Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CC: Honesty is the best POLICY!!

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For this weeks topic on Couple's Corner, it's all about Honesty...

My hubby and I doesnt keep anythign from each other, but since my hubby is not the talkative type you have to squeeze all information from him ( Lol), but then there would be times that he would just open up abouth things that is bothering him.

On the other hand, I am a very talkative person hehehhe, i would tell everythign and anything complete with every little details. Although there would be times that I would tell white lies ( heheeh) to him but then again I would not feel good that is why I have to confess and tell him the real truth.

Honesty is such a BIG factor in our relationship.... there would be times that we would get to talk about life and all the things around us ( tsismis hehehehhe)... and in this tiny island that we live in you get to encounter a lot of Married individuals who cheat on their partners while they are earning a living here most of them actually would have extended families here. Even at church the Priest would sometimes comment or make a sermon about being honest to your husband and wife. You would really see those who look guilty, not that I am condemning them or anything. My husband would always tell me- If ever you find another man and you want to be with him, just be honest to me and let me know, it would hurt less if I know first. ( ang kapal parang ako pa ang manlalaki), maybe because we both have seen a lot of people in our tiny island doing such dishonest things to their partners ( man or woman), my hubby thinks at times that I too are capable of doing such thing.

My answer to him would always be the same ( syempre me batok muna at sasabihin ko kapal mo), I would always tell him, I think it is not in my system to hurt you that much... I have always love you and I respect you to much to do such a thing to you, I can never hurt you thay way, and If ( that is a big IF) that would ever happen... I would spare your the pain and tell you before it even happens.

I am happy with my relationship with my husband because I dont hide anything from him. Imagine how hard it is for you to be both happy if either one is keeping something from each other. I know because of our love, respect and honesty with each other we would still be holding hands and lying beside each other even when we are already gray and old.

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  1. Wow! I love your entry, especially the part about "me batok muna" ahahaha! Thsoe moments of "love talk" is so precious, kakatuwa.

    Naku, marami talagang mga cases na ganyan, kaya nga although hubby and I trust each other, di kami naghihiwalay ng landas. Being honest is always important. of course, may mga white lies din, pero kapag major thing, honesty would always be the best policy.

    Thanks for joining our Meme, have a great day to you and your family.

  2. i agree with liz alangan naman nd tau santo may mga white lies din talaga, na nd naman makakasira sa relationship hehhee mine is up and its here

  3. honesty is by far one of the most crucial aspects of a relationship but we are humans and are bound to make mistakes and tell white lies. i am sure our partners understand that.

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  4. Nice one sis!!!Not hiding anything makes you not labor harder to be safe from all mistakes. I love your thougts..

  5. haha! at talagang nagpauna na si hubby mo.. sya nga naman, sabihin na sa kanya kesa sa iba pa malaman dba? pero, meron na bang umamin na una ever? haha!!! takot nalang nilang magilitan sa leeg! LOL... but true, honesty is crucial.. it's the first step to gain the trust.