Monday, December 21, 2009


This year I planned to make a christmas card with bea's picture on it... I read in the local newspaper that Santa Clause will be available for picture taking last Saturday. I thought it would be a great idea if bea can have a picture with Santa Claus to use for our christmas card.
Whenever she would see Santa claus decoration, bea would always say "Look it's Santa Claus ( pronounced somewhat like Santa Klus LOL), even when she sees a movie or TV show that would show Santa Claus, she would say "I wanna see Santa Claus". So everything was planned out, I dressed my bea for a pictorial with Santa Claus.
While we are still at the car she was still excited and then when we went inside DFS and look for Santa's Sleigh. There was a small line when we arrived so we fixed her hair, her clothes LOL. When it was her turn for a picture, She notice that Santa Claus what indeed alive and moving... she got hysterical and started shouting and crying in fear she was even shaking. We felt so sorry for her we decided not to go thru with the pictorial ( hehehe). We just decided to go window shopping to look for a sale when we were going around the store bea heard santa's bell and saw him walking around the store handing out chocolates... my bea run shouting to her daddy crying... No more Santa claus... No more... I scared... I scared... even the sales ladies at the store felt so sorry for bea because she was really trembling in fear. So we just cut short our trip and just decided to go home.
I hope that as time past my bea will outgrow her fear and be ready for a pictorial with Santa claus next year =)..

Pixel Bug weekend... sunday swimming


It has been a long time since I joined PB due to a very busy schedule and my crazy boss LOL. Anyway I promise to try and keep up with the postings every week.

Anyway, last sunday we gave in to my daughter's request to go swimming and take a picture of the pool. Whenever we pass by the resort my daughter would always say, "I wanna go there, go swimming and take picture of bea and swimming". So we allotted the wholeday of sunday just for bea, At first she got scared of the rides but we assured her that there's nothing to be afraid of because daddy is with her.
With daddy playing by the end of the pool.....

So happy baby.....

Now, time to swim..

With mommy....

Got all tanned up =)

How about you how was your weekend. Share with us every monday at pixel bug... more entries just click on the badge.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Tatay....

Whew, I really havent posted anythign lately so I am catching up, Ill catch up with my meme's next week.

Anyway Here is a post I am dedicating to my father....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPS!!! (this picture was taken when we went home last November).
Growing up I was not close with my father, to us he is the law in our house, he always has the last say with everything and whatever he says we should follow. But I know deep in my heart he just wants what is best for us, he has this rule in our house that we should not have any boyfriends until we finished college so due to fear from him my sister and I obliged. Looking back I am glad that I did follow him, I was able to graduate from college have a job and when I was ready to have a relationship I was more mature.
As time passes my relationship with my father change form him being my worst fear to being my good friend/pal... Of course I still respect him but the relationship we have now is much more like a friend.. That is one thing I like about him He recognizes the fact that I am a grown up now and I am capable of knowing what is right and wrong.
Who knew that a time will come that one day my father will ask me if I wanted to drink beer or just laugh at us when we get drunk from our girl's night out and would even give us the secret to avoiding having a hangover... he said to avoid hang over you have to stay drunk LOL...
To you pops... I know I have given you my fair share of disappointments and headaches but thru it all you still have faith in me that one day I will make something of myself. I thank you for loving my bea with every bone in your body even though you only get the chance to spend time with her for a short while. I know you are very proud of bea for knowing your name, knowing what's a balbas and a moustache... you have constantly praised bea for a having a good memory and for having a great self confidence. And for all the countless praises you bestow on my bea, for your concern whenever i text you if she is sick for your happiness whenever I tell you bea's newest accomplishment and for just always letting me know that though we may be far you still pray for our safety and good health.
For everything tatay... I thank you... I know because of you I am like this... I thank you for everything...
Like I told you Pops we cooked pancit and chicken for you.... so here is my bea having a bite just for you... Happy Birthday again..

pancit and chicken just for you....

Miss you pops and love you...

Who taught you that?

