Monday, December 21, 2009


This year I planned to make a christmas card with bea's picture on it... I read in the local newspaper that Santa Clause will be available for picture taking last Saturday. I thought it would be a great idea if bea can have a picture with Santa Claus to use for our christmas card.
Whenever she would see Santa claus decoration, bea would always say "Look it's Santa Claus ( pronounced somewhat like Santa Klus LOL), even when she sees a movie or TV show that would show Santa Claus, she would say "I wanna see Santa Claus". So everything was planned out, I dressed my bea for a pictorial with Santa Claus.
While we are still at the car she was still excited and then when we went inside DFS and look for Santa's Sleigh. There was a small line when we arrived so we fixed her hair, her clothes LOL. When it was her turn for a picture, She notice that Santa Claus what indeed alive and moving... she got hysterical and started shouting and crying in fear she was even shaking. We felt so sorry for her we decided not to go thru with the pictorial ( hehehe). We just decided to go window shopping to look for a sale when we were going around the store bea heard santa's bell and saw him walking around the store handing out chocolates... my bea run shouting to her daddy crying... No more Santa claus... No more... I scared... I scared... even the sales ladies at the store felt so sorry for bea because she was really trembling in fear. So we just cut short our trip and just decided to go home.
I hope that as time past my bea will outgrow her fear and be ready for a pictorial with Santa claus next year =)..


  1. My daughter didn't outgrow her fear of Santa until she was maybe 5 or 6. The only picture I have with her sitting on his lap was when she was 18 months old.

  2. aw. sadly.. yena has fears of santa kahit ung mga nkadisplay sa mall.. i understand bea.. sooner she will outgrew it din.. bka mag rubbing elbows pa sila ni santa soon :)

    Wishing you a very prosperous and happy 2010 Jenny!

    Take care always,

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