Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Newest additions to our family....

I always forgot to blog about the newest addition to our familu. My bea has always been an animal lover she isnt even scared of lizards and other creepy crawlers ( not like me ill pass out if somethign crawls up on me hehehehhe).

Last christmas my daughter has been asking for a puppy, so my husband (aka "the spoiler") looked for a puppy for bea. He found a lady who is going off island and cant take her 2 year old maltese with her and asked us to adopt her dog instead. So we did.

Presenting to everyone---- RUSSIAN BOY PATAWARAN ( LOL, ask bea what's his dog's name and that's what shell answer)

Russian for short... this little dog is about a size of an average pup, he is so gentle and quiet he usually sleeps allday and just lie down in one corner the wholeday.... he is not very playful and he likes me more than bea, bea could be a little rough at times and russian is very fragile he gets scared of bea's balloons, stroller and everything. I think that's the reason why bea wants another puppy since russian is such a bore hehehhehe.

And now presenting the newest baby, JAKE PATAWARAN ( heheheh they really have last names since bea always say that's their name)

This is a 6-week old black labrador pup which my hubby (the spoiler) got from their office.... the day he brought jake baby home my bea was ecstatic with excitement... she played with as if it was a baby. The first day at home he is still a little bit small and quiet but now he is a very active pup who eats a lot, play a lot and most of all burns out my bea's pent up energy. Bea would run around the house and this little guy would come chasing after her. She is very happy and its not that all bad since by bed time bea would be so tired that she would doze off to sleep immediately :)
My family is getting bigger from a family of 3 now were a family of 5... wheeww, wonder when we can have a realy baby boy? but for now this 2 guys is just a perfect fir for our family.

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  1. cute puppies! sad that we can't have one because of our allergies.