Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CC: Bringing out the Dragon in me!!! =)

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It’s Couple’s Corner once again and this week’s theme is HE MADE ME ANGRY…
Well my husband say that I am always mad at him… He says I am like a lion always growling at him ( though my mother calls me tiger also ‘coz super sungit daw ako hehehehhe) ( HOW MEAN!!)
I usually don’t want to talk when I am mad ‘coz I am scared that I would say things that would be hurtful or things that I don’t mean. So when I am mad I just keep quiet but my husband would keep on bothering me to talk to him and try to talk out our problem ( more of him talking and explaining).
I can remember two incidents when I was really furious with him…
One was in 2005 we were already married and we didn’t have Bea yet. My friend asked me to attend an event with her and so I did , when I left the house my husband and friends were drinking in front of our house. I asked my husband to call me in my cell if they are going out so I know where he was and I wouldn’t get worried, he told me NO… we are not going anywhere after this I will be sleeping. Awww, how proud I was to have a good husband (not!!). I think I was out about 3 hours or so when my friend drop me off at our house I saw our car in the parking lot and our light in front of our house was already turned off so my friend said How lucky are you? You husband indeed is now asleep. So I went inside our house only to find and empty bedroom, my husband cousin who was staying with us at that time told me that as soon as I was out they also went out riding one of his friends car (GRRRRRRRR!!!). I felt so betrayed and I really wanted to snap my husband’s off. So I just took off my shoes and just put on a slipper ( oh did I mention that I was wearing a cocktail dress?), got the car keys and wallet and off I went to search for him. I didn’t even bother to take a long his cousin I just want to slap him and let him know how I angry I was. In our tiny Island there are a lot of night clubs ( w/ strip dancers) all around, so I planned to go to each and every club there is to look for them. My first try…. Lucky their car is there and apparently they are trying to get home before I did.. Imagine their shock when I parked next to their car while they are just getting out of the club.. His friends felt frightened and didn’t say a word my husband who looked so pale just climb in the car and his first word is SORRY. I just drive home without saying a word ( actually I am trying to decide what to say first). When I parked our car infront of our house he asked me if I was mad ( DUH…. Kainis). I told him I felt betrayed and played for a fool and I was so mad at him that I want to break his head off. He said he was sorry and it was just peer pressure… I cried because of anger that day… I told him that I give up I don’t want to be doing this every time and that I was tired ( if you know my husband’s friends you’ll understand me- let’s just say they like the girl’s at the club so much).
Living on a tiny island where you see everyone almost anywhere.. I didn’t want my husband to be going to night clubs imagine going to the church and suddenly he would bow his head down just because the girl’s working at those clubs would sit right infront of us. How uncomfortable that would be right? Not for him but for me…
I don’t have anything against any person who is working hard for a living even those working at nightclubs… but some of this girl’s would do anything even just for $1… and some would take advantage of the guys who goes there like asking them to buy them things while the family of this guys in the Philippines are suffering ( I have encountered a lot of people like that).
The 2nd time I got furious with my husband was when bea was sick…. Of course any mommy who has a sick child would be very alarmed or agitated. Bea was crying then and I was consoling her then he comes in to the room and he told me something like our neighbor ( who is his co-worker) takes better care of her kids than you. When her kids are sick she isn’t even worried an ounce not like you. And so on and so forth, I was so pissed off that I scream to the top of my lungs I told him that I don’t care what he and his neighbor thinks and all you do is yak and yak and yak but I don’t see you or your neighbor helping me out. I am the only one who does things for bea and all you do is point out what I am doing is wrong. He got shocked that I shouted and said those things but at that time when I had only a couple of hours sleep in 3 straight days that is how I felt.
I may be a tiger everyday but don’t wait for the Dragon inside of me to come out or else your in big trouble and my sister can vouch for that hehehheheheh ( she was my constant victim when we were younger).

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  1. I understand you felt when the husband told you about his neighbor, i really dont like comparing, because each of us are unique especially when it is comes to my kids. mine is up and its here

  2. Ay Mommy Jenny, parang naiimagine kitang nagdadrive habang umuusok ang ilong kakahanap sa hubby mo, tapos na ka cocktail dress, hehehe. Katakot siguro ni hubby sau noh? tiger eh, kelan kaya magiging dragon. Naku, I can understand dun sa sinabi ni hubby na mas magalign mag alaga ng bata ang neighbor nyo, kasi ang ina, kahit konting sakit ng anak, di na yan mapakali, ganyan ako sa mga anak ko, di na ako natutulog, konting ungol ng anak ko, gising ako agad, sabay salat kung mainit, or pati ilong, kung humihinga. di lang nila alam ang feeling ng isang ina.
    Kapag nag argue kami ni hubby ko, may times na di ako umiimik, yun eh kapag ako eh hurt, kasi baka maiyak ako. Pero kapag ako eh galit, naku, mas malakas pa sa may mic ako kung makasigaw, sasabihin ni hubby, lalo nya akong di maririnig
    kapag ako eh sumisigaw.
    Thanks for joining this week. Take care and Have agreat day to you and the family.,