Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Couples Corner: Were pregnant!!

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This week's topic on couple's corner is all about the time when we were pregnant.
My pregnancy was the most wonderful experience that I have ever had.
Getting pregnant was a big challenge to me since I was diagnosed with PCOD a few days before my wedding. I knew that I would be having a difficult time conceiving because of my condition. I tried everything that my obgyn asked me to do just to get pregnant. A couple years of fertility treatment, all the test that I need to clear out any other problems, even taking my temperature every morning to know if I am fertile or not.
It was a long and tiring process that sometimes it feels that I am just doing things because I had to and not because I want to. Finally on May 2006 I went home to the Philippines for a knee surgery, Since my family is a devotee of the Lady of Perpetual Help of Manoag ( APO) I went there a couple of days after my surgery with knee brace and all, as I prayed I told Apo that I give up, I am so tired of begging, crying and asking for a baby... I am just so tired, It was the first time that I went there since my wedding that I didnt ask to have a baby. I just asked for peace within me, I asked for acceptance and ask for guidance. I have accepted the fact that I would not get pregnant anymore and my dream of becoming a Mom would never come true. That time I feel at peace with myself for the first time in so many years, I can move on and look at the other side of my life.
After a couple of days I went back here in Saipan to be with my hubby, because of the long and painful process of conceiving a child, I must say it took its toll on our marriage life. There would be times that my hubby and I wont talk for weeks and I must admit at that time I also accepted that fact that my hubby deserves also to have a family of his own and I must admit the fact that it is not with me. I keep on giving him reasons to get mad at me, so it woudl be easier for him to look for another girl and start his life all over again, though it was painful I still would like to give my hubby a chance to be happy as well, I dont want to be selfish.
Around August 2006, every morning as soon as I arrive in our office I always feel as though I am went to a long trip ( the trip from our house to the office is only 10-15 mins.), I feel dizzy and hot. I was thinking I might be sick or something, I keep on tellign my sister in the Philippines that I might be sick and she keeps on telling me that I might be pregnant and she asked me to buy a pregnancy test kit just to check... since I dont want to get my hopes up and later on just be depressed I told my sister that I was not pregnant and if I buy a HPT kist it would just be a waste of money and I wasted a lot already :)
Afte a long time of being convinced by my sister to get a HPT finally on September 19, 2006 as I was doing office errands I drop by the pharmacty to get a test pack and just get it over with. As soon as I arrive in the office I immediately went to the restroom to take the test It was so quick I saw a + sign on the test and it felt like somebody poured a bucket of cold water on me, I could not breathe, I could not move my legs and my body just trembled. For so long I was hoping to see this + sign on every test that I have taken and now unexpectedly I see it.
I immediately called my hubby and told him that I had the test done already since I was still in shock my voice sounded as though I am disappointed and sad, so my hubby immediately told me "That's ok baby, we can always try.... you'll be my baby forever", I was still speachless then he asked me "So, what's the result", I told him positive, he then said "What's wrong with that?"... I told him I just dont know how to react... I am so happy and shocked at the same time. Needless to say we are both over the moon . I must have taken 7 test that day just to make sure I am really really pregnant.
I didnt have vomiting/nausea or anything... I just hated the smell of sauted onion and garlic, I can't stand tomato sauce and vinegar and I dont like to smell any other perfume other than Elizabeth Arden's gree tea :). Over all I had a very easy pregnancy maybe because I dint mind all the discomfort of pregnancy I was just to happy to experience having a life inside of me.
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!


  1. Wow! di ba nga sabi nila, kapag di ka na humihinig at di na nahihintay saka dumadating. Inggit naman ako dun sa di ka nahirapan sa pregnancy mo, kasi ako laging may morning sickness, wahhhhh!

  2. Hahaha grabe emotions mo pala n0oon ano sis.. Look at your pretty princess now,it's all worth it diba..

    My pregnancies

  3. pareho tayo, jen. i underwent fertility work up too. ang hirap at nakaka-frustrate every time magkakaroon ng monthly period.

  4. My eyes was damped with tears when I was reading your post girl, a very inspiring message indeed. Your baby is so lucky to have you as her Mom. Anyway mine is up and its here thanks

  5. Having the same feeling right now when you were praying and hoping to have a baby...but you're so lucky to conceive after almost losing hope... still hoping:(