Thursday, April 22, 2010

GT: Buffet food I choose first

It's Thursday once again and this week's topic on Girl's talk is the food I choose first in the Buffet table.
If we are dining out in a hotel at a restaurant then this would be my first choice in the buffet table:

SEAFOODS!!!! yummm

I am bit adventerous when it comes to food, maybe I acquired that from my hubby, I even learned how to eat fresh oysters... just put on the sauce and a squirt of lime and ohhhh that would taste good...

I also like the shrimp cocktails but I hate peeling so I usually pick out those that are already peeled but in case there is no peeled shrimps my hubby would do the peelign and I would do the eating hehehhehe. My hubby loves seafoods also but not like him I dont eat crabs, I find it hard to eat heeheheh.

In case we are dining out at a regular restaurant then the choices on the buffet table would not include seafood appetizers ( only the restaurant on the hotels does) then my first choice would be the soup and noodles.

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Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. ang daming may choice sa seafoods a. sarap naman kase talaga. ako din I eat fresh oysters pero mister ko ayaw. mabuti ka pa ipinagbabalat... sa amin ako ang tagabalat.

  2. i love seafoods too.. yah, crab is so hard to eat especially in a buffet but some resto offers a ready-to- eat crab.. i say it because my entry is a crab.. haha.. will always love seafood..yummm,

  3. I love shrimp cocktails as well, but i am not sure about the fresh oysters, is it good? nakikit ko yan sa Chinese buffet, I just didn't have the guts to try, baka kasi gumalaw hehehe..takot ako!

  4. another seafood.. your choice is the same as mine :)
    i love oyster with hot sauce :)

    mine is here - rache

  5. i dont eat oyster jen!! hihihi am so afraid of tasting eh bka di ko magustuhan :) hihihih

    but i love that we share the same choice in shrimps hihih

    thanks for joining GT jen ha! am sorry for the late visit, I just got back from a very watery weekend ^_^

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Homeshrimps hihi

  6. that shrimp cocktail is making me drool :-(