Friday, January 22, 2010


mommy moments

It's friday once again, time for MOmmy Moments... I Missed last weeks theme "NEW BORN DAYS" I was drafting my entry but then I got tied up at work I never had the chance to finish my entry and post it. Anyway Ill make up for this week.

Bea's favorites are still the same since she was little some may have been added and some she just dont want it like she used to do when she was small. She used to like Spaghetti especially if it is from Jolibee but now she doesnt want it anymore. She prefers chicken nuggets from Mc Donalds.

She still wont eat vegetables as I want her to but where getting there, Her God mother ( ate rose) who takes care of her while I am at work usually would trick her on eating vegetables sometimes she would dice the vegetables into tiny bits and incorporate it with the soup and rice. Other times it would just be asking her to just have a bite of the vegetbales.

She still likes chicken, soup and bread though but her sweet tooth loves chocolate cake, lollipop, jelly ace , I also noticed her favorite flavor is chocolate for cakes, ice cream and but for candy she likes lemon. But she only get to have sweets after she has eaten her meal.

She still loves watching Dora and Barney but recently she enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Club House and Curious George.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ( the magic phrase to make the clubhouse appear is MISHKA MUSHKA MICKEY MOUSE! LOL... as you can see i have seen this a couple of times)
All time Favorite.... Dora the explorer Thanks to This Bea can count in spanish and English YEY... And can you imagine my daughter memorized all the tapes we got , she would specifically request to watch a particular tape ( example: Mommy, I like to watch Dora Superbabies) and we have almost 30 tapes but she knows them all even Barney's tape.

Barney... Bea loves singign with them ... I had to memorize the songs so I can sing along ( as per her request)

Curious George... she loves this monkey

Jelly ace she can finish one bag of Jelly ace in one sitting...
Lollipop... she love's lemon flavor..
Chocolate Cake... Dont let her sing Happy Birthday unless there is cake around 'coz once she sings she would definitely ask for a cake...
How about you what is your childs favorite. Share with us on Mommy Momments.
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Happy Friday Everyone.


  1. dora and barney are every kid's favorite. they are not only entertaining but educational too.

  2. ohhhh.. i love her favorites too... look at the jelly.. how did you take such wonderful photo! look at the color, so yummy..

  3. my baby loves chocolate cake as well :) God Bless you and your daughter :)

  4. My Alyssa at 4.5 hasn't outgrown Dora, Barney, Mickey Mouse and all the other Disney cartoons and I like it because it means she is still a baby. haha!Curious George is one more character I will introduce to her and I'm sure she'll enjoy at once.

    I think you should try baking with Bea so she'll get to enjoy the cake she baked herself.. hehe.. she can sing happy birthday whenever she wants. LOL

  5. i'm just wondering- what is it about Barney that almost all kids are in love with him. Must be the purple color!hehe

    My entry is up too, hope you'd check it out.

    Happy MM and have a great weekend!

  6. so many favorites... quite similar with my kids favorites too! :D

    happy weekend!