Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Rodliz’s Nest

Our favorite places is this weeks topic on Couple’s Corner.

When it comes to food or dining out my husband and me prefer Chinese food, Korean food and Thai Food, most often when we are dining out on a regular day we would be going to a Chinese, Korean and Thai Restaurant- we used to enjoy Korean food a lot but we are now widening our choices and we prefer Thai food over Korean food both of them are spicy but we both agree that Thai cuisine have more variety than Korean. Our fave restaurant now is SPICY THAI RESTAURANT, it is just a small place but on peak hours it would be filled to maximum, there food are always cooked fresh and the servings are very big. My daughter likes their iced tea with milk-it is so good that she can finish a tall glass without sharing.
On special occasions we usually prefer going to hotels which offers buffet-Saipan World Resort is our fave place when we are celebrating an occasion, they offer a wide variety of dishes and best of is you can eat till you drop. LOL
Our house is our favorite place to hang out- as I said my husband prefers staying home on his day off, so we just spend time at our house, well it really doesn’t matter where we hang out as long as we are together.
My husband hates shopping, so I do the shopping for us- since we are located in a tiny island there are limited choices when it comes to clothing so I usually do my shopping online, prices are cheaper and there a lot of choices. I usually buy from ebay, walmart, amazon and for electronics from crutchfield.
And since we are both in a foreign land our favorite destination is the Philippines nothing beats the feeling of being home.
These is my share for this weeks couple’s corner more entries about our fave places-just click on the badge.


  1. No place like home talaga Jenny, and we also love Chinese food, my hubby doesn't care for Korean nor Thai, but I do. I love them, hubby doesn't like spicy food. Hmp! kainis nga, kasi ayaw nya ng masarap. And he hates shopping kaya ako lagn mag isa ang nag sa shop. Hehehe! mga guys talaga pare pareho. thanks for joining this week's theme, see you again next week!

  2. saan pala kayo sis..pareho pala tayo we're also in foreign land and we're trying to scratch the itch of going home...he..he...

    love ng anak mo ang "Chaa yin" cold ice tea with milk? fave rin namin yon and I agree with you sarap ng mga Thai food kaya tumaba ako...LOL!

    mine's here pala sis: