Friday, January 8, 2010

Mommy Moments-New Year's List

mommy moments

At last I can join Mommy Moments again... it's been ages since i join these meme.. This year ill try to keep up with my blog.

This week's topic on Mommy Moments is New Year's List:

1. BIRTHDAYS- I will be turning 31 on Jan. 17 but i have not planned anything yet LOL. Bea will be turning 3 on May 11 and as of now I have already decided that the theme for her party will be fairies( tinkerbell) I already purchased green and purple cups to use as give aways. My Hubby will turn 36 on June 12 of course that will require a lot of cooking and drinking for his friends hehehhe.

2. SCHOOL- Since bea will be 3 yrs. old this year it is time for her to attend K-3/Head Start. Last year I enroll her to pre-K and daycare she learned a lot but her health suffered since one care provider is incharged with 5 or more kids after school finishes they were not able to tend to the kids properly the whole 4 months that bea was there we have been to 5 doctor appointments due to severe cold, cough and lastly UTI. Bea's weight also suffered in the 4 months she has been there she dropped closed to 10 lbs which is scary for a mommy like me. Apparently if she doesnt want to drink milk or even eat they would just let her. Imagine going 8 hrs without food or milk even sleep for a toddler that is not proper. I only found out about this things when she got sick with UTI so I immediately decided to pull her out of that daycare/school.

This time though I will enroll her on the school program she would go in at 8 am and finish at 11 am or so then I would just pick her up and bring her back to the baby sitter's house so she can still eat properly and take a nap in the afternoon.

3. LEARN NEW THINGS- Bea already knows how to sing ABC, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and so much more... she also can name the objects that we point and even can name the colors. She can count from 1-20 and can count uno-kinse ( thanks to Dora). This year I want to try to teach her how to wright her name and also the alphabets.

4. LEARN TO PLAY WITH OTHERS- Since bea is and only child and she is only the one being taken cared of by her baby sitter, once there are new kids to play with she tends to be a little aloof and shy that she would choose just to play all by herself I want her to develop her social skills so this year I vow to bring her out more often and encourage her to play with kids her age.

5. FULLY POTTY TRAIN- Bea already is potty trained but at night before going to bed I still need to put on a pull-ups just in case of any accidents. There would time she would go on the whole night without even a drop of pee on her pull ups but sometimes ( rarely) she would wake up in the morning with a diaper full of pee which would sometimes leek on her pj and bed. So this year I plan to train her not to pee in bed at night.

6. VISIT THE DENTIST- The last time I brought bea to the dentist she was hysterical and she refuses to open her mouth for the dentist to have a look at her teeth, so the dentist just prescribed fluoride drops and will have to come back again after she turns 3. We are hopefull that by then she would be more cooperative ( Im crossing my fingers).

7. OVERCOME FEAR- Bea is in a stage right now that she fears almost anything- she fears santa clause, the mascot for the island (Saipanda), her ball which she is just playing then later she would get freaked out and run to us screaming- I scared, I scared. The list of things she gets scared of are getting longer and longer. Even when she would ask us to go to the beach and swim, she would be afraid the minute we park our car infront of the beach and she would ask us to go home- I would always try to talk to her and let her that there is nothing to be afraid of since she is with mommy and daddy.

8. EATING MORE KINDS OF FOOD- Right now she doesnt eat vegetables with the exception of potato and papaya other than that she doesnt want to eat it. If I let her try to eat a brocolli she would take a bite of it but then as soon as it is her mouth she would gag and out the brocolli go. It is not only vegetables- even pork or beef she doesnt want, chicken she would only eat if it is fried or from mcdonalds other than that she doesnt want to eat. Eggs she would only eat the white part the yolk she would ask us to take out and it is only hard boiled egg, if it si fried she wont eat it. Now she only eats rice with soup, noodles or just the sauce of adobo or menudo/afritada. She is contented in eating those and she wouldnt try something new.

9. LEARNING TO RIDE A BIKE- Bea has 2 bikes in our house and she likes riding them but we have to push it, we are teaching her how to pedal but the stubborn her wouldnt want to do it.

10.ENJOY LIFE- This year I plan to do just that =).

How about you what is your New Year's list? Join us evry friday on Mommy Moments.

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Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend ahead!


  1. Hope all our goals will be fulfilled this year. Happy New Year!

  2. wow, these are great lists Mommy, let Bea pee before going to bed, that's what I did to AJ when he was 2 yrs old, quite tiring kasi I need to wake up sometimes in the middle of the night but she will learn slowly, after few months it will be okay. We had no problem after that pee training...Blessings to you.

  3. Looks like a full schedule for Bea this year. Just have fun doing these with her :) Happy MM!

  4. I love your last item...Honestly, we sometimes forget to do this because of all the things happening in our lives.

    Good luck and Happy New Year!

  5. cheers for a more productive year for all of us.
    here's my MM new years list.

  6. awwww... I know about the fear of mascots, my eldest was the same when he's three. good luck to bike riding!

  7. Just take your time in teaching her... I am sure she will learn in her own pacing :D hope you achieve your goals!

  8. you ahve a smart daugher and i know she will be able to cope up wth these in her own time. Good luck, Momi!

    My entry is here