Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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THis is a 2 in 1 post hehehhe sorry I was so busy last week.


My hubby loves watching movies, he likes sci-fi, horror, adventure and action on the other hand I like romance, drama and comedy. From time to time I like watching filipino movies just because I feel like it hehehehe.
When we got to the movie house, we have to tag along my precious munchkin since her baby sitter is only from monday-friday and with a 2 yr. old in tow we can help it but one of us needs to be with my daughter to tend to her needs- go pee, go out, walk around, run around usually we watch movies that my hubby likes so I am the one left with no choice but to go along with bea.
If watch movies in our house, I would be very busy doing household chores that my hubby would be begging me to sit and keep still and watch the movie with him hehehhehe.


Our work schedule is the same, we leave our house at 7:30 am in the morning , Monday-Friday, on saturdays only my hubby goes to work. Our daughter rides in my car and before I go to work i would drop her to the baby sitter's house. My hubby's works place is farther than my office work place so I have volunteered to drop my daughter to the sitter's house. As soon as we have evrything in our car and bea is in her car seat, my hubby would kiss us good bye and say see you later.

During work hours we seldom call each other, my hubby hates texting so I can't t send him text messages. He is also going in and out of his office that chat is not an option only. Recently we get to have days that we eat lunch together but that seldom happens.

I get off work at 5 pm and he usually gets off around 6 pm or later, so naturally I would also be the one picking up my daughter from the sitters house. At home after work, I will usually be preparing our dinner while watching my daughter while I do the dishes ( still working eh...) and my hubby would usually get a beer or drink somethign to relieve his stress from work... we would usually talk about our day at work before we sleep. Like I said before if he is upto somethign we would cut our chit chat short and take advantage of each other hehehheheh.

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Happy wednesday everyone.

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  1. You're always full of humor. I love reading your entry with your funny stuff. Naku eh ka busy nyho naman pala all day. Ang hirap kapag ganyan noh? work kau all day, iwan si Bea sa sitter, magkikita kit ana lang at the end of the day. I am so happy na I stay home with the kids, kahit nakakabaliw, sige lang, and I hope I don't have to work, kasi sanay na ako na day off a 7 days a week. Well, at least meron pa kayong time to take advantage of each other di ba??