Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GT: Most Expensive Meal

This is a delayed post of last week's topic on Girl's Talk, taxes where due last week so I had to work doubly hard to meet the deadline.

Anyway, the most expensive meal that we had was a meal we bought at the Narita Airport in Japan last October, 2009 we stop over in Japan for more than 9 hrs on route to the Philippines. My daughter likes noodles very much, actually you can feed her noodles 3 times a day everyday but she would still eat it :). I think that meal was most expensive to me since it cost almost $20 USD and it only consist of a small bowl of udon, 1 small piece of shrimp tempura and a small bowl of rice. The meal didnt even had drinks included in the price, and its serving size is not even big to feed an adult and a toddler. Actually my daughter finished the whole meal- the serving is that small.

Here is our meal, the bowl of rice was not included in the picture :) but it is also small.. Living in Saipan for almost 9 yrs. I was so used to the prices here in the island, that is why I was so shocked to find out the prices of food, water and even a piece of bread was 3x more than we have to pay here in the island. Imagine a bottle of water cost around 150-200 YEN which is around 2-3x more the price here in the island.

This is my share for the most expensive meal that I have, it doesnt cost that much but when you compare the serving size and satisfaction you get from the food it is really that expensive :)

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