Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CC: Most Irritating Habits

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Wednesday once again... And this time I am back for good... I am kinda busy at work most of the time and whenever I go hom I would have a very active toddler to tend to.. needless to say I have neglected my blog and my meme's , my apologies.

Anyway I am back..

For this weeks theme it's Most Irritating Habits.. Hmm where do I start.. I'll just make a list LOL...

Husbands most irritating habits;

1. Leaving his dirty clothes wherever he take it off ( if he took his shirt off at the living room then you'll find it there and so on)

2. Snoring..... Oh My Gosh I want to hit him with a pillow everytime he snores out loud that i couldnt sleep.

3. When he is cooking dinner he would always forget to cook rice So after he is done cooking and we are about to eat we will find out later that we dont have cooked rice :(

4. Always misplacing things.... maybe because he just put it anywhere he feels like it and then he would ask me if Ive seen it.

5. Sleepy.. There are times that we both dont have to work and I would asume that we are taking bea out to have fun but he would just choose to sleep in. So me and bea would just be stuck in our house... there would be times that I would decide to go out and just leave my hubby behind but I want him to spend time with us so I just choose to stay home also (grrrr...)

6. Leaving his cigarette butts on the bathroom.. I dont mind him smoking but could he atleast throw the cigarette butt in the trash bin? (kakainis)

7. Being quiet.. There would be times that I have tons of stories or I want to catch up with him but he would just lay down in the couch or the bed and just watch TV and be quiet. Everyday I just have a computer infront me and I have a lot of pent up energy to talk to somebody but most of the time he would just be quiet.

There are a lot more but that is it for now... hehehehe

My most irritating habits ( from my husband);

1. Hot Tempered- especially when I am in the middle of my chores like doing laundry, cleaning and cooking.

2. Neat Freak-my sister always tell me that I have OCD coz i always want everythign in order.

3. Impatient-I hate waiting.. I would be in my worst mood if I had to wait 10 minutes or longer for somebody.

4. Over protective- He says it is a bad thing coz i always over do it when it comes to caring for my bea ( of course any mom can do that right?)

5. He says this is the most annoying or irritating habit that I have...I dont feel that I deserved anything... I am so happy doing things/ giving to others that I tend to be ashamed if somebody would do the same for me.. even from my husband I always feel I am not worthy ( self pity :( ). Just like week he asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday ( BTW its on the 17th and im turning 31 :) so i told him nothing I just want to go to church and stay at home.. He said he dont want to do that and he asked me if I wanted to have friends come over of course I said NO ( as much as I love my friends, there is something about that day that I want to be just alone)So he said will just go to church then have lunch watch movie and have dinner also.. again I turned down the offer.. I told him it is just a regular day dont worry about it.. so he got irritated and we had a fight because of that.

He told me- I wanted to give you a great birthday coz it is my way of saying thank you for everything that you have done for our family, for me and for bea. It is just a little way for me to thank you but why are you turning it down, for what you have done for us it is not enough but why do you keep on thinking you don't deserve it? I wanted you to have a different life far from what you experienced years back but you keep on looking back to your sad stories. You deserve to be happy on your birthday and while you are with me I will make sure that you wont have a sad birthday story. I feel sorry to make him feel that way ... I just told him that I will think of something and Ill just let him know...

Well that is our most irritating habits as a couple... How about you? share with us every wednesday. More entries just click on the badge.


  1. Wahhhh!!! naunahan mo ako ah, Tuesday palang kasi dito sa amin eh. Hehehe, pareho pala ang hubby mo at hubby ko, kugnsaan mahubad ang damit, dun pupulutin. kainis noh? And the misplace things, naku, eh carbon copy, tapos sa akin hahanapin, sarap batukan.. Alam mo, maraming mga irritating habits tayo eh, pero kapag minahal natin yun then, masasabi nating, we do love each other, di ba? You can't love someone without loving and accepting their flaws.

    Maya mag post ako, tapos add mo na lang ang link mo sa Mcklinky. Nagbusy ako kakapalit ng aking lay out sa ibang blogs ko, hehehe..

    Welcome back!!!


  2. I had a good laugh reading this habits. Seems like may pagkapareho mga hubster natin.

  3. ah men...i had a problem with hubby's cigarette butts before but after I requested not to do it again..di na niya pagka overprotective naman sa little bea mo is sure sa magiging baby ko i'll be overprotective din....

    Mine is here