Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Move over.. Picasso!!!

Bea recently gained interest on drawing, used to be whenever I would ask her to draw she would say no. She would from time to time play with her crayons and marker but it would only be scribbles and straight lines and she would claim that it is a rainbow or something.

Nowadays whenever she comes home from her ninangs house ( she stays there when I am working) she would look for her crayons and markers and some paper and would draw circles ( but not yet a perfect shape), such as head or egg or ball.

The other night after she was done with het "Art work" she asked me to put it on the door, So I got some tape and paste it just below our sofa- she asked me to put it there.

So here is my little artist- she said this one is a SCARE CROW ( there's some resemblance right?)

Always making Mommy Proud =)

This one she said is a shark-quite close... amazing isnt it how kids these days have a wide range of imagination... One time bea thought me what a sloth is and how it sleeps ( with a little snore)..

Somewhere here is a picture of Dora, Diego and Boots

How times really flies...can't help but reminisce on the previous years when I had bea... and look at her now, I can even let her do simple chores.
Bea baby... you know how I love you and you know that you always make Mommy proud... I love you baby.... Please dont grow up too soon, you'll always be Mommy's little darling...

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  1. Di pa nakakaiyak kapag pinakitaan ka ng anak mo ng ganyan? Kapag binibigyan ako ng scribbles ni Wrozlie at sinasabing love letter nya yun sa akin, touch na touch ako eh, tapos ipapabasa ko na lang sa kanya, hehehe..kasi di ko alam kung ano ang gusto nyang isulat. My 3 younger kids love to draw, kaya pati walls namin parang art exhibit ang dating.