Thursday, April 8, 2010


This weeks topic is all about junk foods. The first time I came to a foreign land in 2001 I vowed ( hahahahha-seryoso?) to taste all the chocolates and junkfood that they have here. After all we only get to taste those food when my mom sends us packages or if she comes home to the philippines for a vacation and so thats what I did.

I dont know what happened but the pringles or chocolates tasted different here than when you are eating it in the phillippines, I dont know if it is just me but I am not that excited to eat those chips, chocolates or candies that we are so ecstatic to have back home. Maybe because of the thought that you now can have it at anytime that you want, it just takes away the feelign of excitement heheheheh ( seryoso sa junkfood ha?).

So know since I have been here in Saipan for almost 8 years I keep on coming back to the junkfood from the phillippines, everytime I go to the store I always look in to the asian merchandise especially the one from the Phillippines.

Currently these two are my favorite ;)

Jack 'n Jill V-cut spicy barbeque flavor, much more filling than lay's, pringles or any US brand chips LOL as far as I am concerned.

And of course, the all time pinoy favorite : CHICHACORN/ CORNICK... unfortunately they don't sell the small packs here ( the one they sell in the philippines @P1 each) it taste better than the one in the big pouch. When I went home in the philippines I must have bought 5 packs of these in individual pouches hehehhehe

Hmmmm..... I miss philippines ; ) I miss eating mangoes on the street, singkamas, fishballs, kikiam, balut( which we also have here from phils but it is just not the same when you buy it from manong who shouts baluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, doesnt taste the same.). Wahhhhhhhhhhh ;(
I miss the Phils. hehehheheh.

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  1. Ay tama ka, kapag pwede mo ng kainin ang chocolates at Pringles, di mo na siya type. Mas gusto mo yugn things na di mo agad makukuha, hehehe.
    Boy Bawang is the best!! medyo matigas lang ang cornik ang sakit sa ngipen ko, hehehe..pero ang sarap ng lasang bawang. Mga cousin ko sa Pinas, yan din ang peborit. Di ako masyado sa potato chips, gusto ko yung tortila chips na wlang lasa,. sawsaw sa salsa.. aba naka rhyme ah..

  2. oh yeah boy bawang! hehehe. the best sa pulutan at habang nagaaral.
    here's my entry for Girl Talk

  3. Yes Ms. Jenny, yan ang isa talga na dito lang sa Pinas matatagpuan.. ang pag kain ng kung ano ano sa kalye...

    hehehe. gusto ko din ang boy bawang tapos nakababad sa suka, whoa!!! sarap

  4. ayus boy bawang, i eat that directly from the pouch. tinataktak ko lang sa bibig ko, hehe.

  5. boy bawang is my son's fave :-)

  6. waheheheh minsan pagnamimiss ko yang Vcut at boy bawang naker go at buysong agad ako atleast kahit san dito marami. if only i can send u those thru this comment LOL hehehehe

    by the way, u eat balut?? hihihihih i dont eat the sisiw.. i learned to eat ung yellow lnag hihihih

    thanks for joining GT girl ha..
    tc always..

  7. i can send you those, just give me your address. gusto ko rin yang vcut pero mas gusto ko ang oishi potato ridges.

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