Thursday, March 25, 2010

Girl's Talk: Id rather hide this....

Dyosko and dami kong namiss na entry for girl's talk. Any who I am Making 3 in 1 post to catch up.


This is a picture of me with my bea when I brought her to the phillipines for the first time. Look at my arms they are almost as big as a log. My arms has been and will always be my problem area after giving birth to my bea, my arms are bigger than my husbands and it look like as if I was lifting weights ( heheheh mukha ako wrestler). Ewwww hehehehhe.


I think my smile is the sexiest part of my body ( part ba yun, anywho it still is in my body). My husband would always say I look prettier when I smile and honsetly there are other people who would comment on how wonderful my smile is ( syempre mafeeling eh di lalo ako magsmile hahahhaah).


This is the closest pic that I have with lots of flesh in it, I dont have ones that are showing my "Future" since my bodyguard is so coservative that whenever I wear a V-neck top he would always insist that I put on a cami or something underneath to cover the girls. This pic was pre-baby heheheh me K pa ko konti magsuot ng ganyan. I think this time I was already pregnant but I didnt know it.
How about you girl's are you ready to join the fun. More entries just click on the badge.
Happy Thursday Everyone.


  1. All in one post, hehe nice body and smile, and yung braso mo Ms. Jenny we do have the same dilemma, bwahaha i hate my arms...

  2. wow, 3-in-1 post! you pulled it off girl!

  3. oh wow, 3 n 1.. mukhang super busy nga si mommy.. we got lots of funny entry in the past few GT theme.. :D

  4. like your entry. three in one :-)

    i dont think your arms are not that big

    you do have a sexy smile

    nice picture of you showing some flesh

    here's my entry for this weeks gt:

    have a great weekend

    hope you can visit

  5. Ang gaganda naman ng pictures mo ah, walang pantago. don't worry about your braso, sarap nga nyan himas himasin di ba? And you're right, your smile is the sexiest part of your body..Ganda ng ngiti mo, nakakapang akit..

  6. All 3 photos look super good! Love ur smile! <3 had to smile too when i saw ur pics :) and i see nothing wrong with your arm! They look completely OK to me ;)

  7. not so bad naman to mommy:

    Just passing by from Girls Talk and here's mine:

  8. wow.. 3 in 1 post ha!! hihihi sexinesss mo sa last pic love it hihih

    thanks for joining GT hihi namiss ko nga ikaw eh.. anyways the april theme is up already.. silip kn ha hihih

    tc lagi jen!