Friday, May 7, 2010

MM: Motherly Advice

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Since Mother's day is this Sunday, this week's topic on Mommy Momment's is Motherly Advice, I am not sure what advice I can give since I myself is a first time Mom... I will be celebrating my 3rd mother's day this year, but up until this day I can still remember my first, it was May 13, 2007 the day God has given me a mother's day miracle, it was the day that my daughter was given back to me... I can never forget that Mother's day.

Anyway, the advice I can give new mother's like me is RELAX... I remember the first few months that I had my bea, I was so tensed and agitated that if she don't cry for a period of time I get nervous, if she cries continuosly I get frustrated.. I remember not sleeping the whole night just to make sure she's still breathing or if she is okay or not.
And of course to ENJOY... you have to enjoy every momment of it, before you knew it they'll be grown up... though at times they keep on asking questions that sometimes you forget what you are supposed to do or buy since all you hear is why, who, what and all, eventhough they keep on clinging to you that you cant even pee or comb your hair just because they want to be with mommy.. At the end of the day all of it was worth it. It is really amazing how you learn new things in the eyes of your children, I learn something new from my daughter everyday.... can you imagine she knows a SLOTH ( a sleepy one) before I do.
To all the mommy's HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY TO US!!!!
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  1. My daughter knows a lot of stuff that I don't lol.. Love the photo sis!

    Happy Mother's Day

  2. I couldn't agree more ; ) Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Heheheh thanks for sharing your entry today at mommy moments. happy mother's day to you also.

    Mine is here

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you too! I agree with you, enjoy every moment while they our children still allow us to join them. :)

  5. that's make the two of us..i am learning from my son, too everyday! and it is amazing :-)...anyway, Happy Mother's Day! love the photo with your daughter!

  6. aww!!! agree agree!!! Relax and Enjoy... Ako talaga super relax and super enjoy... hindi ko nga naranasan mahirapan kay Alyssa kase she's super bait talaga... and I believe Bea is super bait din... di mana satin? wahahaha!!!

  7. couldn't agree more. nice post! take your time and enjoy motherhood!

  8. nice post and thanks for sharing your thoughts too! sorry for delayed visit since my internet connection hasnt been stable lately!