Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy new year to everyone!

I have been kinda busy lately but keeping up with my meme's and blog is one of my resolution for this year.

For 2010, I wish and pray that our little family will have a new member ( crossing my finger for a boy ), Whew I guess we better start working on that *wink*.

My bea on the other hand never ceases to amaze us, she now knows a few tagalog words like opo, kalat, tapon, upo and she also understands questions in tagalog when she is being asked like ano ang gusto mo? upo ka dito and much more but she would always answer in english.

She also knows how to say what she wants much clearer now... in a straight sentence like... mommy, I hungry I want to eat... LOL. or I want to go to the park.. huh mommy... okay okay? ask dadi ok? Now my days are filled with every little bit of question and stories from my toddler. I can also now ask her to do simple chores like throw trash in the garbage bin... put her dirty clothes in the basket... pick up her toys before going to bed. Hay, how time really flies she would be turning 3 on May 11 and I cant help but miss my fragile and helpless baby ( a more quiet and behave one LOL).

Ill be turning a year old this month and I feel old nyahahhaah... But still I am thankful for everything.

Ill see you around guys and again Happy New Year.

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  1. First of all Happy New Year to you and your family. Then, have a happy Birthday. Alam mo, ang mga bata nakaka amaze talaga, I have 4 kids, and they are all different in every way. May mabait, maingay, harot at super daldal, hahaha. Alex is 2 and a half and she talks a lot, di gaya ng iba kong kids. Enjoy Bea while she's the center of your attraction, when the next baby comes, you will feel guilty coz you won't have much time with her..Ingats...