Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CC: Will you still love me tomorrow?

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Like Pehpot, I am lost with this week's topic on couples corner. Mommy Liz where are you? (:

Anyway this week's theme for couple's corner its Will You still Love me Tomorrow?

I have asked hubby on how long will he love me, his answer would always be forever. Knowing me I would follow-up my question with why? (LOL) his answer will be-Because I could not ask for more, I am contented with what I have and with what I dont have. Then I would follow up with another question- Wouldn't you get tired of seeing me everyday for the rest of your life? Wouldn't you like to have another woman to wake up to every morning? ( as if I am giving him ideas to look for another woman right?LOL) His answer would be- No, your face is the only one I would like to wake up each and every day, then he would kiss me to stop me from asking anymore questions. ( :

As for me, If I would be asked that question , my answer will be hmmm... maybe hahahhah nah, just kidding.. Of course I will, why else would I not, this man has been with me for 8 yrs. He has seen me through everything, he had been there at the lowest point of my life and he helped me through it all. He had been my constant companion, my confidant, my greatest fan and the love of my life. I have experienced a lot of things that I never imagined I could and all of that is because of him. We may not agree with everythign but at the end of the day, when all is said and done.. I still want to be with him and I made a promise with God that I will love him till do us part.

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  1. Ay, sobrang love naman yan, hehehe.. I love your entry, so true, pure and honest. Iba talaga kapag true love noh? bakit kaya kapag inlove ang tao nagiging poet. Mga words na binitiwan mo, parang too good to be true, but it's for real. We are lucky to have married the men that are perfect for us. I can't say that my husband is the man of my dreams, kasi dream guy ko dati eh tall dark and handsome.. he's tall, handsome, but he may not be my dream man, but he's my perfect soul mate. And I know that he will love me, tomorrow and forever.