Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Couple's Corner- First Misunderstanding

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For this week topic on Couple's Corner it is about our Firs Misunderstanding....

Before my husband and I got married we are already living with each other for more than a year already. Since both of our families are in the Philippines with the exception of my Mother who is also working here at that time, we got the liberty of doing our own thing and just living the way we wanted to live. My husband is already used to my mother while I only get to talk to my soon to be MIL just once in a while over the phone, I must say I had a great impression on MIL =).

Then we had to come home to fulfill out promise to my father of getting married in Church, It is also my first tiem to be meeting my husband's entire family for a long time and We are already on the final stages of preparing for the wedding. Talk about having the shock of my life. Dont get me wrong.. I stil believe that they are great person and they like me for their son ( At least I hope so).

Imagine being treated as if you are the enemy to their whole clan.... To them I am the evil-witch who took away their beloved son from them. I told my hubby how I felt but he just ignored me and said I am being paranoid... he goes on saying thay they love me... Hah... really? then why then that his mom is competing with me on taking care of him? During our stay in their place his mom and I were like competing for my hubby's attention. Imagine my MIL giving my husband a cup of cofee which SHE MADE when she already knew that I made one earlier.. His mom preparing his clothes to wear after hes done with his bath. ( The nerve going thru our suitcase.... It is also where I keep my things and I have a thing of keeping my things personal). It is just a constant battle that is stressing me out. I have told my husband how i feel about it but he just ignored me again and ask me to just let his mom be. So finally I just decided to shut up and dont talk to anybody and when I don't talk my husband will get mad and he would constantly asked me what did he do to make me get mad.

I feel so alone while I am at their place, All the things we buy for them or give each one of his relatives, my MIL will specifically insist that it is from HER SON. She cannot even recognized the fact that I too am workign and I also earn a decent amount of money. But to her It is all from his SON'S POCKET every night I am there I am crying myself to sleep and my hubby just ignored my feelign and he said he doesnt want to hurt his mom's feelings just because I feel uneasy ( THE NERVE OF THIS MAN.... anyway i realized he has a point.. it has been 5 years since he saw his mom and he just wants to have a great time with her even just for a short time).

So really our first misunderstanding is just an issue of being accepted and respected. If only a person would base her decision of marrying a person just on family/relatives I would have backed out on our wedding already but then in a marriage it is only Him and I and nobody else matters. Plus we would be going back here in Saipan and live far from them LOL.

Up until now I am still waiting for the day that my in-laws would realize the fact that I am contributing to the welfare of their Son and I am the best decision that he has ever taken in his entire life... HAHAHHA.

In the more than 7 years that we had been togethe we had gone thru a lot of misunderstandings.. sometimes we just go on for day's without talking ( well at least I can go on that long-mu hubby cannot stand a day without talking to me). We would have times that we sleep at the far end of the bed just to avoid sleeping together (LOL) but as soon as we wake up my hubby would say he is sorry and he would say Can we be friends again? Hahaha so We will be and more than that ...

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  1. that's always be the problem if you stayed with your in laws...kaya ako I don't really recommend it...mahirap na..

    Nice to know your story though...

  2. Ganon??? Akala ko sa mga movies lang yang situation ng MIL mo, mahirap talaga kapag di boto sau ang biyenan no? Buti na lang wala akong problema sa ganyan, kasi dito naman kanya kanya eh. But I do love my parent's in law..silang 2 sets, ehehehe.

    Sa buhay ng mag asawa, di nawawala ang mis understanding, pero yung ang nakakapagpatibay at tatag ng inyong pagsasama di ba? Dun mo malalaman na loves ka pala ni hubby. Oh, kahit matulog kayong magkagalit, sa umaga, magkayapos na, hehehe. Boring naman kung walang misunderstanding di ba? Dun gna sa kiss and make up tayo bumabawi, ahahahah!


  3. aww.. ang hirap nman ng case mo. parang yan ang pinakamahirap na sitwasyon ng mag-asawa. Buti na lang Wondergirl ka at kinaya mo lahat -- all for love.. But then again sabi mo nga its just you and him kaya keri na yan.tama si ate liza parang movie nga ito. naiimagine ko pa ang mga bidang kontrabida hehe..

    heres mine >>>

  4. Parang sine naman ang story nyo; i agree with Joy ( \pinaymama) i will not recommend living with in-laws, kasi no matter how nice they are or you are to each other...dadating at dadating pa rin yung time na magkakaroon ng misunderstanding.
    Thanks for sharing your stoty, ha!

  5. Enjoyed your post sis. Napakahirap naman ang ganyan na MIL nuh, parang kerida na nakipag compete sa puso ng asawa.. ahahaha.. Anyway ganyun lang cguro un sis , kasi she was away from her son for many years.. Bawi bawi lang cguro bah..

    Pero naman, sweet naman kayo after the misunderstanding eh..

  6. Hahahaha I laughed at your "The nerve to get into our suitcase" lol. If I were you I would just let her kasi aalis din naman kayo eh hehehe..

    Here's mine

  7. Kahit na hinde ka gusto ng mga In-Laws mo,nasa iyo pa rin ang huling halakhak kasi pinakasalan ka ni hubby mo kahit na against sila sa yo!!They will realize that someday--just continue to be a good wife to your hubby!!^_^

  8. yan ang hirap dito sa pinas kasi ang mga inlaws talaga minsan maging mitsa sa buhay ng mag asawa kesyo ganito at ganyan, buti na lang haba ng pasensya mo girl noh, mine is up pala please take a look thanks