Friday, January 29, 2010

MM: Welcoming a new sibling

mommy moments

It's friday once again and this weeks theme on Mommy Momments is Welcoming a new sibling.

We are planning on adding a new member to our little family this year, actually we have been working on that since last year but I think it is not yet the right time for us and when we are all prepared and the everythign is in its proper place God will give us another miracle.

My bea in return had been practicing a lot with her mommy skills... we had to buy feedign bottles for her baby dolls because as she said they need milk. She would also use her own pull up diapers on her babies. We bought the dolls strollers, walkers and even carriers.

We asked bea if she wants a baby brother or baby sister, at times she would answer sister, sometimes it would be brother but most of the time she would answer SUPER BABIES ( from Dora's tape).

I can see how she would enjoy having a new baby around, I remember when my kumare had her baby daughter and we went to their place to visit them bea was so concern that the baby isnt drinking enough milk. She would constantly insist that a milk bottle be given to the baby and she wants to do it her self. I am just scared she wont be as gentle to the baby as needed since her only experience in handling the baby is from a plastic one.

I am sure it would be another learning time for all of us once we are blessed with another miracle and I can't wait for the journey to begin.

Happy friday everyone.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Bea will be very happy to welcome the new addition the family. Good luck!

  2. It's nice that your Bea is excited on having a baby sister or brother. I'm sure she will be sweet and caring.

  3. I'm sure Bea will be a responsible and lovable ate. Happy Mommy Moments!

  4. I am sure you will be blessed with another child in God's good time. And your little girl will be the best sister :-)

  5. We are but 3 in today's meme who has an only child. But all the other mommies post are informative and you'll learn a lot. :) Like you, I'm also hoping we get to have that next baby soon. :) Good luck to you too :)

  6. I have also one kid and planning to have another one but we are waiting anytime now. Happy MM! Mine is up.

  7. May God grant you the desires of your hearts... I am sure Bea will be a good Ate! :D