Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday !!!

Havent had time to blog lately, unfortunately this week is no better than last week. Our quarterly tax is due on Friday so I have to finish all the reports by Wednesday I hope :(. I miss blogging, my friend ask me to blog about how mysterious love it, how complicated it is and how at time you do stupid things for love. Well dont have time yet to think it over but I will make a blog about it soon.

My hubby got me a bigger car just in time for our 8th anniversary as boyfriend/girlfriend hehehhehe. It's not that brand new but it look's and smell's like one and whats more it is my dream car so I am a very happy wife :).

My bea is turning 3 next month and I am busy as a bee getting all the stuff planned out. So far I made reservations to the restaurant already, I will be starting the loot bag this week, I already bought treats that my bea loves to eat to be put inside the loot bag. I also went to a shop that sells party supplies, I made reservation on the balloons and party hat to be used, since the owner is also pinay I got a great deal on those stuff :). I just need to look for a good chocolate cake for bea ( her request), We tried the devil chocolate cake from one of the bakery here in the island, the icing was great but the cake it self dry. So the search continues, We decided not to have clowns or mascot this year since bea is still scared of moving mascots even clowns maybe next yeat :)

My sister celebrated her bday a couple of days ago and I am so busy to blog, sorry sis, you know how much i love you, I wish you more blessing and I pray and hope you will trully find what your heart desires and make you really happy. Love you sis and miss you so much.

Ill be cathcing up with my blog soon and to all my blogging friends who dropped by and left comment. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!1

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