Since giving bea, another sibling is very hard hahahhaahah. I am appealing to anybody out there who can loan their child so my bea can atleast have a decent playmate LOL.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

$3 for Daniel Plea....

The above picture is baby daniel ( pictures c/o niko's blog He is only 5 months old and He is scheduled to have a life saving liver transplant on November 24, 2009 in Taiwan. His family needs to come up with $60,000 (3 Million PHP) for the said transplant.
We are therefore, still knocking on your kind hearts to please help baby daniel and his family any amount you can spare will go a long way on saving Daniel's life.
Here is the letter of Daniel's mom which i copied from niko's blog;
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
My name is Ma. Clarisa Arevalo Samson. I am a mother of two, named Gwyneth Ann and George Daniel. For the meantime, we are living in my parent’s house located at Blk 8 Lot 43,Barangay San Rafael 1, San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan,Philippines.
I wrote to you this letter to ask for financial help for our baby George Daniel. My son Daniel was born with a life threatening disease called “Biliary Atresia”. It is a congenital condition characterize by the absence or closure of the bile ducts that drain bile from the liver. Biliary Atresia is a progressive inflammatory process that begins very soon after birth. In Daniel’s case, he was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia when he was already 2 months old. During that time, there was already a significant amount of damage to his liver. White blood cells invaded the ducts, which became damaged or closed completely. Bile was trapped inside the liver and rapidly caused liver cirrhosis.
An operation called “Kasai Method” was done on Daniel by Surgeons Dra. Minas, Dr. Baluga and Dr. Miguel at the UST Hospital last June 10, 2009. It is an operation that removes the damaged biliary ducts outside the liver. Then, the small intestine is directly attached to the liver at the spot where bile is found or expected to drain. This procedure is not a cure but rather a temporary solution to be able to give Daniel some more time to find the necessary funding for his operation and the matching liver type. Unfortunately, although the operation was done, his liver continued to fail. Our doctors told us that there is no other course but to have a liver transplant.
Unfortunately, liver transplant is not yet available locally but it can be done in Taiwan for P3 million pesos. This amount is simply beyond the means of our family. If my son will not be able to have a liver transplant soon, he will die. All we want is to see our son live that’s why we are appealing to your charity and compassion.
Donations can be deposited to:Bank of the Philippine Islands branch under the account name Ma. Clarisa A. Samson, S.A. No. 3536 0445 53. Every peso counts. I beg you, please help us.Thank you for your time in reading my letter and we are hoping for your kind help.God Bless
Ma. Clarisa Samson
Tel. Nos.: (+632) 393-0043,
cellphone: +63929-4984092,
Matthew 5 : 7-8 ‘Blessed are the merciful,for they will be shown mercy, Blessed are the Pure of heart, for they shall see God’

Again, please help us save Daniel's life and thank you in advance.

What's up with the naked Dolls?

I recently have noticed that my bea prefers her toys to be naked, whenever she sees a toy with its clothes on she would immediately take it off. I usually put it back on whenever I am picking up her toys and fixing her playroom. But last saturday when i asked her to stay in her play room so mommy can finish doing the laundry. She keeps on coming back and forth to me bringing each and every toy she has with clothes and saying " Mommy, take out, take out" while pulling off the clothes of the doll.
I told her to just leave it there and I even told her the dolls look better with their dress on and she answered "No, I don't Like", she recently learned how to say that phrase used to be whenever I asked her something and she doesnt want it she would just say "NO" and then shake her head, but now whenever she doesnt want anything may it be food, her vitamins or a toy she doesnt want she would always sa "NO, I DON'T LIKE.
Here are some of the toys she undressed while playing. Good thing for Dora she has underpants =)

The baby's has different outfits which came in the box but she does'nt want them wearing it, so I just leave them naked also.

Now, they are just naked I fear one day she would have the obsession of taking their heads off =).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Look who's Posing Now!! =)

I have been teaching ba how to pose for the camera, to have at least one decent picture that I can print and send to my parents back home to the Philippines. Well, most of the times I am unsuccessful but I have a few shots I consider decent =) After church, excuse the messy hair she took off her hair tie =)

Before going to my friends house to look into her garage sale =)

Another one, with her trademark smile

And another with gigil smile =) it's just like saying.... mommy please stop it ...

