Thursday, January 7, 2010

Girl's Talk-First Crush

It's thursdy once again... time for our girl's talk and this weeks theme is First Crush.

Dyosko! I hope I can still remember who ( had 2 major surgeries requiring anesthesia... hahahhah I'm just explaining the cause of my memory loss).

Well for starters I had a crush when i was 12 or 13 ( i know mejo late bloomer)he is the son of my mother's boss. He is quite cute and he is the same age as me... for me then it was just like in the fairy tale where the rich prince will fall in love to a peasant or to a poor girl. We were not rich but they were so perfect right?.... Dream on girl.. this boy isnt interested in me not even a little bit (the nerve!) but I have to admit i too was an ugly duckling back then I couldnt careless what i was wearing or how I look like I just want to be comfortable. So maybe that explains why he isnt interested in me or maybe because he is just a spoiled brat who is also a mama's boy ( hahahah siraan ba?)..

Anyway that is my share for this weeks theme on Girl's Talk, come and share with us every thursday.

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Happy thursday everyone.


  1. no names? yikes! ako lng ata nagdisclose ng pangalan. full name pa. wahaha! here's mine :)

  2. I bet those were the days when you didn't care about how you looked, I miss those kinds of days :) We all get crushes naman with spoiled brats, hahaha. Have my post here.

  3. It's funny how every woman says she was an ugly duckling as a child :) It's just cause we did not have that much confidence when being young, right women? We are all beautiful, that's what i believe in <3

  4. i got a crush when I was 12 too....girls during that age..talaga mahilig mgday-dreaming..isa na ako dun....

    i posted mine today pala

  5. ahaha,, ang linis ng mga entries ng girls this week haha.. adik to si niko naninira ng buhay LOL

    Make or Break

  6. waaaaah. hope you meet ngaung pretty swan ka na!!! maglaway sya hahaha

    at di mo rin ni disclose namesung?? hehehehe

    see you next week ha.. first date naman!! bwahahha gudlak saken ready knb??