Friday, April 30, 2010

MM: Blue

mommy moments

After a verrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy lonnnnnnnnnng hiatus finally I am able to join Mommy Momments, im crossing my fingers that I can keep up :)

Anyway this week's theme on MM is BLUE and here is my share ;

This is my Bea's fave outfit the Shirt has Dora on it and the pants has boots, she love wearing this.

Here she is in a 2-piece bathing suit when we went for swimming last December.

This was taken on March of this year when her dad was asked to be a God parent to our friends baby.

The daddy and daughter both wearing blue :)

Still on our swimming escapade last December.
More proud mommy's bragging all about our babies, just click on the badge.
Happy friday everyone.


  1. cutie daughter you have there :)

  2. nice photos, you have a good looking family here :-); thanks for sharing!

  3. cute ni bea...

    actually sis, preho tau.. ng long hybernate from MM and blogging.. =)

  4. Aba may dalaga ka na Jen, kala ko nanganak ka na uli hehehe..

    Nostalgic Blue

  5. you have an adorable daughter sis... please check out mine too:

    My Mini Me in Blue

    Thanks and take care!

  6. welcome back sis! ang cutie ng little princess!
    u may view mine here

  7. beautiful family you have... i love all the pictures you shared here. thanks

  8. ang cute nang anak mo, love here stylish sunglasses.

  9. wow! i love that blue bathing suit.. i wish i could wear one like that, lol! nice post! thanks for sharing..

  10. I lvoe the bathing suit, so sexy..Have a great day!

  11. blue is cool! :D happy mommy moments!