Monday, March 8, 2010

Feeling better..

My bea is feeling better now.

I had to bring her to the doctor last friday since all through out Thursday night her fever isnt going down I gave her medicine to at least help her temperature go down but still her fever would go up and down. She keeps on waking up yelling for mommy, so I didnt have anychoice but to sleep on her bed.

Friday morning, she wake up and told me her mouth is painful, I though it was mouth sores I gave her some water to drink but she cried, so i asked her to show me her tongue so I can take a look, my instinct was right she has a very swollen and very red tonsils.

I brought her to the clinic where the doctor gave bea antibiotics to be taken for 7 days at 3 times a day. Good thing bea is now feeling better, its very hard for me to see her in so much pain. I told her she cant eat ice cream because she would get sick again, she just said okay.

I am happy that she's back to her usual self again full of energy and laughter
Happy monday everyone!!


  1. aw good to know bea is feeling better already.. si yena rin, she got sick because of ice cream hayz

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  2. Glad that she's feeling better now..