Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CC: Sweet Gestures

Rodliz’s Nest
It's Thursday once again and this weeks theme on Couple Corner is SWEEY GESTURES.
Wrong timing naman itong theme na ito LQ pa naman kami ni hubby ( hahahhah as in broadcast ba over internet) Anyway, I'll try hard to let go of my inarte muna and think of the sweet gestures that this guy ( hahaha this guy na lang talaga) has done to me :)
Sweet gestures that our partners give to us may not be big and extravagant, small things like carrying the groceries, lifting heavy things are just some sweet little gestures that are partners do to us.
My hubby would usually cook dinner and clean the entire house on those days that I feel so tired. He would take care of our daughter if I am sick. He has done a lot of small things for me that I sometimes fail to thank him. I would not worry about bringing the dog out to do its business 'coz my husband always take him out at night, throwing the trash, mopping the floor and cleaning my car is just some of my husband sweet gestures.
A kiss on the cheek out of nowhere would usually make me tickle, a hug from behind while I am cooking is also one sweet thing that my husband does. Holding my hand while where walking or sitting side by side is also one of my fave sweet gesture from my hubby.
On my part, ( if I am not mad at him hehehheh- me galit pa talaga heheeh), just preparign his clothes in the morning is one of the sweet gesture that my hubby said he likes the most. Giving him coffee in the morning, embrace him tightly and kiss him on the lips with a hint of seduction ( whaahhaha) usually would make his day and wake up his senses ( I am such a flirt hehehehe).
Those are just some simple sweet gestures that my hubby and I do for each other. Head on to our site for more entry, just click on the badge.
Happy Wednesday every one.


  1. LQ? oh eh give mo na siya ng kiss na may halong seduction, wake up his sesnses at ng magkabati. Aba, bakit asawa ko eh di man lang linisin ang kotse ko, nang gigitata na. Hehehe! Buti nga kahit may galit ka pa sa kanya, na enumerate mo pa ang mga sweet gestures nya, kung ako yan, puro negative masusulat ko, hehhee! Thanks for joining this week Jenny. Lam kong busy ka.. See you again next time.

  2. Wow!Kahit na may LQ kayo ni hubby mo eh puro positive ang naisusulat mo!Bilib ako dyan!Well,sana maging ok na kayo para masaya!^_^

  3. wahahaha!!! hirap magsulat ng ganito kaganda na may LQ ha... congratz mare! =)

    aba, eh habang binabasa ko ang post mo, shoot na shoot sa aming mag asawa.. kaso merong isa na natauhan ako... I used to get hubby's clothes ready in the morning, ngayon di ko na nagagawa kase sabay na sila ni alyssa na pinag re-ready ko ng damit.. naku, thanks for the reminder.. gagawin ko na ulit ito ngayon... waah!!! na guilty naman ako...