Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thanks sister =)

YEY!!! I got a package today from my good friend JOSIE.... and boy was i excited to open my gift.. It was an early christmas gift from my dear friend, We are currently renovating actually redecorating our house to make it more of a home rather than just a place we stay =).
I have been constantly babbling my mouth to my dear friend josie on my plan to take out the old blinds which is covering the patio doors. I have made my research and Ive seen curtain panels at walmart that I love but with the christmas rush I know it would be a long time before my order arrive. Good thing my sister josie answered my prayers and thru our countless chats about the curtains she asked me to send her a picture of the styles I want and she could check with the malls at her side and buy for me. WEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH =).
After a couple of days wait.... I got my wish =) ....I so love it... she sent two sets of curtains one in brown and the other one in apple green PLUS she even sent wine glasses for my husband's project -a bar and a christmas dress for my bea... How great it this gal, right?
Anywho here is what she sent me =)

One of the curtains she sent, ill take a pic of the other one as soon as I put it up hehehheh... Excuse the mess I have a very active toddler =)

Wine glasses.... we gave it a try just to make sure it serves its purpose hahahaha
WEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH... I so love it and it goes with the holidays it looks festive hehehehhehe

This is her happy smile right now.... and this is her way of saying THANKS TITA JOSIE..
To my ever loving bestfriend and sister...
Thanks a million mare, you really made my day I appreciate the effort you have given in searching thru each and every store just to be able to find what I want. The gifts will be well treasured together with our friendship. Thanks again and I miss you so much.... love you..

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