Wednesday, January 20, 2010


One gift i don't mind having over and over again.... love you babe
Dinner treat ( jan. 18, 2010) from dadi at Fiesta resort and Spa.

My source of natural high :)
The girl's ( Ate edith, ate rose, me and BJ (the entertainer-miss you dyosa)

The Feast
Let's Eat

Some of the boys....
I had my 31st birthday celebration at home last Saturday, My actual birthday was on the 17th ( Sunday) but I decided to have the simple get together a day ahead so that if we get to have so much fun that night we all don’t have to work the next day LOL.

Growing up I didn’t have any good birthday memories, it’s always a sad birthday story for me but my hubby vowed that as long as I am with him he wont let me have anymore sad birthday. I must say this year was the best birthday party that I had…I was smiling from ear to ear.
Of course I would have wished for my family back home to be with us to celebrate but it is just not feasible yet. I just invited a couple of my friends over and my husbands co-worker. I cooked the usual pancit , shanghai lumpia, caldereta,bbq (baby back ribs and chicken), steamed tilapia, ginataang hipon, chicken kelaquen ( a local favorite) and I also baked chocolate cake and brownies and I also made maja blanca for dessert.

My neighbor who is also my husbands co-worker cooked chicken adobo and buko pandan. My ate’s ( bea’s Godmothers) also brought something for us to share-ate edith brought dinuguan and ate rose brought sushi. The guys of course brought the usual booze and fresh tuna for sashimi.

Everyone enjoyed the food and since there are a lot of left over I asked everybody to take out everything they want hehehhehe and so they did and all I was left with was the containers …

We were just about 20 person that night but it was just what I wanted a simple and fun celebration. Everyone enjoyed the food and we had fun catching up, my new found friend BJ ( she is gay…oh, she’s a lady hehehheh) was our entertainment everyone loved him (err her). Over all we had a lot of fun.

My bea on the other hand was busy taking care of her fave God sister –stephanie who turned 3 months that day, she was so into taking care of the baby that everyone commented that it is time for her to have a sibling… hahahha easy for them to say.
It was really a memorable day for me ‘coz I had so much fun and I get to celebrate it with the people who had become my new found family. To ate tess, ate mher ate edith and ate rose Thank you so much for taking the time to cook your best dishes most of all thank you for the friendship .
To all my guest you know who you are…. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
To my family and friends who texted and called me………..THANK YOU SO MUCH…. I miss you and hope one day I will have the chance to celebrate with you.
To sister josie…. Thanks for the chat messages… the text messages and for the package you sent( haven’t receive it yet but still thanks a million)… wish you could have been here.
To dadi and bea… you know I love you both so much and thanks for turning my whole world upside down.

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  1. Happy 31st birthday to you dearie!!Best wishes!!^_^