When bea and I went to the Philippines my sister Jo-anne and my Cousin Mary anne taught her this song.

Now she constantly sings it but instead of ALL THE SINGLE LADIES she would pronounce it like ALL THE SIDLES LIDIS hahahhahha anyway she dance while she sings too hahhaha.

She also likes to sing the station ID jingle of ABS-CBN ( bro, ikaw ang star ng pasko) whenever she would hear that song she would put on hold whatever she is doing and would sing and sway with the music ( i will have a video soon i hope )

Thanks sister =)

YEY!!! I got a package today from my good friend JOSIE.... and boy was i excited to open my gift.. It was an early christmas gift from my dear friend, We are currently renovating actually redecorating our house to make it more of a home rather than just a place we stay =).
I have been constantly babbling my mouth to my dear friend josie on my plan to take out the old blinds which is covering the patio doors. I have made my research and Ive seen curtain panels at walmart that I love but with the christmas rush I know it would be a long time before my order arrive. Good thing my sister josie answered my prayers and thru our countless chats about the curtains she asked me to send her a picture of the styles I want and she could check with the malls at her side and buy for me. WEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH =).
After a couple of days wait.... I got my wish =) ....I so love it... she sent two sets of curtains one in brown and the other one in apple green PLUS she even sent wine glasses for my husband's project -a bar and a christmas dress for my bea... How great it this gal, right?
Anywho here is what she sent me =)

One of the curtains she sent, ill take a pic of the other one as soon as I put it up hehehheh... Excuse the mess I have a very active toddler =)

Wine glasses.... we gave it a try just to make sure it serves its purpose hahahaha
WEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH... I so love it and it goes with the holidays it looks festive hehehehhehe

This is her happy smile right now.... and this is her way of saying THANKS TITA JOSIE..
To my ever loving bestfriend and sister...
Thanks a million mare, you really made my day I appreciate the effort you have given in searching thru each and every store just to be able to find what I want. The gifts will be well treasured together with our friendship. Thanks again and I miss you so much.... love you..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Here's something to brighten your day... it made my day.. =)

I am so busy at the office right now but whenever i feel stressed our i just look at my laptop screen and i would have a smile on my face. I took this pic last monday I told my daughter that I would take a picture of her and send it to my parents and she said mommy pose like this.. awwww how kikay di ba....
Have a nice day everyone...

Couple's Corner- Kiss and Make up

Rodliz’s Nest

For this weeks theme on couple's corner it is kiss and make up.

Whenever my husband and I would have misunderstandings I would just shut up and try not to talk to him. I just want to have silence in the moments that I feel hurt, angry or disrespected. Used to be he would constantly bug me and asked what is the problem and why I am angry/mad but thru the years he learned that it is better for us to have a period of silence, since it is no use if we talk with each other while we are still on the height of anger and pain.

So like I said on my previous post there would be nights that we would be sleeping on the ends of our bed just to avoid sleeping together LOL, but in the mornign when my husband wake up he would hug me and kiss me and say he is sorry and asked if we could be friends again. So what the heck we will be friends and a little more than that.... hahahahha

And on the rare occassions that I will be still mad and would still ignore him and go to the office without talking and saying goodbye, I would wish that someone would just deliver flowers to my office with a note saying he is sorry.... BUT that is just wishful thinking he is not that kind of a guy, but he would eventually call and asked me if I am still mad and if I am he would say he is sorry again and asked if we could be friends again heheheehhe....

It is always nice for my husband to realize one rule in our relationship- it is " I am always right and it is always his fault". LOL, kidding aside on the occassion that I made the mistake and I caused him to get angry of course at first I would be stubborn enough to get mad and even acknowledge that it is my fault but then when I see his face looking all angry and hurt I get to realize that maybe ( maybe pa no) I did something bad, So i swallow my pride and say my apologies. Then I would kiss him and give him a big reward *wink*.

How about you how do you kiss and make up with your hubby. Share with us every wednesday on Couple's Corner. More entries just click on the badge.