Saturday, after shower and snack =)

Just finished her shower, letting mommy have her way =)

Silly girl =)

Friday night, after I came home from the movie with my friend so happy to see mommy again so she let me have my way....

Pixel Bug Weekend- My Weekend =)


This is the first week of Pixel Bug Weekend and I am so happy to be invited to join =).
My weekend is usually routinary especially on Saturdays, when I get to stay at home with my bea 'coz my hubby works during saturdays. It is also the time for me to do all my chores for the week like laundry, clean the house and etc. and to top it all I also need to tend to a very naughty little girl =).
On Sunday, my neigbor ( who is a co-worker of my hubby) asked me to go with her to a garage sale of my friend, she is moving to another state with her family that is why she needs to downsize their things. It was a gloomy sunday and it was really raining cats and dogs by the time we reached our destination. It was a good visit since aside from the free stuff we got from my friend/kumare josie we also had free breakfast =).
By the time we got home, it was so foggy that I cannot get a good picture of the coconut tree and the sky ....

Before we left our house on sunday mornign, pictured is my bea with my nieghbor's son Quinn.

Doing Laundry on Saturday.... =)

The mess I have to clean up =(

Friday, September 18, 2009

Update on the $3 for Daniel plea...

Niko has posted the following to her blog, apparently the donate button to her paypal account is deducting a portion of the donated amount therefore limiting the amount to be given to the parents of baby Daniel. To those who have a golden heart we are still pleading for your generous donation for Baby Daniel.

Here is the exerpt from Niko's blog (

" I didn't knew it until i checked on every donor's details this morning that every donation from paypal using the donate button has deductions. So for the total $279 donations, the net donations at my paypal amounts to $262.79 only. But $262.79 is a great sum already considering it is only DAY 2 of $3 for Daniel Project. And to all the donors, i will be visiting your site and will send you email as soon as my schedule permits me. Thank you very much to all of you!I hope paypal understands that we need every little cents so i am posting my paypal address ( here and request every donors to please click the Send Money, then click Personal Payment and choose OTHERS..."

Please find it in your heart to help baby Daniel.

Happy weekend every one =)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mommy Moments-treasured Picture

mommy moments
For this weeks theme for Mommy Moment's it is TREASURED PICTURES. As I looked on my picture archives I can't seem to choose which ones are may favorite and which ones I really treasure coz each one of them I dearly treasure. So for this week's theme i just choose some of my treasured pictures.
The above picture was taken when i was about 5 yrs. old., pictured with my mom is my one and only sibling jo-anne and as usual I am with my dad =). This picture alwasy reminds me where I come from and what I was then.. It makes me more appreciative of the things I have and the things I am able to do now.
The above picture was taken when we got the confirmation from my OB that I was indeed pregnant and to my surprise I was already 8 weeks along and have not known it =) ( We were a bit hesitant to depend on the Home test so we needed the OB's confirmation ).

Any picture I had with my bea is bound to be treasured. After long years of waiting We were able to experience how it is to have our own family. I must say it is an experience that had change ourlives forever.

Above, was taken during bea's christening I think she is almost 1-month old at that time. See how happy we were to have our own family =)

My first, ever picture of bea....
My baby now.....

On her first birhtday.. I planned the whole a first time mom I wanted everythign to be perfect for my bea and it was everythign I could imagine and even more.

Just seeing her smile...always makes me happy.. she was 3 months old at this time
Bonding with Dad. My husbands always busy with his work and it is rare that he gets to have time to bond with my baby ( That's the reason why my bea is a certified Mommy's Girl), so whenever they have bonding time i just step back and let the two of them have their quality time together.

My source of pure bliss =)
Bea's first ever trip to the Philippines she was 6 months old at that time taken at Mcdonalds Baguio.

Her first time with a new nanny, she cried the wholeday that is why she was so tired when I picked her up from work.
Happiness , Dont you think there pretty ? =)

My bea t 5 month old

Poor baby =)

My miracle =)
Her first pet ( a chocolate labrador) she named her LILO ( from disney's Lilo And Stitch).

LOL. Pouting she was 5 monts old here.
Well, this is part of my Treasured Pictures collection... It may not be taken anywhere special but I still treasure these since they show a part of my past and it makes me look back and appreciate how much my life has changed.
How about you what's your treasured pictures? Come and join us every friday at Mommy Moments. Join now.