Friday, August 21, 2009


My daughter started attending day care/school last august 3rd. In the first week she had bee wailing her heart out everytime i leave her there ( such a heart breaker seeing my baby cry)... After 3 weeks i can say we are gettign better.... I only have to promise her that we would go to Mcdonalds after school ( costly but effective way for her to behave in school ).

Pre-daycare whenever we asked bea if she wants something she would always say yes or yes please ( such a sweetie) but i noticed since this week she has acquired the bad habit of answering yah/yeah to my every question. I keep on telling her not to say yah/yeah but yes but being the bull headed girl that she is she would still say yah/yeah just to irritate me.

Yesterday i picked her up at the daycare/school and the caregiver told me that she peed on her pants so I asked her "bea did you peepee in your pants" and of course she answered "yah", again I told her not to say yah/yeah but yes surprisingly the caregiver was laughing so hard and she said i think she acquired that from me =(.

Now I am trying to make her yes instead of yah/yeah..... but i think my baby knows how much it irritates me hearing her say yah/yeah so she keeps on saying that word.... Silly girl.....

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