Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CC: How well do you know each other...

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It’s Wednesday once again and of course it is time for our couple’s corner and this week’s theme is HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW EACH OTHER.
My husband and I had been married for over 6 years now but we have been together for almost eight years now. I can say that we both know each other very well now.

How well does he know me?

He says when I just keep silent and don’t speak at all then there is something wrong and he would constantly bug me on what is the matter. Many times I would say “nothing” but he will reply there is something… I know you too well and I know something is bothering you.
He knows when I like something I won’t share it to anybody even to him (I am a very giving person).
When it comes to food he knows I love chicken, pasta and chocolate.
He knows that I don’t like strong smelling perfumes.

How well do I know him?

I know when he is not feeling well and something is bugging him- he is quiet really really quiet…
I know he loves having a drink after work… He likes to relax after a day of hard work.
He loves to sleep, on his day off he prefers staying at home and just watch tv and sleep.
He loves adobo and he doesn’t like eating pizza or pasta.
He loves eating buro (a delicacy in Pampanga)
He is not very romantic but he tries to give me and bea what ever we may every need and more. ( if ask him to buy ice cream or something at the store he would buy each and every flavor they have because he knows if he buys only one flavor that I might not like that flavor at that moment hehehehheh).

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Happy Wednesday Everyone.


  1. I love Buro!! Aba, oks pala hubby mo ah, kapag pinabili mo ng ice cream, iba ibang flavor ang binibili. Di mahilig sa pizza at pasta, aba, eh opposite yan ni hubby ko. Pero pareho silang mahilig lang manood ng TV kapag day off.

    Oh di ba? parang ang saya kapag we know each other well, may mga married couples na they know very little about their spouses, and it's sad..

  2. Oiiist ang tagal ko ng di nakakain ng buro heheheh.
    We know each other so Well

  3. our husbands are the same, they both love to sleep and not very romantic :-)!

  4. wow!!! naloka naman ako sa ice creamat sa kung anong may mga flavors.. so kailangan may iba-ibang flavors pa pala.. but your hubby is so sweet to please you like that.. and buro! waah!!! super miss ko na.. i so love buro!!!

  5. heheheh...whatever..they still love us!

    Happy CC:)