Monday, May 3, 2010

just thinking.....

Yesterday, I was so weak that I didnt do any work, my sweet hubby did all the work for me he washed 2 loads of laundry, clean my car, take care of my bea and clean the house. I on the other hand just lay down where ever I can lie down. As in litterally I was just laying around ( Nakahandusay lang talaga ako- tawa ng tawa si hubby sa term ko). Too much partying last saturday night that I promised myself not to over do it... ever !!! i think :P.
Anyway, when I came to my senses and regained my energy back I was able to join hubby on the dinner table, we were talking on how blessed our life is. We both agreed that our life has changed tremendously for the better eversince we had our bea.We reminisced on how hard our life was when we were just starting out, we seldom eat out since our money is just enough to pay our bills and buy food. Now when we dont feel like cooking we just hop on to our car and eat anywhere we wanted to. Before, we had to think a lot of times before we can purchase things which we deemed to be expensive now we have a little more liberty to buy things that we want and buy bea things she wants to.
Though we have a little bit to spare we still set aside something for our savings. We wanted to make sure that our daughter's future is safely secured. Just talking with my hubby last night made me realize more that God is indeed very good. I just hope and pray that whatever may come our way we can surpass everything hand in hand.
Thank you God for the opportunity to experience your miracle everyday and Thank you for the chance you have given me to have a taste of my own bliss everyday.
Happy mondays every one

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