Thursday, April 1, 2010

GT: Comfort food

For this weeks theme on Girl's Talk its about our comfort food. Nowadays whenever I am stressed out or feeling low I usually crave for SPICY CHICKEN FEET, it is a variation of dimsun that is usually offered in Chinese Restaurants.

I tried making these a couple of times but it is tedious process since you still need to clean the chicken feet roll it into sugar and deep fry for about 8-10 minutes, then you have to boil it with osyter sauce, water, sake and star anise and chinese parsley until it gets tender, then you have to leave it on the marinade for 24 hours and steam for 15 minutes before serving. If i have time I do it myself but if I dont feel like cooking I usually order from my fave chinese resto it is only $6 per order and it would satisfy both me and my hubby.

It is fun and comforting to eat this dish since it would take time to take out the meat and it creates a bonding time with me and my hubby since it would take us a fair amount of time to finish our meal, we would have chance to talk about lots of things and before you know it I feel happy already ( LOL).

This is a sample pic of my comfort food------ ohhhhh just by looking at it my mouth is already drooling too bad we cant eat meat yet until Sunday... Until then you shall be in my dreams LOL.

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Happy Thursday everyone and Advance Happy Easter too..


  1. I love chicken feet too,especially adobo,I can make papak all day!!!. :)
    By the way, I see you love food as well, maybe you can join us every friday at Food Trip Friday too :)

  2. Oh my...picture palang nkakalaway na...kahit nga barbecue feet lang ay super sarap na, eto pa kayang nasa pictures... hay..nkakakalam ng sikmura..ngdiet pa naman ako hehe....

    posted mine too sis

  3. The mere mention of the word SPICY makes
    it delish and really mouth-watering
    ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  4. it looks really yummy.. the picture you posted is so mouthwatering one! lol.. I guess you're that excited for the Easter so you could have this yum yum..:D

  5. Ang sarap ng paa ng manok mo--yan ang nami-miss ko lalo na sa mga street foods. (walang ganyan sa japan)Masarap na pulutan yan sa akin!!

  6. how do you eat chicken feet, never tried one. i like spicy food though, what chinese restaurant offer this dish?

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    why so happy?

  7. it reminds me of our college days after exams kain kami ng spicy chicken feet sa tabi-tabi..ang saya namin noon tsaka ang sarap nito...I'm hungry tuloy!..he..he..

    mine's here:

  8. i have to kill you jen!! are u kidding me!! this is my ultime fave sa hapchan at northpark.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i love spicy chicken feet!!!

    minsan nga kahit barbeque na adidas pinapatos ko na pag namimiss ko to hahaha. sadly husband is not into chinese resto so i get to taste this pag lunch out lng sa ofc hihihih

    thanks for sharing!! pinatulo mo laway ko. lol

  9. your food shots looks yummy but I havent really tried eating addidas only once, kaso di ko alam kainin, parang walang laman hehe.. gotta try that once more. Have a nice day =)

  10. this reminds when i first prepare food for my ex bf now my uncle told me i scared the hell out of my hubby :-); sarap nito eh...kaya lang bihira ako magluto, kasi ayaw ng mag ama ko nto eh :-(

  11. The process is quite long, because it's matigas ... yummy, yummy... mine is up too.. late nga lang hehehe!

    What is my comfort food

  12. this common with chinese restaurant, pero this is delicious as pulutan also. .hehehe