Monday, November 16, 2009

Im Back =)

Yey! finally I am home... it is good to be home at last.
We arrived here in Saipan yesterday at 2 am, Thankfully my bea slept all thru our flight, we had to take 3 plane rides from manila on the way to saipan and with all those 3 bea slept all thru the flight which is good for me heheheh.
Anyway she is better now at least she was seen by a great doctor who specializes on kidneys and stuff ( i think they call those doctors nephralogist... i forgot hehehhe blame it on jet lag).
Bea enjoyed Philippines so much.... she was the queen there that anything she touches becomes her own.... She was very bossy and a lot of times I give her time out but whenever I do she would wail her heart out and out comes her rescuers.... they would ask me not to scold her and just let her be. Even when she gets to the point of hitting my 7 yr. old niece because she wants to get her toys of things my relatives even my sister would tell my niece just to get out of bea's way so as not to make her angry. She was definitely spoiled in the Philippines and I think she knows that.
We had a great time in the philippines expecially bea... she got to see the Manila zoo and Mall of Asia... and everyday we get to go to the mall...
Ill have more post and pics as soon as i shake off my jet lag LOL...
Im just so glad to be back...

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