Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bea's 3rd bday celebration

My bea turned 3 on May 11. 2010, since it was a tuesday and both me and hubby has work on weekdays we decided to have my daughters party on May 15, 2010 ( saturday) at least only hubby needs to work halfday and the next day we dont have to work.

On Bea's actual birthday, I decided to take a leave from my office and give in to her birthday wish of going to the zoo. I went to the bakeshop early to buy a chocolate cake for her and surprise he as soon as she wakes up. We went to the zoo that day she loved it-I will blog about it soon :).

On that night, her baby sitter who is also her ninang prepared a surprise dinner for her, I just bought pasta and pizza from pizza hut, my baby is so happy.

On her party...

Our theme was tinkerbell so most of the balloons were purple and green, we made decorations out of a cheap table cloth i bought and just cut out tinkerbell's pic and pasted it on carboard and put a string and hang them on the ceiling of the restaurant.

Bea had two outfit- a dress with purple and green flowers and a purple tinkerbell shirt and blue jeans her second outfit matches my outhfit. Since dad wouldnt wear tinkerbell shirt I just bought him a green shirt (at least it still matches the theme ehheheheh).

We bought the biggest chocolate cake we could buy ( its bea's fave)- as soon as Bea saw it she wanted to taste it alreaady even before her party starts!

It was a succesful party not only because my daughter received a lot of gifts :P but a lot of our friends came to join us celebrate with us and most of all my daughter enjoyed her party.

Here are some pics from her party...

Some of our guests
Her birthday cake.. see those little hands holding the box that's my daughter's she wanted to taste the cake hehehehe

buffet table and banner

Dessert table



My birthday girl ( outfit #1)

My family :)

Mommy and bea in our matching outfits hehehehhe

Some of the gifts thank you thank you so much :)
To all our family and friends thank you so much for being part of our daughters happiness :)


  1. wow! such a grand birthday party..

  2. Happy Birthday to Bea!!Wishing her the best!^_^