Tuesday, November 24, 2009

PBW- father daughter bonding


It is been a long time since I joined Pixel Bug but I am now back LOL.

Although I am a day late in posting-blame it on the unending paperworks that needs to be done everyday eversince I came back from my so-called vacation.

Anyway, as my previous post indicated, last Friday a selfless man brought so much fear and sadness all through the island.

My husband and I decided that we just spend the weekend at our home where we can be safe.

I captured a rare moment between my hubby and daughter while they are playing around...It is the first time that bea willingly posed with her dad for a picture. Usually my daughter will play with her dad for a while then just suddenly she will get irritated with her dad and ask him to stop bothering her LOL... she will even ask her dad to sit in a spot a way from her..

It is still good to see they had lots of fun tickling each other-for my hubby's part bea keeps on jumping on his tummy and keeps on hitting him and bitting him... poor hubby but i think he still enjoyed it.

How about you how was your weekend? Join us every monday on pixel bug and share us how your weekend went.

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