Wednesday, January 27, 2010

CC: Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU

Rodliz’s Nest

This weeks topic on Couple’s Corner is “Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU”.
Don’t want to be cheesy or anything but my husband and I have this routine of saying I Love you when we go to sleep –we give each other three (3) kiss on the lips and say I love you. Waking up we would kiss again and say good morning… I love you…. When we go to work and before we ride on our own car we give each other 3 kisses on the lips and say I love you and take care…

It is like an everyday routine that sometimes you feel like it is just an ordinary thing two couples do. For my birthday my hubby ask me what I wanted for my birthday… knowing him I know he hates writing a letter so I asked him to just give me a letter telling me why he loves me… on my birthday he surprised me with a planner and the marker was set on a particular page when I opened it …. It was indeed a full page letter telling me why he loves me….Oh I so love the letter, I always prefer letters from flowers since I could cherish it for a long time and I can come back over and over again whenever I want to.

My husband complained that it took him 10 days to write the letter so I kissed him on the lips and said I love you more for the effort…

For my part... I would usually give him a big hug and kiss him on the lips and tell him I love him so.... before we go to sleep i usually will cuddle with him ( if i feel like being sweet LOL) and just ask him how was his day at work, how he is, if he is tired or if he needed anything... and if i am a bit generous he might just ge lucky ( WINK *).
Saying I love you doesn’t only require to muttering the words it also constitute doing things to your partner to show how much you love him/her after all actions speaks louder than words.
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Happy Wednesday everyone….


  1. Wow! ang sweet naman. You're definitely right, action speaks louder than words, so sometimes, no matter how many times we tell our partners how much we love them, but we don't really show them in deeds, then there is no point.

    3 kisses on the lips and i love you, talagang may bilang pa ah, hahaha!

    This is a great entry Jenny. I love the way you and your hubby say I love you. Cheesy nga talaga..

  2. Like that Idea.. Magawa nga rin yan sa birthday ko hehe.. Ang sweet nman ng husband mo .. si Habibi tamad gumawa ng love letter.. di gaya nun nanliligaw pa lang hahaha..

  3. today's theme is so cheesy and I love it. ehehe! you're right, saying I love you is an everyday routine that sometimes it becomes meaningless.

    like you, i prefer letters than flowers. happy cc!

  4. wowow!!! kinilig naman ako.. ang super sweet naman.. kame isang kiss lang sa night pag sleep na talaga ha? LOL.. tapos wala na sa pag greet ng good morning.. at malamang eh pinapanalangin ni hubbydubs mo na sana lagi kang generous.. wahaha!!!

    naku, namiss ko tuloy ang mga letters na binibigay sakin ni Mark (DATI).. wahahaha!!! He used to write me kase noon, kahit gift nya sakin is book, susulatan nya yung cover nun ng message nya.. aba eh ngayon ko lang napansin na wala na pala yun ah.. haha!!! maipaalala nga..

  5. Awwww begin the day with a kiss and goo nytinyt with smooches too grabe sweet nyo naman sis. try ko nga rin yan hehehe. view mine here

  6. aheheh..sweet:) yap..indeed! 'i love you' is not just the three letter word when it pertains to our dear hubby:) Happy CC!