Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CC: Sacrifices for our Loved ones

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What i'd Miss? Wheeeeeeeeeeeew A lot! I am still way over my head with work but i promised mommy liz that i'll make with her so here it goes.

BED TIME HABITS: I missed this meme so here is my post for last week's topic;

Our bedtime usually includes washing up for my two babies ( my hubby and bea) and shower for me-can't seem to sleep if I didnt have a night shower. After that we would go to our bedroom and watch TFC's TV Patrol and try to put bea to sleep, after awhile my little princess will give in and sleep to give mommy some time to apply facial cream on my face and lotion on my arms and legs hehehe. We have two beds in our bedroom one for bea and for us, while I am putting bea to sleep she would demand that I lay down beside her only when she is soundly asleep can I transfer to our bed.

After Im done with my bed time routine, I will lay down beside my hubby and catch up on his day. We usually would talk and share stories for a while before we say our good nights. If we are up to something *Wink* we will cut short our chit chatting and we would cuddle and then take advantage of each other hahaahha.

After all that we would kis each other and say our good nights, then we would both face each others side. Sometimes my hubby would hug me but then I would get irritated and ask him to stay away from me LOL, I cant sleep if someone is so close to me hehehe I feel like I am being suffocated. There is actually a big space in the middle of our bed when we sleep since we both torture our self and sleep at the fardest corner of the bed. That is our bed time routine.

Sacrifices for our loved ones- well I don't think I have given big sacrifices for my loved one. I think it is not really a sacrifice when deep in your heart you were willing to give. We are lucky that we have not experienced anything that we can't handle ( God is very GOOD). We are lucky that we both have a decent work which give us the opportunity to enjoy our life, save a little and be able to help our relatives in every possible we can. We are lucky that we both have pledge our commitment to each other that no matter what happens we will make it through hand in hand.

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Have a wonderful Wednesday every one.


  1. you are so lucky girl that you have ur family with u always mine is up thanks

  2. wow 2 in 1 post. you are lucky that you have each other. i know you'll be together no matter what. and yes, God is so good.

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  3. You are indeed lucky. May mga tao kasing kailangan mag sakripisyo eh. Yung iba naman eh di lang ssacrifice for material things di ba? yung iba feelings ang gini give up para sa kaligayahan ng iba.

    Pareho tayong hindi nakakatulog na may katabi, hehehe. Kami rin ni Rodney talikuran at talgang we aim for the side of the bed, ayaw ko ng may nakayapos sa akin, feeling ko rin ako eh nasusufocate.. Thanks for joining this week. Have a great day.

  4. wow pay off! ahahah =)) nweis..thanks for the visit. KOrek k dyan sis night life is mababaw lang aman compared sa ksama mo ang family mo. Walang kapantay ang saya =)
    So bedtime ksma ang mpagpapaligo sa kids ahaha yeah korek! routine n yan bago matulog ahahha =)) nanay nga naman! ahhaha =)

  5. haha... wednesday nanaman.. ngayon palang ako nag iikot... 2 in 1 post pala ito... kame naman sa pagtulog eh kailangan laging nararamdaman ang isa't isa.. kung di hug, kailangan yung paa connected.. haha...

    and yeah.. you're lucky to have not experience deep sacrifices... but i'm sure there's little.. you were just able to handle it...