Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CC: Cuddle Time...

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This weeks theme on Couple’s Corner is Cuddling…
My husband and I would usually cuddle at night before going to sleep, we talk about just anything under the sun ( or moon ‘coz its night time hehehehhe). During our cuddle time we get to know how each other’s day was, it is on this times that we get to know each other more… our hopes, dreams and everything in between.
There would be times that our cuddle would lead to one thing and another, before you know it he has already taken advantage of me ( LOL!) but still after I was taken advantaged of… we would continue our cuddling until we fall asleep..
We always cuddle when my baby girl is already sleeping… she get’s jealous if she sees daddy embracing mommy. At times her dad would tease her and hug me and tell bea “I Have mommy!” then my daughter would come on running and shout “Daddy NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Mommy is mine” hehehhe doesn’t it feel great to be wanted by so many?

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  1. Wow! your husband takes advantage of you while you're cuddling? hehehe, nice. Well, cuddling is really great, that's the time that you and hubby expresses your love for each other, like what you said, that's the time that you can know each other more. It might lead to something else, but don't we just love to be taken advantage of someone we truly love? I won't complain, hahaha!

    Thanks for joining this week.

  2. hahaha, kakatawa naman yung anak nyo....yup, it feels great!

  3. yeah, it feels great. kids love being cuddled too. cuddling is a good family bonding time and it strengthen the relationship.

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  4. hehehe kakatuwa...cuddling would lead to a steamy love making...hehehe gets ko yata..

    talagang ganyan pala pag may baby na...ngseselos na sla pag hinahug ang mommy...

    mine is up too at Chuchie's Hideaway

  5. Oh di vah?Mas masarap pang maraming ka-cuddle lol!Jump si fafa sa yo tapos si Bea pa!!

  6. aww... agree!!! i love it when they both want me, my attention and my hugs and kisses.. hehe.. sarap ng pinag aagawan ng daddy at baby.. parang we really feel so loved!!!