Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CC: My Best Friend

Rodliz’s Nest

My Hubby is my everything, at times he is my enemy, at times he is my lover, at times he is my mentor, my guide and many other things in between but most of all he is my BESTFRIEND.
He is the first guy that I have ever been friends with, I remeber when we just got to know each other he was helping me how to end my relationship with my boyfriend then, he must have listened to a million of my stories regarding my ex but he still was willing to give his ears to me.
Up until now I still tell him everything, at times with complete details, though my stories are very lenghty he still listens. He know my every move, my every breath and even my slightest sigh he knows it means something. If I dont talk he knows somethign is bothering me or he has done something to make me mad.
Last April 21, 2010 we celebrated our 8th year as boyfriend/girlfriend up unto this day I still remember how it felt like the first time I saw him, the first time we became a couple... still has and will always will feel like.. MAGIC!!!
Like Ate Liz, I feel blessed that I can tell my hubby anything, I have few friends that has told me how hard it is for them to have a great relationship with their husband expecially if they are keeping some secrets from their partner. Most of the time their marriage suffers because of the heavy load they are keeping inside of them. Must be really hard being happy when you know for a fact that everyday, every minute you are hiding something from your partner. I would never dream being in that situation, I am happy because I can be myself with my hubby, I can tell him anything and enjoy every moment I have with him and not be afraid that my skeletons in my closet will one day come out .
As bestfriends, me and my husband share the same dream and it is not to be Rich someday, although it would good to have a lot of money but for us our dream is to be able to enjoy our life each day, provide for our daughter and save a little for our future. We have simple dreams and aspirations which makes it easy for us to reach for our goals and live our life the way we wanted to. Were both very simple and low key, we enjoy all that we have right now because we know we really worked hard for it which makes us appreciate each othe more 'coz we both recognized the fact that without the each other all this is not possible.
My hubby always say that he got lucky that I came in his life ( pag hindi makapal ung mukha nya at iclaim na swerte ko daw sa knya hehehehe) the truth is I am one lucky girl to have a man like him, he really has changed my whole world upside down.
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  1. very well said girl, I know some friends that marriage is in tupsy turvy right now... I hope I could help them but anyway its their issues, sometimes it is so hard to be happy and contented anyway heres mine thanks

  2. You're both lucky for finding each other, yun ang totoo dun. Kanya kanyang kapalaran ang tao. There are people that are not lucky enough to find their soulmates like we did. Sharing everything with our partners is the greatest thing we can do. Hiding something is really hard and won't make you completely happy. Thanks for joining this week. Kita na lang tayo next week. Introduce your mothers na lang, hehehe! Mother's day month kasi eh!

  3. such a very sweet story, thanks for sharing to us who your bff is :-)

  4. Glad to have you back sis hehehe.. Namiss ko ata mga posts mo lalo na mga smiles ni cutify Bea...

    Sarap balik balikan ng mga alala ano hehehe...

  5. aww... I know what you mean, Mommy Jen... parang Kung Tayo's Magkakalayo lang ah... hahaha!!! Nanonood ka ba nun? But it's true, kailangan we treat each other as best of friends para we are not afraid to be ourselves...

  6. awww what a sweet post :)

    u may view mine too here

    im ur newest follower :)