Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Couple's Corner- Kiss and Make up

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For this weeks theme on couple's corner it is kiss and make up.

Whenever my husband and I would have misunderstandings I would just shut up and try not to talk to him. I just want to have silence in the moments that I feel hurt, angry or disrespected. Used to be he would constantly bug me and asked what is the problem and why I am angry/mad but thru the years he learned that it is better for us to have a period of silence, since it is no use if we talk with each other while we are still on the height of anger and pain.

So like I said on my previous post there would be nights that we would be sleeping on the ends of our bed just to avoid sleeping together LOL, but in the mornign when my husband wake up he would hug me and kiss me and say he is sorry and asked if we could be friends again. So what the heck we will be friends and a little more than that.... hahahahha

And on the rare occassions that I will be still mad and would still ignore him and go to the office without talking and saying goodbye, I would wish that someone would just deliver flowers to my office with a note saying he is sorry.... BUT that is just wishful thinking he is not that kind of a guy, but he would eventually call and asked me if I am still mad and if I am he would say he is sorry again and asked if we could be friends again heheheehhe....

It is always nice for my husband to realize one rule in our relationship- it is " I am always right and it is always his fault". LOL, kidding aside on the occassion that I made the mistake and I caused him to get angry of course at first I would be stubborn enough to get mad and even acknowledge that it is my fault but then when I see his face looking all angry and hurt I get to realize that maybe ( maybe pa no) I did something bad, So i swallow my pride and say my apologies. Then I would kiss him and give him a big reward *wink*.

How about you how do you kiss and make up with your hubby. Share with us every wednesday on Couple's Corner. More entries just click on the badge.


  1. Hehehehe! pareho pala tayo ng reklamo, mga hubbies natin di tayo pinadadalhan ng flowers kapag mag apologize, wahahaha!

    "You are always right and it's always his fault" ay, maganda yan, ay layk dat...di ba parang kadalasan naman eh ganyan, lagi silang magsosorry, tapos tayo naman kunyari galit pa, eh gusto lang naman na masuyo. Pero may time na kapag nakita nating galit na hubbies natin, takot na tayo, tayo na ang hihimas sa kanila, ang mga hubbies naman na mababait, konting masahe lang, bibigay na eh, sabay you hon, at halik everywhere, ehehehe.. oh di ba? wag kokontra...

  2. oopss.. ibang tip nman to.. parang i like it you wink hehe.. at saka a little more.. very effective ba?? :D eto pa isang like ko jan yung line na " I am always right and it is always his fault" haha.. mga wife talaga spoiled brat. hehe sabagay sa mga hubby lang nman tayo naiisspoiled sa ibang bagay sila nman ang spoiled? wink.. lol

    heres my version >>